This Ain’t Your Mama’s Easter Basket


I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter.  While we must never forget that the importance of Easter is the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I’m sure God will indulge his children in a little fun while we celebrate the joy of his risen Son.

The above basket looks like a pretty standard Easter egg basket, maybe a little boring.  In our family Devoted Spouse and I like to spice things up a bit with our baskets.  Sometimes we put movies, books, or other goodies in them.  There are always different kinds of candy especially robin’s eggs (the little malted milk balls that I’m totally addicted to), and Cadbury cream eggs.  We sometimes add just a little personal memento and of course there is usually a chocolate bunny.  This year for Devoted Spouse I added one of those strange contraptions you use on your grill where you add a can of beer and then pretty much impale a chicken onto the beer can – well this device helps the whole mess not fall over onto the grill.  I thought it was a pretty cool  little Easter gift.

But this year if an award was handed out for the most unusual Easter basket, Devoted Spouse would have won it hands down. I had some candy and there was a movie, tons of chocolate robin’s eggs and the obligatory fake green grass.  But nestled into the grass was something I never would have thought of in a million years; his own Bersa 380 handgun.  Devoted Spouse  gave this gun to me because he knows how much I enjoy using it at the range.   His comment was, “I got my first handgun 54 years ago and this is the first one I’ve ever given up.”  I’m so glad he thinks I’m worthy of it – it’s an awesome pistol and alot of fun to shoot.  This has to be the coolest Easter egg basket I’ve ever had and no amount of chocolate bunnies could have made it any better.  The Bersa is now officially mine.

I’m beginning to like this Easter basket idea — unfortunately Devoted Spouse will have to work extra hard on next year’s basket!

Here are pics of the baskets – his is on the left; the boring one.  Mine is on the right with the gun nestled inside.


This is what it looks like minus the basket. (I don’t need no stinkin’ basket…)

The Easter Bunny rocks

The Easter Bunny rocks

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.  Let’s see now…what’s the next holiday coming up…Mother’s Day…well, I’m nobody’s mother except maybe EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer — I wonder if she has a handgun she’d like to wrap up for me, too…


11 thoughts on “This Ain’t Your Mama’s Easter Basket

  1. I’m so green with envy, I think I may have just croaked like a frog. Your Easter Bunny totally rocks! Have fun at the range. Ours has been clsed for a month for zoning issues. Grrr.
    I just this minute found out the reason he gave me his Bersa 380 is he has ordered a new Ruger and is now up to third in line (apparently the new Rugers are so popular they had to literally put people on a list). The little poop. And here I thought he did this out of the goodness of his heart. Wait till I tell him I want to shoot the Ruger, too. muahhahahahahaa…Come to my house baby – we’ll go shoot our little hearts out. It’s one of my favorite activities and apparently it is going to be a great exercise for the muscles in my damaged arm. Woo-hoo. Although the doctor warned me to make sure no one was standing in front of me when I fired as my aim my be a little off – what a d*ckhead. Doesn’t he know I only shoot at MOVING targets not STANDING ones? LOL

  2. Coach and I don’t exchange Easter Baskets but I am sure envious of yours. Beer-in-the-Rear Chicken is actually very good too. We have made it a couple of times but your device looks like it would make it easier. Glad you had a wonderful Easter and that you truly know what we are celebrating.
    My precious, without Jesus I would not be here today I am convinced and I am one grateful little girl for His saving me. He is now and shall ever be first priority in my life. Hey – I’m the one in Seminary, remember??? LOL I absolutely adore beer in the rear (what a great name) Chicken – now if I can just get Devoted Spouse to fire up the grill…

  3. Whoa! What a trip! I’ve been known to stick a few odds and ends in the baskets… including toothbrushes, paste, and floss… but never a gun… KOK

    Good luck topping that next year, Mr. Bunny….
    Yeah next year maybe he’ll add some ammo… LOL

  4. Well crap on a …never mind. Dear Hubby would love an Easter Basket like yours. However, since his gun collection is a tad over the top (retired cops’ gun collections usually are) I won’t be getting him any nor will I show him your basket. 😉
    Ok I promise not to let him see it. I once asked my hubs why he needed another gun and he gave me this dumb look and said, “why do you need another Longabarger basket?” I totally missed the relevance of that retort but oh well! Hugs!

  5. That is, without a doubt, the most original Easter basket I have ever seen.
    Made me happy. Even though I at first thought he was just too lazy to go out shopping! (just kidding).

  6. I still can’t get over what a gun nut you are. 🙂 I know I would never have a basket like that one. We got the “beer in the rear” chicken thingy when we got the new grill and had that for Easter dinner. Son came over and loved it though he couldn’t stop laughing when his Dad walked through the house with the impaled chicken on the way to the new grill which works great by the way.

    I copycatted you on the flower quiz so no harm – no foul.
    I’m really not a gun nut – I enjoy target shooting – I don’t know that much about different manufacturers and calibers and all that jazz — that’s Devoted Spouse’s bailiwick — I just enjoy hitting a target right in the bullseye and the noise is fun, too. It’s kinda like bowling — you can imagine the pins are all the d*ckheads in your life and just mow them down and it makes a great noise — well target shooting is the same — you aim at the little paper target that can be a generic picture of a person (anyone you want) or just a bunch of circles with a bullseye and you get the same stress-reducing results. It’s fun kiddo. Of course let me add a disclaimer here that one must be trained in the handling of guns – for example, always assume any gun is loaded, never aim at anything you don’t want to shoot, and if you must shoot at someone who is going to harm you, you must be prepared to shoot to kill. Plus you have to learn to clean the guns — I haven’t gotten to that step yet – Devoted Spouse likes the smell of gun oil much more than I. LOL Hey – go check out the Who Are You on Lost quiz I added – this is getting addictive!

  7. I love it– a gun for an Easter Basket. I can just imagine you having a conversation with a friend and she asks what was in your Easter basket and you answer like it’s done all the time “A gun”. Especially if the person didn’t know you that well. Too funny!

    I love the movie you got. It’s a great comedy.

    I got an Easter basket from my daughter but I have to admit yours was way better. My daughter would never let me have a gun in the house. I think she would trust a 10 year old more than she would trust me with a gun. 😉

    How is Devoted Spouse going to top that basket next year?
    Well, I have some strange friends so it probably wouldn’t surprise them. Hopefully, next year the basket will contain ammo…

  8. I’ll give you the two very clean but crumpled one dollar bills I got in my Easter basket, for that cool gun? Trade? Deal? Please? *wink*

    DS did GOOD!
    Prepare to be disappointed…no. *big grin*

  9. your blog’s been stolen and plagiarised at

    he did one of mine too – please report him to google (who own blogspot) at
    Thank you very much for alerting me to this. I just now filled out the paperwork and reported this scumbag – I hate people who steal. Again, thanks -I appreciate your taking the time to tell me this! Have a lovely day!

  10. Wow- I’m jealous! That is one hell of an Easter Basket!
    sometimes DS comes up with good ones and sometimes it’s just your standard candy – but it’s always the thought that counts!

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