Is it Blogging Academy Award Time and I Missed It?


I  just was notified by my bud Smart Mouth Broad that I am the recipient of another award:


This lovely Bella award is most appreciated.  HOWEVER it is NOT for Crone and Bear It.  It has been awarded to my other blog, Crap on a Crutch .  The problem with this is that my IT Guru is in the process of moving Crap on a Crutch from WordPress to my own domain.  But for the time being the link above will take you to the old Crap On a Crutch blog – just don’t scream at me because it hasn’t been updated in a few days – scream at my IT guru who WON’T let me post ANYTHING until he finishes setting up the site.  I love him dearly and he has done some wonderful work for me in the past, but MIKE – get your a$$ over here to my house and let’s get this finished!  The sooner we finish the sooner I pay you.  And bring your truck because I’m out of cash (having bought today a new furnace and air conditioner) and you will just have to fill up the back of your truck with the family silver in payment — you may need to take the dog, too.  We’ll negotiate.

Smart Mouth Broad — I love the stuffin’ outta you.  I promise on my honor as a 10th Degree Mauve Belt Blogger (what the heck?) that I will acknowledge and follow the rules of this award for Crap on a Crutch (although I’m surprised you didn’t award this the weird-ass-what-kind-of-nonsense-blog is this instead of such a lovely blogger award. )  Never let it be said I am unappreciative – I honestly will post this award when I get the new site up and running but I have to tell you where I’m going to find 15 new bloggers is beyond me.  Do they have to be normal like us?  muahahahahaha.  You do this to torment me, don’t you?  Don’t you know I’m rapidly approaching middler middle age, and I’m on Valium for blogger back spasms and simply can’t be held accountable for anything?

I love Blogging Awards and I am so honored to receive them.  Thank you Smart Mouth Broad.  Love ya, mean it.


6 thoughts on “Is it Blogging Academy Award Time and I Missed It?

  1. We always end up missing out on the good stuff, right?
    Never fear – new fun postings are right around the corner – it shouldn’t be too long before I can post new Crap on a Crutch features on the new sight. I imagine ya’ll are getting tired of waiting and having to re-read the old stuff. LOL

  2. Congratulations on your award and thank you for tagging me, I am a week behind with everything but I will make a list of my eight things for my next post. Never could resist making lists.
    Well, gosh, you were traveling – hope you had a great week!

  3. Congrats and of course I would have given this blog the award but it was “NEW” blogs that were required. Or new to me. You’re lovely on both dear! Congrats.
    Thank you so much for thinking of me – and congrats right back atcha! I sent you an email.

  4. Congrats on your new award……I need to find the time to visit your own site and see there how funny and wonderful you are!!. Since you were twittering it reminded me of long ago that I opened an account and never used it!! Its amazing what I forget!!
    Take it easy–I read on Twitter your back is bothering. Don’t clean so much!!
    Thank you sweetie – the old Crap on a Crutch link off my Crone and Bear It site still works so you can go visit. My new site is almost ready – I heard from my IT guy that he’s almost done. Yippee. You see me on Twitter??? Yeah, the shoulder has healed amazingly but I don’t know what we’re going to do about the constant debilitating back spasms – they keep praying over me at church and honestly I feel better – then I go do something dumb like clean out the crap room and I’m crippled up again. I know God is telling me to slow down and stop this nonsense and apparently, I’m not listening. Many hugs to you my friend!

  5. So are you moving both blogs or just the one? I’ve thought about it, procrastinated, mulled it over, etc. etc. and I still can’t make up my mind.

    Love the monkey pic by the way, too cute!

    NO,I’m ONLY moving Crap on a Crutch because I think it has money making potential – tee shirts, coffee mugs, and I can put advertisements on the site where I might make some money. But that’s far in the future. For now I just wanted to own Crap on a Crutch – so that’s what I’m doing. Crone and Bear it will stay here solely hosted by WordPress. Whew – that was a long-winded explanation.

  6. Congrats on the award! And good luck on the new site because I know exactly how much work it is! 🙂
    I promised my first born child…if that ever happens…ha h aha
    HA – my first and last born children are all fur-children! No little rugrats for me thank you. Dogs you can send to the kennels for a week of peace and quiet – I guess you can send kids to camp — nah, the kennel is cheaper! LOL

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