Okay, Now This Time it’s Official – no, Really


Remember I posted a new domain site for Crap on a Crutch and then my IT guy beat me on my shoulder with a lead pipe because he wasn’t finished with the site yet?  Okay, he’s finished.  He’s still working on the header picture – we can’t seem to get it centered but that’s okay – it will work out.  At least I’m posting and some of you are already there responding (bless your hearts).  So to anyone who follows Crone and Bear It (I know there are now 5 of you) please change your links for Crap on a Crutch to http://craponacrutch.com.  WordPress no longer hosts it.

Crone and Bear It will however remain right here on WordPress.  Confused yet?  Well,  I took two Valium and one Percocet  and added 4 Advil to the cocktail this morning for the back so I know my writing is just dandy…ROFLMAO

Thanks for your patience and get your butts over to Crap on a Crutch.  It’s mine, it’s all MINE!

If I could have put the crutch on the below cartoon I would have coz it sure qualifies… Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Okay, Now This Time it’s Official – no, Really

  1. valium AND percocet? So that’s why your blog is so funny
    Oh gee, thanks, I’m funny coz of the meds? I assure you I’m only funny to watch as I try and navigate around the house while on the meds – the twisted sense of humor seems to remain intact, although I do tend to drift off occasionally…I’m sorry, where was I? *grins*

  2. Hi Cronie,
    Valium AND perc?
    Damn girl, you are strong.
    Or blitzed out.
    Great cartoon.
    Gotta go. I’m blogging under my desk at work again!!!
    You must understand that I have a high tolerance for drugs and I react differently to medicine than many – it freaks out my doctor on a regular basis. I was moving furniture and other sh*t in preparation for the HVAC guys (how stupid was that) and I really pulled that back muscle so bad to the point the pain made me cry and I was walking hunched over – the valium relaxes the muscle and the combo of Advil and a half a percocet really mask the pain plus help the inflammation. Today I’m feeling better – I’m not driving – I realize I’m a little wobbly when I walk – but my brain seems to be fairly clear (and that’s saying alot with or without meds). Hey – when they put me in the ambulance I was in so much pain the cute guy gave me a morphine drip and I was the first patient he ever had that morphine did not reduce my pain. It only made me chatty. I’m weird, I admit it.

  3. I LOVE that cartoon!! LMAO!!!

    I’m sure that is what all the neighbors looked like when my husband pulled up all the blinds this morning… and I was still running around in my (oh, HIS) t-shirt and my undies all bent over in the fridge trying to get the tea off the bottom shelf!

    I’m gonna run over and change my links right now! I’m so busy writing (if you look at my health blog, you’ll know what I mean), that I don’t have much time to read lately, I can’t wait till I “feel” caught up so I can take a break and have some fun with you guys! I miss the laughs.
    I would hate to think my neighbors would see me like that — that poor cat! I’ve been so busy too, that I haven’t built up any inventory on blogs for Crap on a Crutch – so I need to get moving on ideas for that, too. I mean we did all that work to move it, and suddenly my mind is blank.. that’s never good…

  4. I am so glad you got it moved and I will update my blogroll. Love the cartoon and would be very surprised if I hadn’t traumatized my cats through the years like that. :0)
    Maybe that’s why my dog acts so odd in the mornings when she walks into the bedroom as I’m getting dressed…hmmmmm

  5. What is wrong with that cat? Does THAT lady have a hairy butt?? LOL *inside joke for SA tweeps*
    Yeah, but the REAL question is was she shaving while driving *we SAs just gotta know*

  6. OMG! That cartoon had me on the floor. DH had to come see what made me giggle so bad. I couldn’t tell him, all I could do was point at the screen.
    I know – I had the same reaction when I found it!

  7. Why does that cartoon remind me of my cat?? I’m quite new to this, so I have no idea what website you are talking about LOL I will soon enough! Time to interrogate the sister!
    No cat should have to witness what that poor little cat saw!! The website is one I used to have on wordpress but then someone suggested it was such a good name I should immediate register it as my own domain. So I did. It was a nightmare getting it set up but it’s up and running. Go to: http:craponacrutch.com.

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