I’m A Bad, Bad, Girl…


Back around the 9th of April I was awarded a Kind Blogger award by my (hopefully still) blogging buddy over at Untidy Mind (formerly getoutfromundermyrock).  I wasn’t feeling well at the time and took a day or two off to rest and never acknowledged this lovely award.


So I take the time now (sorry I’m so late) to say thank you very much for this award – you are such a sweetie!

I shall be happy to accept all lashings with wet noodles as punishment for being a bad blogger.  I’d also like to blame my overlooking being grateful for this award to the awesome amounts of drugs I had been consuming while recovering from my injury but that’s a pretty lame (no pun intended) excuse.  So I shall simply say once more forgive me for not saying thank you sooner!    And I promise to be quicker to say thank you in future!

And on that note I will end with a little joke about forgiveness I found on the net:

The preacher’s, Sunday sermon was Forgive Your Enemies.
He asked, how many have forgiven their enemies?
About half held up their hands.
He then repeated his question.
Now about 80% held up their hands.
He then repeated his question again.
All responded, except one elderly lady.
“Mrs. Jones, are you not willing to forgive your enemies?” asked the preacher.
“I don’t have any.” she replied.
“Mrs. Jones, that is very unusual. How old are you?” asked the preacher.
“Ninety-three.” she replied.
“Mrs. Jones, please come down in front and tell the congregation how a person cannot have an enemy in   the world.” asked the preacher.
The little sweetheart of a lady tottered down the aisle, and said, “It’s easy, I just outlived those bitches.”

Courtesy of   http://www.thehumorarchives.com/joke/Forgiveness


3 thoughts on “I’m A Bad, Bad, Girl…

  1. If you’re a “bad girl” then I’m a horrible girl. I’m so far behind on awards I’m just overwhelmed. I keep waiting to get my own place but I’m not sure when that day will come. *sigh*
    Just for that we are all going to start spamming awards just to you – everyday you will receive another one which you will have to acknowledge and be grateful for. muahahahahahaha

  2. Congrats, my dear! You are a kind blogger. The kindest! I have a little something for you at my place.
    I love you dearly for giving me this – the name cracked me up and then it made me feel very honored and special. But for the love of Pete now I have to come up with something equally witty as your posting to acknowledge this and pass it on and I gotta find 5 bloggers I haven’t hit up lately. SMB you’re killing me (with kindness) – *grins and shuffles feet while saying “Aw Shucks” with mouth full of English Muffin and it actually sounds more like Aw F…” and so am in trouble again* Did I mention I love the stuffin’ outta you? Thanks baby.

  3. I’m a bad blogger, too. Don’t feel too bad about it. Most of us ladies who aren’t making $20,000 a month blogging find other things to do with our time every now and then. Can you believe some people make that much? I’m amazed.

    Your joke made me laugh. . . which I’m doing a lot of this morning. Thank God for that!


    P.S. You deserve that award if anyone does!
    Hi Kat – Thanks for the kind comments – I’d love to make money at this blogging but I can’t find anyone who is smart enough to realize that I could write their humorist column and make THEM money – the dumb twits. Gah. I have another site Crap on a Crutch which is in the process of being moved to my own domain site and maybe I’ll do some advertising there to make a few bucks but I feel like such a blogwhore when I even consider that. Oh well. I need a job badly and I’m not sufficiently recovered from an injury I received 3 months ago to go out into the job market – who wants to hire a middle-aged limping woman with a bad shoulder anyway? LOL Cya!

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