I Deserve the Housewife Award


D’ya remember a few days ago I wrote about sheets and not being able to tell which size they were and I actually showed you how my linen closet once looked and the after picture when I tore it apart trying to find the correct sheets?

Well kids, I got my butt in gear, I got out the old label maker, and I fixed that closet up once again.  Everything is where it should be — all the shelves are labeled for ease.  This time I’m only putting towels in this closet that go to the guest bathroom and putting the other towels in our master bath linen closet – made more sense.  Leaves more room, too.

The odd thing is I found sheets that don’t match and pillow cases that don’t go with any sheet sets.  What’s that all about?  I’m thinking perhaps we took one of the older sheets to use as a tarp when we painted a room and it may still be living in the basement (where no one in their right mind ever goes on purpose). Or there is the possibility that EmmaLou the Golden Retriever has set up a bed somewhere.   So I’m going to do some sheet hunting in the next few days and if I don’t find the matches, well guess I’ll be cutting up some new rags to use around the house!

Here is the before picture just to horrify you all once again (and humiliate myself in public).


And here it is today, labeled, neat, tidy, orderly, and making me very happy.  So is the icepack on my shoulder…


I’m almost afraid I may end up cleaning the kitchen pantry, or heaven forbid, one of the junk drawers (you noticed I said one of the junk drawers which hints there might be more lurking around the house?)  This is scary.  I’m going to go take a nap now and maybe when I get up that demented notion of cleaning out anymore closets will be gone.


13 thoughts on “I Deserve the Housewife Award

  1. You know, I like an organized linen closet. I really do. Yours is excellent.
    And I’m betting it stays that way for at least two days… LOL

  2. Looks great!

    Now, you just go have a lie down with an ice pack, a percocet and a little vino because 1. you deserve it; 2. you don’t want to aggravate that shoulder; and 3. you need to get the notion of cleaning the junk drawers right out of your head. LOL!
    LOL It does look nice and I’m happy with it. I learned that I actually have too many sheet sets – how interesting – some women buy shoes and bags, apparently I live for sheet sets. Yeah, the junk drawers can wait. Tuesday is pedicure day and that plus a little studying will make up my entire day I’m happy to report!

  3. You know, of course, that the odd pillow cases and sheets are a direct result of the same Universal Laundry Force that eats socks.

    I know…I know. But those aliens in Hangar 18? They have lots of clean , but mismatched, sheets , pillowcases and socks.

    Just sayin’.
    You know I live about 7 miles from Wright Patterson where they keep that lil ole alien…I’m glad he has warm socks and my nice sheets…

  4. Sure looks better than my bins! Take it easy for a few days and all the other mad cleaning urges will pass.
    I hope so because I don’t like this new cleaning urge at all! LOL

  5. That looks awesome!
    You’re such a sweetie – hubby gives it 2 days and it will be a mess again. I’m thinking of just shutting the door and putting duct tape over it so it will always and forever be clean inside! ROFL

  6. I am impressed….that is a lot of work!
    Yes relax..it doesn’t all have to be done at once…
    I am soooo relaxing…

  7. I am Sooooo impressed. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a closet like that outside of a magazine photo. Quick somebody call Martha Stewart and tell her that she’s got some major competition here! You too could have your own empire. Now about that contract……
    Nah, Martha would chastise me because the sheets aren’t folded exactly the same width nor are they tied together with designer ribbon. LOL

  8. Ya know, if you were pregnant I would say you were “nesting”. If you run out of closets and drawers you can come to my house. I’ll even pay your plane ticket.
    If I were pregnant I’d ask you to come push my mangy butt off the nearest cliff. LOL Awww, too bad, I don’t fly (unless absolutely HAVE to). drawers and closets may have to wait — I’ll drive out to see ya, though…but aww crap, I have that homework stuff to do. Oh well. Guess you’re on your own swee’pea. Love ya, mean it.

  9. I need some of your ambition and drive so I can clean up my house which is the last thing I want to do. I hate, hate, HATE cleaning! I don’t mind doing laundry but my ambition stops there. I really need a cleaning service… {sigh} …but that ain’t gonna happen. It’s a good thing that Hubby is good at it cause I suck at it. Of course I have a child that is a total Neat Freak and she is coming to visit next month. I’ll probably get ambitious oh about 2-3 days before she gets here then do a marathon cleaning sweep. I love to have a “spic & span” house just not if I have to do it. I suck!
    Drive and ambition had nothing to do with it. I posted that pic to humiliate myself into cleaning it out! I hate cleaning, too, especially now with the shoulder and back issues. Hubs does the laundry God bless him. I have a cleaning lady who comes in every other week and I can’t afford her but I can’t NOT afford her because she gets stuff done I can’t – like scrubbing floors on hands and knees – in between her visits I sweep and hope nobody looks too closely! I clean the clutter and keep bathroom and kitchen tidy and that’s it. Please send your daughter to live with me???? LOL

  10. I’m not sure which picture is more horrifying: The disaster area or the anal retentive area. I must tell you that I have a phobia – labelmakeraphobia. When people get those things out I run because I know it entails hours of having to straighten up messes I may or may not have contributed to. 🙂
    You know I surprised myself by both behaviors and I have to attribute it to I’m just not quite back to normal yet (whatever normal is). Labelmakers can be fun but one can take them to extremes, too. I’m not a nutcase about it. It helps in the pantry so when Devoted Spouse does the shopping, he knows where to put the canned goods, etc.

  11. If you don’t fly, then drive you butt down to Texas and I’ll let you organize all my junk drawers and linen closet. Won’t that be fun?? No? I think I would be, anyway. 🙂

    Nice closet and now I feel so……..well, so ready to just sit and admire you nice neat linen closet and wish mine looked the same.
    Tonight Devoted Spouse had a set of sheets that go on the guest bed and he actually asked me where he should put them — it was so cute — I told him open the door and look for the shelf that says Double Sheets and neatly put them there. He’s a good guy. Suddenly the urge to organize is leaving me. Now I’m in the mood to take all the bags of junk mail I’ve been saving up and spend a day with the shredding machine. I hate junk mail but I hate taking the time to shred it even more – so I toss it in bags and then store them in my crap room until I get around to shredding them. Isn’t that horrid? I know you guys must think I’m a genuine nutcase.

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  13. Ok….that looked just like mine. I don’t feel so bad…now. LOLOL

    Darn…glad mine is not as big! You can stuff just like me. I would show a picture of the clean one. But, the light in the hall way is burned out and MacGyver…well not on the top of his list.

    I made him get the flash light when he got home to look at it! “I need to get a light in there.” he said….
    “You think?” I replied.
    Put up one of those little round tap lights – that should work for a closet. It took me hours but I got it done — and ya know what? It looks just like the after picture today – I’ve kept it neat as a pin and the right sized sheet sets are all labeled and everything – just like freakin’ Martha Stewart – lol — I just wish I felt like tackling a few other closets in this cluttered household…sigh…

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