The Repairs on the House Go Round and Round…


The amazing heavy duty appliance duo of Lester and Buzz are back for another day of banging, clanging, drilling holes through walls, dragging old gnarly metal things upstairs from the basement, sitting in the back of the truck smoking, eating donuts, and generally working their little hearts out.  They are doing a fine job, but it slightly irks me to have a guy who is in his 30’s stand in front of me and Devoted Spouse and explain our new thermostat to us while mentioning that sometimes when he explains this thermostat to elderly people they have a hard time understanding.  If my back hadn’t hurt so much, and if I hadn’t been so fuzzy headed from the Valium I was simply forced to swallow at 4 am this morning as my back totally seized up like a piece of bacon on a hot skillet, I would have decked him.  He quickly backtracked and said he certainly didn’t mean we were elderly but the damage was done, the little sh*t.

Even so, he and his little buddy Buzz dragged up our basement stairs the old dead water softener that’s been sitting in the basement just taking up space, so I will cut him some slack for the elderly crack – and I’ll probably give both of them day-old donuts a generous tip just for working so hard in the rain.  It never hurts to tip your repairmen – I’ve noticed I get quicker service that way – what a concept; money as a motivator.  Wait, I fed them donuts.  Nah, a few bucks is a nice gesture.

When they left yesterday the furnace was completely installed and Lester said to feel free to turn it on if it got chilly in the house – so I turned the furnace on and had it set at 68 degrees which is where I normally keep it in winter unless it gets too darn cold.  Wouldn’t you know, the temperature in the house never got below 70 degrees last night so it didn’t kick in.  I really wanted to hear it.  The old furnace made such bizarre noises.  I’m going to turn the new furnace on and crank it up to 80 degrees before they leave just to hear it and make sure it works.

Today they are working on the air conditioner – that’s the unit that goes outside and it is pouring rain – so I feel bad for Buzz who drew the outside duty.  He’s had to come inside a few times and he’s had to go to the truck and change rain gear a few times, poor fella.  Bet he’d like a beer.  No, bad idea.  Scratch that.  The good news is if he needs to pee, he can — it’s raining, who’ll know the difference…wet is wet.  Sorry that’s not nice at all.  (Again, I’m invoking the Valium excuse.)

By tonight we should have a fully functioning furnace and air conditioner.  I envy the people who buy this house in a few years because this is some awesome equipment we have acquired (at a hefty cost, but there is that Obama-promised tax deduction for 2009 for doing this).

Next up is the oven – see pic below of current very dead stove/oven:


As you can sort of see it sits in its own island in the middle of my kitchen – there is no way to put a hood over it, so the new oven/stove must have a downdraft feature.  All we can find right now in this area that will fit into this particular island and has a downdraft feature is made by JennAir and costs $2,ooo.  So looks like there goes more bucks out the window, or door, or downdraft should I say.  And after that, the countertops have to be replaced.  These are all old 1990’s vintage laminates and apparently they used a new glue in the 90’s which now in 2009 decides to just stop working and all the edges are peeling.  Gah – that means every counter in this house has to be replaced.  Ever see the movie Money Pit?  You’ll know how I’m feeling today.

So, the house renovation saga shall continue – it seems sad one must make so many serious repairs to a house that’s only 16 years old, but sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield and 2009 seems to be the year that the last thing we notice is our own butts as they continually make the trip through that windshield. Is it just me or do things in a house normally all break down at the same time — is that appliances’ version of humor?  Ackkk.


8 thoughts on “The Repairs on the House Go Round and Round…

  1. You should have SEEN our house when we bought it – your kitchen looks like a modern marvel compared to what was in ours. I can completely empathize with the new counters and new stove on top of everything else.

    The last time I was in Texas, my brother-n-law and I were waiting in line at a McDonald’s for coffee. I get mine, no problem. My brother-in-law, who was only 43 at the time (and a year younger than me) was charged the senior-citizen price. I didn’t know whether to laugh in his face or go back and demand a lower price on my coffee.

    I chose to laugh…fortunately, BIL is a saint (he has to be; he’s married to my sister).
    You crack me up on the senior citizen price. As to the house repairs,we’ve already done alot of work – when we moved in the kitchen had this bizarre cheapo vinyl floor which was coming apart at the seams – the owners offered us $100 for repairs. Of course what you see in the picture is what I had put in to replace their crappy flooring. One day I will learn and simply have our final retirement house built from scratch. But thanks to the crappy economy, the rest of our investments will have also gone down the toilet and we’ll be forced to sell this nice house for peanuts and end up renting an apartment (I’m such a pessimist today).

  2. It’s not just you. Believe me. When one goes, look out because another is on its way out too. At least you’ve retained your great sense of humor if not you cash.
    I know – but it’s so frustrating. Why couldn’t these things have happened when we were both working and pulling in obscene amounts of money? No, it had to wait for us to both retire and cut the income in half. Gah. And while Devoted Spouse is in good shape I’ll be danged if I want him up on a ladder painting the outside of our house – and I’m too weakened from the injury to take on many of the DIY things (like tiling a floor or even painting inside walls) right now so it just makes it difficult. Everything has to be hired out. Gah. I’m such a whiner today. The only humor in today was the fact that my back hurt so much I took valium and percocet and added 4 Advil and kept asking the nice repairman the same question over and over again. At least it gives him funny stories to add to his repertoire of repairman discussions around the bar.

  3. Welcome to the world of home repair and maintenence. You think the fellas might be interested in some more projects?

    I not only have to do my home but it looks as though I’ll be doing some DIY at the MIL’s house. You think your counters look bad? You should see hers, they are beyond horrible. The cabinets are all in need of either a facelift or complete replacement. Dare I mention all the other things that should be done?

    I drafted my friend on Monday to help me clear out some of the clutter over there (see my post: MIL is a hoarder) and after 6 hours of hard work we uncovered more DIY work. (sigh)
    It’s depressing, isn’t it? It never ends and by the time you finish whatever you have done you need to start all over from the beginning because your first project is now obsolete. Ackkk

  4. Okay, if you put in a gas stove I’ll buy the place from you in a few years. Deal?

    Take your Valium, slip the boys a few bucks and forget the elderly people remarks. They’ll get theirs when they get to be our age. The twits.
    Oh that would be a mahvelous deal baby. Then I could get my poor old middle-aged decrepit elderly can’t possibly understand how to program a thermostat Depends a$$ to the home. He keep up with the remarks like that one and he won’t get to be my age….muahahahahahaa. Actually they were nice guys – they hauled out the old water softener and they didn’t have to do that, they volunteered and we did tip them well. That surprised them I think. I was tempted to pinch him on his precious little butt to show him how elderly I am, but we do business with this company (who actually run several different types of home repair companies all under the same name umbrella) on a regular basis so I was a good girl.

  5. I know your pain sweetie, remember our washer and dryer died within a day or so of each other and we really need to stain the outside of house since it is all wood and looking shabby, plus we need to either replace the carpet in most of the house or put in laminate floors instead. Got a spare $10,000 you could loan a friend?? Sometimes being a homeowner sucks the big one.
    Yeah, I’m trying not to worry about where the extra money will come from. I absolutely hate to be in debt but we’ll pay off the ac and furn within 6 months and that means trading in my car will just have to wait. We absolutely have to get the outside of the house painted and I’m worried about that because the siding doesn’t look so good and I’m afraid there may be problems there, too. And the stupid oven. Gah… It just never ends. At least Uncle Sam returned some of my tax money this year and that will help defray a bit of the cost. But I need to get my back in shape and get a job. And I’m so locked up and hunched over right now the only job I could possibly qualify for would be Quasimodo in the local Hunchback of Notre Dame production. This is a definite crap on a crutch topic if only the crutch were big enough to show up against the entire house! LOL I’m grateful I have a house and I can still pay my mortgage and I have food, a loving husband who allows me to keep hold of the remote control and I know God will provide.

  6. Ahh, housework. It seems as if my family is the one within our friends that have an electric stove. I would’ve clocked him for the elderly remark and still fed them day old donuts. Or save and get the 2 day old donuts at Wal-Mart.
    I know he didn’t mean anything by it; it was just a casual reference to some of his customers but it honestly brought tears to my eyes. It’s like here’s how to run the thermostat you stupid old cow. Of course I had taken a double dose of Valium, 4 Advil and a Percocet by that time so no wonder I took it the wrong way – I’m surprised I was even able to stand up in front of the thermostat as he explained it. We’re thinking now that my back is getting worse because I’ve moved all my school stuff and laptop up to my study and I’m not in a very supportive chair – so the muscles are having a field day tightening up. This is getting old. Speaking of stoves, most of our friends also have gas stoves but to put a gas stove in here would cost me even more and I just have so much to work with so it has to stay electric for now. There’s an extra gas line in the basement so someday someone could actually change it out for a gas stove. But not me. Hope your weather is getting better. It was rainy and damp here today – but the baby geese are out and they are so cute. Thank goodness EmmaLou was at the kennel or she would have had a tasty morsel. Ick.

  7. We have more emergency calls for “no heat” that have to do with these modern programmable thermostats. It is a real problem. They are efficient and very effective, but an emergency call for something like this causes a lot of problems…even more when it turns out to be a thermostat setting. He could have done it a little better, but he is just an AC guy…shouldn’t expect more from him.
    No, he was an HVAC guy – and he knew his business – he was just trying to be funny and it didn’t work – never call an overly medicated menopausal woman elderly. They did a very good job and it’s good equipment but I’m not telling you what it is because you will probably tell me I did the wrong thing and then I’ll have to start crying and take more drugs. And then rehab. And they won’t let me write my blog from the hospital…

  8. Two electricians worked in the house 2 weeks ago and after all was said and done, they walked away with 6K.
    I’m in the wrong profession. They make more money than I do as a teacher.
    This also applies to plumbers.
    My father always told me to marry someone like an electrician or a plumber – I married a military officer – electricians and plumbers may make good money and know how to do fun things like unstop a toilet but a retired military officer gets a great retirement package and the best medical care around (except for some of the VA hospitals) – so I got the good end of the deal. So I had to pay $8K for appliances – I’ll be warm and I’ll be cool for the next few years. Now if I could just bake something. Dammit why did I sell my Easy Bake Oven – we could at least be eating muffins…

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