She Did a Bad Bad Thing…


What is it about an absolutely perfect day that one little incident can just turn it around and ruin it all for you?

I woke up Wed morning in relatively little pain.  That’s a big deal around here.  Wow – good sign.  Plus, it was after 7 a.m. and that meant I had actually gotten a little sleep, although I had trouble getting to sleep I did finally reach that quiet zone about 1 a.m. and stayed asleep for the next 6 hours – unusual for me.  Another good sign.

Okay, I didn’t win Twitter SmartA$$ today, and my Vista crashed on me at a rather inopportune moment, but it came back and I got back online with all my tweeps and a good time was had by all.

I was the recipient of another blogger award and I found out about it Wed morning – wow – what a nice way to start my day – someone I truly enjoy reading  – Smart Mouth Broad had left a little surprise for me at her blog.  Amazing.

And then Devoted Spouse made coffee and delivered it to me as I sat in my comfy chair playing on my laptop.  Such service.

My day kept getting better and better.  I felt so good I decided to take a little trip to Target.  Then I went for a bowl of my favorite Hot and Sour soup at the local Chinese joint.  Then I went to Sephora for a little girly make-up buying spree.

I came home, and my back didn’t hurt and my shoulder didn’t hurt and EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer happily greeted me at the kitchen door.  Life was so good.  I was just thrilled.

And then I noticed something was not right in Crone and Bear It-ville.  There was a strange odor emanating from the front hallway.  I walked and sniffed and inspected the entire first floor.  Nothing out of the ordinary – No food dropped and hidden under the chair, no dead rodents or odd critter pieces EmmaLou could have snuck into the house. The kitchen trash had been taken out; there was nothing in the garbage disposal.   I started to worry.  You see at our last house we had a sewage problem and it turned out to be a big problem with sewer pipes and all kinds of work and money and OMG I started getting so nervous.  What if the same thing was happening here at this house?

About that time Devoted Spouse returned from his shopping trip to the manly, manly guns and ammo store, Gander Mountain.  I remarked to him about noticing an odor and did he smell it, too?  He did. He also started wondering what was going on.  But, he did something different than I.  He walked upstairs.

iloveyoudogpoopAnd found the amazing pile of steamin’ dog poop my precious EmmaLou had left for me directly in front of my crap (how aptly named today) room.  God love her little heart she must have had a tummy issue prior to both of us leaving the house and nowhere to turn.  Thank God the doors to all the upstairs rooms were closed.  And thanks to Devoted Spouse for his cleaning prowess.  A  little Resolve goes a long way.

So I guess what I learned today is it only takes one pile of poop to turn that smile upside down.  Damn dog.  By the way, where is she?  I don’t see her…uh oh….gotta go now…


10 thoughts on “She Did a Bad Bad Thing…

  1. Zeus has that bad habit of not using his room to… ya know. I’m not a big fan of stepping blindly through a room and then *squish*. Dogs- gotta love em.
    EmmaLou has NEVER done this in her entire adult doggie life so I know she wasn’t feeling well and that just makes me such a bad fur-mommy for not letting her out before I left. Thank goodness it was only one mess. Pets, and men…what’rya gonna do with ’em?

  2. Scooter only poops in the house when he has a digestive upset, too. However, he will find all sorts of creative ways to leave the yard. This morning as I was getting ready for work, the doorbell rang. There was a man there, with his two dogs, letting me know Scooter had somehow broken his chain and was currently wound around the fire hydrant two doors down.
    EmmaLou doesn’t try and leave the yard unless some dork has left the gate open and then she’s gone like the wind. The only way to get her back is to yell at the top of my lungs, “Emma, wanna go for a ride in the car?” Always works like a charm – my neighbors think I’m nuts because then true to my word I take her for a little ride around the neighborhood. The things we do for our pets. Wound around a fire hydrant??? LOL

  3. Wow, EmmaLou is some talented dog. I don’t believe I’ve seen a poop sign before. She’s sweet. Bless her heart. (Jan taught me that.)
    Well, bless your heart (I learned it on my own) aren’t you sweet for saying how talented my little precious puppy is. Between the poop, the ripped sheet, and last night she just casually leaned up on the kitchen counter and stole the hamburger bun Devoted Spouse was about to fill with an Omaha Steaks hamburger, she’s just been in the proverbial dog house. But I love her and this is what I put up with. I took that pic of her on the ruined sheet (you’ll see this on Friday’s posting) and you can see in her eyes that she knows she did a bad thing. She’s so sweet I can’t fault her occasional bad times. I’m not that good either all the time…but then i don’t poop on the rug either…okay that’s enough of this comment…

  4. Gavin has never pooped in the house but twice since he was eight weeks old and it still amazes me 7 years later. Miss Patty however, has on occasion left a gift or two for Dear Hubby on the floor of his all purpose room. Think his precious was telling him something?
    We once had a cat and we moved her litter box to the basement. She left us a present right under the dining room table and we got the message and moved her box back where it had been. They’re funny little critters.

  5. Dear EmmaLou, suffers so occasionally doesn’t she. If it were our cat, it was just the case of why walk any further, I’ll just dump here==no reason to go to my little place.

    Well, I guess it is something we pet owners always encounter!!
    Take care Linda,
    Ya know Frank I love her to pieces, but this morning she chewed a huge hole in the sheet I had covering the family room couch so I had to go out and replace that with something thicker — a large heavy duty bath sheet. I just give up – it’s always something with her, but I love her and will continue to put up with it, silly me. Hugs!

  6. Yes, the Moze, has tummy trouble and I find a “Surprise!!!” when I get home from work. It isn’t often, but this small house takes on the odor of an outhouse.

    He does try to mimic what he sees. Most times, he has his “accident” in the bathroom. He knows where to go; he just is too small to sit on the toilet.

    Loved the cartoon. LOL. Thanks for the smile…
    I just figured you guys understand this kind of stuff – it’s a pet thing… LOL

  7. Just looking at that picture made me gag. I’d never handle the real thing. Unfortunately, I’m the same way about babies. I can handle poop in my own gene pool but I still want to gag. Ugh……I really AM getting old, aren’t I?

    p.s. You’re such a good doggy mommy. 🙂
    I have such a strong gag reflex I couldn’t become a nurse — of course I didn’t want to do that anyway, but if I had, I couldn’t have. Wow – and I’m not even on drugs today. I don’t do diapers, and I had a heckuva time explaining to my pastor why I couldn’t get my butt downtown and help him feed the homeless (they smell). I’m ashamed of myself but I just gag at the slightest bad odor. I thought it would be really tacky to go feed the homeless with cotton up my nose, ya know? I told him I’d contribute food and God would understand. LOL

  8. It’s amazing what we pet owners will tolerate for our little loved ones. I’ve had cats that don’t scratch anything but what I put out for them to officially scratch on then ones that ignored them and went straight for the couch. I’ve had dogs that were a terror in the house and then there’s Freddie who would bust a gut before soiling the house and is only destructive to stuffed animals and chew sticks but nothing else. I just figure the occasional downside of pet ownership is the small price we pay in exchange for all the unconditional love and affection we get from the crazy little fur balls. Pretty good deal if you ask me.
    It IS about the unconditional love and affection – she doesn’t care if I’ve had my shower, or brushed my teeth, she doesn’t care if I have on makeup, she doesn’t care if I’m in a bad mood – she just loves me and when I cry she gets as close to me as doggie possible and licks the tears away. Yes, it’s a good deal and I’ll put up with the once-in-awhile problem. I absolutely adore this dog even if she is a secret Transformer.

  9. Ugh.
    Sometimes dog poop stinks way worse than people poop.
    With Coco, I’ve trained her to POOP ON COMMAND: about 10 minutes after her dinner, I insert a little match stick (NOT lit) into her butt. She poops in about 15 seconds. Outside.
    voila!That is the oddest thing I have ever heard – we didn’t need matchsticks, we just trained EmmaLou to do her business first thing in the morning after her breakfast, right after her dinner, and before bedtime. Otherwise she’s fine (99% of the time) – big dog; big bladder – she can hold it for hours and hours and I’m so thankful. I really think pooping in the house was because she didn’t feel good and couldn’t help it; I may have taught her how to wink but I’ll be damned if I can teach her how to open the back door.

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