I’m Released; I’m Free; I’m Outta Here; No More Agador!

snoopy1I am very happy to announce that at Tuesday’s Orthopedic Doctor visit I was given the green light to return to my normal life.  He has released me from his care – yippee skippy!  The Doc feels I will continue to heal on my own and that full mobility will return within the next 3 to 4 months (I still can’t quite get that arm behind my back as far as they would like).  I finish out my final two physical therapy sessions with Torquemada and Agador Spartacus this week and after Friday I am on my own once again.  I can even drive – and man is Devoted Spouse happy about that.


First we need to finish with the valium and get those crazy back spasms to stop (that situation is much improved) and then I’ll feel comfortable taking the keys back.  I would do the Snoopy Dance, but knowing me I’d fall on my butt and hurt the other shoulder!

When the weather warms up just a tad there will be a humongous bonfire @ my friend Mike’s place and I hope it lights up the sky something like this:


BTW…Thanks for all your kind comments and encouragement during the past 3 months – you have no idea how many times your support and prayers helped me make it through another day.

Devoted Spouse thinks I’m kidding but I still want to move south…I don’t ever want to have to walk on another patch of ice as long as I live.  Road trip…


Okay well maybe it’s just a litle premature for this long a road trip — but we’re gonna take a few days and go somewhere and celebrate I can guarantee it!


14 thoughts on “I’m Released; I’m Free; I’m Outta Here; No More Agador!

  1. Wow! What great news! Don’t be making any road trips to Oklahoma anytime soon because this dang wind will blow you down on your butt. Go somewhere nice and get a good massage on those muscle spasms. I’m having them in my thighs and they are miserable. Can’t take valium because it does weird things to me. Well, more weird than my normal self. Enjoy your time away.
    It surprised me because I don’t have full use of my shoulder – but he says he can’t do anything else and now I have to use it and exercise it and it will come back. So I’m going to believe him. I jumped the gun on the road trip – I really wanted to go to SC and I almost had the hotel reservations made but then I talked to DS and we both think it’s just too far for me to go so soon – so we’ll take a couple of fun day trips around OH and KY and thereabouts and just enjoy some free time. SC will still be there later. I spent a week in Oklahoma one night…

  2. Big Yippees on the news from the Doc!

    Moving south would be nice, but the summer heat would kill DH, with his MS heat is his enemy. Mid-East Coast works for us even with the snow, sleet, ice, cold…hmmmm, now that you mention it, leaving that behind wouldn’t be all that bad.
    Thanks for the yippees — I honestly don’t believe there is anywhere in the US that is the perfect climate except perhaps Hawaii and I just can’t afford it.

  3. Woohoo! Freedom! I bet it felt like forever huh?
    It has been the longest 3 months of my life and I know I have alot of work and exercise ahead of me for the next 3 or 4 months – but I can do that – I’m out of the rough part and happy again!

  4. Yea! That is good news, freedom is always great. Just take it slow and easy and no more rock throwing. Driving with one useful arm is not too hard, I keep my left arm in my lap and just hold the steering wheel down there. I do only go a few miles, but it can be done. But just be careful when you are making the turns, if I forget and try to use the left arm then you will hear “ouch” or “sh*t that hurts” coming from my mouth.

    I hope you have fun on your mini vacation. I did basic training in Columbia, SC, way back in the beginning of time. Anyway I remember a lot of trees and rainy days. I was there in Feb. and Mar. so I did not have to put up with any humidity. From there went to OK and stayed there for two years. Snow, ice, and humidity, and lots of wind. Ice cold wind, which makes for some of the coldest feeling air in the country. They say they have one of the coldest wind chill factors in the country that makes it feel that way. We almost settled there after hubby got out of the army, but luckily we came back to CA. My oldest daughter was born there at Ft. Sill. Maybe I should do some posts about my army experiences. Hmmm, might be something interesting to do.

    Glad you are on the mend.

    God bless.
    Yes, I’m glad I’m on the mend – finally some good news – 2009 has not been such a good year so far for us. Gonna hold off on the SC trip – doc thinks it’s too much driving too soon so Devoted Spouse and I will just take a little short mini-getaway closer to home. I’d love to hear about your army experiences!!
    Take care – Hugs!

  5. WOOO HOOOO! Congratulations. I would keep the valium though.
    Thanks! They’ll take my valium from my cold dead hands…no wait, that’s my gun…nevermind.

  6. Oh, congratulations!!

    Keep any and all Aggies away from that bonfire, though.
    Thanks – Aggies – noted — they weren’t too smart w/the bonfire thing, were they?

  7. Yay for you! Congratulations!
    And hope you have a fun trip! 🙂
    Thanks sweetie – we’ve decided to stay a little closer to home and let SC wait a bit – but I’ll get there one of these days! Hugs!

  8. Come visit me in TX. It’s warm and no danger of ice and we could make DS and HBL roll their eyes with all our blogosphere talk. Plus……I promise you’d love it and be entertained. I’ll keep the porch light on for ya. 🙂
    Oh girl don’t tempt me! I’ve never been to Texas – can you believe that? Hugs!

  9. WOWWWWW! Congrats!
    SO glad to hear this news!!!!
    YES about the Snoopy dance..(aww…lol)
    Take it easy and enjoy!
    Thank you sweetie – I’m very happy that the worst of this is over – okay I have a hundred gazillion exercises I have to do 3 times a day but it will be worth it to get my strength back and be able to function like a normal human being once again!! Hugs!

  10. I am really, really happy for you – I love it when people have good news. Makes me feel all warm and happy as well.
    Thank you sweetie – your kind encouragement also helped me heal!

  11. Now just don’t go wrestling with coffee grinders, DS or EmmaLou and re-injuring yourself or we will all make a special trip to see you and whup yo’ butt!

    I am so happy that things are looking up for you and you so deserve the trip. What happened to the plans for Disney World – not that I think you are any where close to being up for an amusement park yet – but are you two still planning on going?
    I promise I’m going to be careful and go slow – I know I’m still healing whether or not the Doc has released me. Disney is going to have to wait – they are working on the two sites I really wanted to visit, the Hall of Presidents, and Space Mountain – grrrr. Our friends are going in Nov and we may try to go then. For now it’s going to be a couple of overnight trips to some Bed and Breakfasts and just relaxing day trips to flea markets and stuff like that – ya know fun stuff!

  12. YAY! You Florida is just a hop, skip and a jump away.MHS would build you a great bonfire. The man is a pyromaniac!
    I would dearly love to visit FL but doc says I’m trying to do too much too fast dammit. One of these days…one of these days…*sigh*

  13. Wow and congrats Cronie!!!
    Just think, the very first time I came to your blog, it was the day you posted about Agador, and you had that hilarious photo from that movie “The bird cage”.
    You’ve come a loooooong way, Baby!
    Toast a marshmallow for me at the bonfire!!!
    Thanks baby – it seems like I’ve known you much longer – I’ll toast a marshmallow and hoist a Rolling Rock and thank God life may be getting back to normal!

  14. That’s great! And to help you celebrate, I left you something on my blog. 🙂 Enjoy!
    Thanks! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I love surprises – I’m on my way to go see….

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