Sheet Manufacturers Listen Up!


I hate changing the bed linens – it’s such a pain particularly now that my shoulder and back hurt.  Thankfully Devoted Spouse helps.  He not only changes linens, he does laundry, folds the sheets, and puts them in the linen closet.  Watta guy!

I used to have a very nice, neatly arranged linen closet – I followed Martha Stewart’s suggestions and even labeled the friggin’ shelves – towels for us, towels for the guest bath, double-size sheets, queen-size sheets, etc.  I drew the line at wrapping up the sheet sets in ribbon – that’s too much nonsense even for me.  But it was pretty, neat, and I could find everything.  It sort of looked like this:


Then one of my friends made fun of me and I ripped off all the labels and decided to do it alphabetically with the double sized sheets on the first shelf and the queen sized sheets on the next shelf – easy, huh?  The problem here is that each sheet manufacturer places their little (and I do mean little) tag denoting the sheet size in a different place on every sheet.  So when you take the sheet out of the closet you can’t tell immediately which size and which bed it is for.  Why don’t they make the tags bigger and all of them sewn in the same place on the sheet so we can find them???

Now, to make a short story longer, while I am still incapacitated, I am in the queen-sized bed and Devoted Spouse has taken up temporary residence in the guest room double-sized bed.  Last night was sheet changing night.  Now, since I’ve taken off the labels and we’ve gotten a bit lax in where we actually store the sheets, I just started pulling out sheets like crazy and looking for the stupid &*%%$% labels to tell me which bed they were for.  By the time I actually found two complete sets, one for each room, the linen closet looked like Freddie Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street had hacked his way through it.  I just grabbed everything left and literally crammed it back in the closet and shut the doors.    This is how it looked after the tag fight:  Unbelievable! I’m horrified.


This is how it looks today:


I wouldn’t open that door for all the Timbits in the world!  Maybe tomorrow…

I want my Valium back.  I hate to think how long it’s going to take me to re-arrange this horrid mess I made and I have gotten the bright idea to find a black laundry marker and mark on the underside corner of each sheet what size it is so I never have to go through this again.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes through this ridiculous nonsense.


12 thoughts on “Sheet Manufacturers Listen Up!

  1. That’s, um, sorta how my linen closet, ahem, looks all the time.

    Well, it’s marginally better than that. But not by much.
    I think you’re lying to make me feel better, but thank you anyway.

  2. Go right back to your labeling system. I put the spare sheets on the closet shelf in the bedroom that they belong to instead of the linen closet. So much easier that way.

    Can Devoted Spouse actually fold fitted sheets? JR makes a hash of it then I have to come along and fix it.
    I am going back to the label system and I’m putting my llittle baskets back in – what a nightmare – no DS isn’t that good at folding the fitted ones – and it hurts my shoulder to do it, so we’ll just wing it for now – but you can bet sometime in the next week this closet WILL get cleaned out and re-ordered. I was just so tired and so frustrated at the time I literally threw everything on the floor and then back into the closet. Of course that actually means ALL the sheets need to be washed again. Gah… I’m my own pain in the a$$.

  3. LOL!
    There seems to be a discrepancy between the appearence of the two closets that is more than the untidiness…lol!
    I wonder what is wrong with ME as MY linen closet looks very closely like version #2 ALL the time.
    The trouble is, we have old sheets that H won’t throw out (they take up space and never get used, but he wants to keep them in case he needs them for rags)
    The closet is small so there is little space for the sheets that we DO use. As for the towels…(sigh)
    I never said the first closet WAS mine I said it resembled what my closet looked like – I meant organized and neat and pretty on the inside. We used to keep sheets for rags, too. Then I went to Home Depot and bought a bag of rags and threw out the sheets. Problem solved. But it’s always something…

  4. It’s been ages since I’ve had a linen closet. LOL So I’m quite envious of even the messy ones!

    Ya know what my thing was? Canned and boxed food in the cupboards. Not so much any more, but when all 6 kids still lived at home, I had my kitchen shelves labeled and everything was in it’s row, facing forward. Rows and rows of stuff… the kids didn’t appreciate it then, but I think they do now… it made it so much easier to look in the cupboard and at a glance know exactly what I needed to buy on a trip to the store (back then those trips were HUGE) and could find what I needed when I needed it… AND (most importantly) even the smallest of the kiddies could help put the groceries away neatly!

    Heck, back then, I used to plan all the meals for at least a week, too… but now with only one kid left at home… we wing it… LOL. Wait, that’s not funny.
    That’s another thing with me – I don’t mind buying the groceries but I hate putting them away and I’ll just toss them in the pantry or refrigerator any old way. Drives Devoted Spouse nuts. I figure I’ll find what I need sooner or later – or just order out!!

  5. I’m with G on this one. I don’t have a linen closet, in fact I only 2 tiny closets and they are not in my bedroom. I have a couple of large red bins stacked in the spare room where the sheets and towels reside.

    Organized? Me? Never!

    Last night, at the last minute I told DH he was cooking–this dear man can’t stand long enough to cook, so when I say he’s cooking it means he’s ordering some delivery food.
    Thank goodness for delivery food! Only here most won’t deliver; you have to go get it. I usually send out Devoted Spouse.

  6. Oops, that should’ve read I only HAVE two tiny closets….Guess I need more coffee.
    Not to worry – I knew what you meant and that rather frightens me just a little… 🙂

  7. No one in our house knows how to fold sheets but me so that little job falls in my lap. I have some good intentions but my closets only stay neat about a month and then they look like a bomb went off in them.
    And, honey, that’s why God made closet doors. I thank Him every night for the ability to cram crap in every corner of my house and shut a drawer or a door and no one is the wiser. One time we were getting unexpected company and I took all the clutter from the living room, shoved it under one of the end tables and put a lovely cloth over the table that hung to the floor. They were none the wiser. LOL

  8. I probably would go thru this but I have 3 linen closets so the linens go in the closet that is near/in those rooms. I’m grateful for that. I do have an entire spare room that looks very similar to your linen closet. I need to get to that…………one of these days.

  9. I have the solution to your problem. Do what I do. I have one set of sheets for each bed and I take them off and wash them, and put them back on. Simple and there is no folding involved. O.k. I confess, I do have a spare for “just in case” and I keep them zipped in those clear plastic bags that blankets or mattress pads come in, and I take a big black marker and mark what size bed they fit.

    I use to get aggravated trying to figure out which were the top/bottom and sides of our king size sheets and then finally I took a big black permanent marker and marked the top/bottom on the fitted sheet. Made my life much easier. 🙂

    You zew opmm enncii. Cz,, Damn valium… What I meant was you are one smart lady and I like your ideas! Anything to make life easier definitely goes to the top of my list! Hugs!

  10. We only have one bed so no problem! Our spare bed is a futon and a king size sheet wrapped on the mattress works fine so no figuring out what’s what expect for pillow cases since we have standard and king size pillows.

    I like the idea of the sheets in the closet in the room they go in. That’s simple or color coordinate. One color range for each room. White for guest room and blue for master or your pick but you get my drift.

  11. I have a rolling method that seems to work well for us…and it takes up less space. mY wife started it with the towels, but i have moved it to the linens too…it works since I can break up the shelves by room the linens go in and it helps keep it organized.
    You roll your sheets? I have heard of rolling towels – I do that sometimes and then store them in a pretty basket in the guest room when I know we have guests coming over. But I would have never thought to roll the sheets to put in the closet. I’d probably just make a mess of it; although, it is an interesting idea. I’ll have to think about this. Or email me a pic and let me see what they look like when they’re done.

  12. dont have a website,sorry.have just retired (does that make me a veteran?guess it does!!!)and I found your site by mistake and I love it!Well done you.I have damaged bones too..if I shake I rattle but the medication’s great…woodstock all over again.But, your laundry problem.I have developed a way to fix it suits less than mobile little me:Buy some coloured pillow cases.(I use white for big bed,green for little ones,pink for patterned sets (e.g)then fold the a linen set together and put it inside an appropriate pillowcase.They’re cheap from Asda (I think thats Walmart with you).then put the package on the shelf.Its great.Its neat .Bedchange, grab a pack,lock and load!
    Well, it works for me and ‘company’.Regards,Pat
    Hi Pat – Welcome! What a wonderful idea – I love it and shall put it to use straight away! Such nice organization — I’m assuming you kept perusing my blog and found the picture later where I had straightened the closet? I’m happy to say it still looks nice and neat – but I like your idea better! Cheers!

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