Feelin’ Dog Tired…

It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla.

You don’t quit when you’re tired –

you quit when the gorilla is tired.

Robert Strauss

Crone and Bear It will return in a few days after a little short rest.  Until then feel free to amuse  yourselves at my expense.  Cheers!


16 thoughts on “Feelin’ Dog Tired…

  1. Sleep, sleep now our little one. It is time for a nappypoo. Hope you enjoy your rest. It is good for the soul and the body.

    God bless.

    See ya when you come back.
    Snore, snore, snore, ahhhhhhhh……

  2. What a beautiful puppy. Go get some rest.
    Thanks baby – I’m in my comfy chair where I belong w/EmmaLou at my feet.

  3. Awww we will miss you….but hope you get some much needed rest! 🙂
    You’ll never know I’m gone – I’ll come back next week I promise – just a couple of quiet non-technology, non-thinking days please. LOL

  4. Enjoy your time off. We’ll be docking your pay……and all your work will be piled up waiting for your return…..but other than those things…..have fun!

    I actually took my first trip driving alone today and did a little spring shopping. Wow – I’m really pooped now! That’s hard work when all you’ve done for 3 months is sit in a recliner and eat drugs!!! LOL

  5. Cronie,
    You are funny mrsupole.
    Rest girl! But come back soon. I will miss you.
    And check out my blog…I mentioned your egg decorating fiasco!!!
    Hi baby – I left you a note on Auntie – thanks for the shoutout on Dog Girl – I tried to leave a comment but Dog Girl never takes my wordpress comments – so thanks again! BTW the basket you made was adorable! AND I’m glad your shoulder is responding well to the shots and steroids. Take care!

  6. Enjoy your break.

    p.s. I love the sleepy dog picture, is that a close-up of EmmaLou?
    thanks – I wish it was, but it’s just a representative pic of her I found on the net – she IS that cute though.

  7. Rest- I command it!
    You and Devoted Spouse must be in cahoots! I just t!urned off Twitter; I’m turning off laptop and I promise to lie down for a few minutes — today’s outing (I drove all by myself!!) and shopping just wore me out — I didn’t realize how weak I still am. Ok – off to the couch I go… Later! Hugs

  8. Yes, must rest, must not overdo and must not hurt anything or anyone lest you find yourself back in the torture sling.

    Behave and have a nap for me as well. 🙂
    Yes ma’am…:)

  9. It’s about time you took a little R & R. Enjoy yourself and come back soon.
    thanks baby.

  10. I know exactly how you’re feeling. I’m sick as a dog right now and had to force myself to write new articles(it had been too long).

    Must rest now…
    So sorry you are ill – sending up prayers for quick and full recovery – rest, rest, rest!

  11. Congratulations on being released! Hopefully, life will get back to normal. Hope you had a nice trip.
    thanks! Trip’s been postponed doc doesn’t want me to overdo it – so I went out shopping today! LOL

  12. Me thinks a bit too much too soon.Get your much needed rest and we’ll just sit here and wait. We miss your wit and warmth. Love ya!
    Yeah, that’s me give me an inch and I’ll drive halfway across the country for the heck of it!!! I’m doing well and will rest as often as needed. I find that blogging is very therapeutic (sp?) and something I absolutely need to do. Now if I could just find a few more hours in the day…Love ya, mean it!

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