Behind the 8 Ball


I don’t usually do two blog posts in one day but I’m taking the weekend off so here’s another posting just for you!!

I was tagged snagged kindly invited  by my buddy Smart Mouth Broad for a game of 8 tag. I just love this gal and what the heck this sounded like it had potential.  So here we go:
8 things I’m looking forward to: (in no particular order)

1. Finishing my Master’s Degree – only 8 more classes  (hey, these are dang hard and have numerous textbooks  and DVDs per class and at least two 20 page research papers per class plus a book review and ALL in an 8-week semester) and at the rate of about 1 class per semester I may graduate in the next twenty years or so…then if I’m still alive and kicking I’d like to teach.
2. Getting my new oven and having it installed.  We’ve been without an oven since January and I’m ready to do some burning baking now.
3. Total healing of my shoulder and back – I know it will take a few more months but I just want to get out in the world and live again!  And that includes going back to work part time if possible.
4. My financial manager making me some money to replace the devastating losses of our retirement funds.  He better get his little a$$ in gear soon.
5. Losing 20 lbs. (I borrowed this from Smart Mouth Broad only she said 40).  I’d like to lose 40, but for now I’ll settle for dropping 20.  I lost 10 during my injury healing but that’s a heckuva way to lose weight!
6. Trading in my Kia Sportage on a new Subaru Forrester.  It’s time. Devoted Spouse finally finished paying off his adored pet Miata so it’s my turn.
7. The release of the next movie in the Twilight series (I know – what a girlie wuss I am but I love anything to do with vampires except the writing of Laurel K. Hamilton who I think is pornographic but we won’t go into that now).
8. Being able to sell my house (and not at a loss) and move south where it is warm and has no ice on which one could possibly fall and dislocate a shoulder ever again.

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Prayed and read my bible.
2. Twittered my morning away and won SmartA$$ (our trivia game) thank you very much.
3. Finished off the robin’s eggs (chocolate) from both Easter baskets (went right to hips).
4. Made a Target run and bought a small box of Timbits on the way home (see # 3 above – I’ll never lose weight at this rate.)
5. Told Devoted Spouse how much he means to me and what a great husband he is.
6. Tripped over EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer and fell on my hurt shoulder.  Stupid woman. Stupid dog.  Ouch.
7. Watched Survivor.
8. Wrote my blog.

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Find a group of women to hang out with – I need some girl friends but most I know still work.
2. Be the recipient of an incredibly large inheritance (how shallow is that!)  Okay, I’d give some away.
3. Sing like that lady from the British Idol – holey  moley – folks in church hate being close to me when I sing!
4. Write a truly funny and cool mystery novel with a neat heroine and have it published and become famous.
5. Learn to speak/understand/write Hebrew and Greek (sure would help w/that Master’s degree work).
6. Teach EmmaLou to talk.  Hey, I taught her how to wink – so anything is possible.
7. Be truly comfortable in my skin and be much more self confident.  I’m actually a “forced” extrovert.
8. Figure out what God wants me to do with my life before I die.

8 shows I watch:

1. Survivor
3. The Mentalist
4. The Big Bang Theory
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. Any History/Discovery/Nat Geo program on religion
7. Lost
8. Dollhouse
8 people I tag:

1. It’s A Dog’s Life
2. Listen to Auntie
3. Doggonedmysteries
4. Stepping Thru
5. Texas Banter
6. The Last Post
7. YewNorkBabe
8. And anyone else who wants to play

Obviously by my witty tremendously yawning answers, you can see I’m not good at these things – but at least here are some more fascinating truly jump-over-a-cliff-boring pieces of information you now know about me.

Post your own answers to the questions in each category, including 8 people you want to tag. Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Behind the 8 Ball

  1. Thanks. I’ll try to do it justice but don’t hold your breath. Goodness knows that I’m a bit of a spaz.

    You taught your dog to wink? Could you come down and teach Nessa to not jump? Please! Could I bribe you with sunny and warm?

    What is your master’s in?
    l. Don’t worry about doing it justice – I did a crappy job i think but i tried coz i love Smart Mouth Broad so much I didn’t want to not do this. 2. You are not a spaz – okay, maybe just a tad…but I’m a ditz so that must be why we get along so well! (just kidding on the spaz comment). 3. Yes I taught her to wink. I’ll be happy to teach Nessa how not to jump but I’m afraid it will involve gluing her to a wooden board with wheels on it and that’s probably not what you have in mind. 4. You can always bribe me – crap I’m easy. But I guess after the Nessa comment, the bribe is no longer on the table…dammit. 5. Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Couldn’t have chosen something like crochet, no, I had to go for the difficult, people who actually use their brains to think stuff! Dumb broad. Dumb. I blame it on God – I’m sure it was entirely His idea (and He is no doubt getting quite a big kick out of watching me study these texts which are so far above my level of understanding and my making those stupid faces.)

  2. Thanks, I needed a subject to blog about tonight…
    Now if I can only think of eight people to tag.
    That’s a first – someone thanking me for a tag or a meme – many just get annoyed. Don’t even think of tagging me back…LOL These types of postings just wear me out. That’s why I did it today so I can take Sat off and study.

  3. This was great! You did a much better job than I did. I don’t know how but I completely forgot about The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. I LOVE those shows.
    Well thanks – I thought yours was just great! Big Bang is my favorite – I am so fascinated by Sheldon I simply can’t stand it – he makes me laugh until I just choke. The thing is I used to work for a bunch of theoretical scientists and quantum physicists and they actually act like that. They are in their own world and it’s hysterical to try and interact with them on something normal. Okay, what else can we do for fun?
    P.S. I LOVED Life on Mars and I thought the finale was incredibly done – your opinion?

  4. I love learning more about people with these meme’s. Can’t wait to do mine, but I know I’ll go blank when I try to answer these questions. Oh well…..

    I simply can’t imagine you going blank…you’ll come up with something fabulous I’m sure and I look forward to reading it. muah right back atcha!

  5. OH! So THIS is what you were talking about on twitter yesterday…I didn’t know who or where you guys were playing pool. Never mind Buzzword…I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to play Buzzword.
    Hmmmm, now I have some 8-ball thinking to do here.
    hmmmmm. *scratching my head*
    Yeah, buzzword was hard – I felt dumb it took me so long to catch on , then it was fun and challenging but by that time I was tired and ready to go do something else – like fall on my ass over EmmaLou !!! LOL I’m on so much valium today I can hardly type – but I feel better and I’m spending the rest of today just hanging out at the house and resting – Devoted Spouse is at gun show with a buddy. Have fun with 8 ball!

  6. I can’t believe you tripped on EmmaLou and hit your bad shoulder! OK, I lied, I do believe it and for some strange reason it doesn’t surprise me either. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly.
    Yeah, I was twittering about it – and it was so bad I was sitting here crying asking for prayers I was so sure I had done some damage. Thankfully I was okay – probably more scared than anything else. What a dumb dork I am – She had a piece of plastic in her mouth and I was leaning over her with my hands prying open her mouth trying to get it out when I leaned too far and just fell over her and braced on my hand with the hurt shoulder – dumb, dumb, dumb – that’s how I dislocated it to begin with by using my hand to brace a fall. I never learn. I’m okay. It’s sore but obviously all the parts are working. I’ve been on double valium for my back today because I wrenched that, too. Damn dog. Plus I found some extra percocets in the back of the closet and took two of them before I went to bed last night. Long story short – learned my lesson – she can eat all the plastic she wants from now on. I’m okay. Just not real brainy.

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