Free Friday

I have an appointment with Torquemada the PT punisher this morning , the coffee grinder broke and we had to use a small food processor (what a mess), I’m having issues with back spasms again plus while trying to plug in my computer this morning I leaned too hard on my arm and pulled my shoulder.  Whine, whine, whine,  I’m not having the best morning and when I can’t have a good morning, I can’t write a good post.  So excuse the profanity but the picture below just pretty much sums up my day today.  Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya’ll on Monday!



16 thoughts on “Free Friday

  1. Did you see my post from yesterday? It sounds like it will fit your day today. Hope it gets better.

    Oh No! Coffee should magically appear. I can’t function if it doesn’t.
    I did see you yesterday and thought about you this morning! I just got back from pt and this lady who should be put up for sainthood actually got the muscles working again and I’m moving – just sore. My shoulder didn’t do so well – I think I actually did a little damage there – the measurements she took were lower than before and that’s not good. Plus today is the last pt session prior to my next Orthopedic dr appointment tuesday – dear Gawd don’t let him put me in the MRI machine of death…it’s all because that damned coffee grinder broke, I just know it!!! LOL

  2. Oh, good – I’m not the only one with a post like this today. Thank you!

    And it’s one of the benefits of buying pre-ground New Orleans-style coffee and chicory on the internet – no coffee grinders. The other is no one else here at the office likes it (it’s too strong for them, the wimps) so Beloved and I get all of it to ourselves.

    Yay, coffee.
    I agree Yay coffee. I like to grind my own beans, though, because the smell is heavenly. I’ve never been a big fan of chicory either – but to each his own! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  3. That’s a beautiful dog… Yuck- coffee. I prefer Dr Pepper. I can’t be the only 24-year-old in the world that hates coffee!
    Yeah – unfortunately that’s not EmmaLou – but it looks like her when she was younger. I just wanted to put up a happy picture to start a post that wasn’t so happy after all!!! When I was 24 I drank Coke — didn’t really start the coffee habit until my 30’s now I’m a coffee fanatic! Hugs!

  4. Oh I am sorry to hear you haven’t had too good a morning, I hope you are feeling better now. I love your little sign, it is what I plan to do tomorrow.

    I will be sending happy thoughts your way for a good weekend and a speedy recovery to your shoulder.
    thank you sweetie – I plan to stay quiet and rest.

  5. Sorry that you hurt yourself but I warned you to not overdo but I guess the coffee craving won out. See, that’s the good part of not being able to drink coffee, I don’t have accidents like this.

    Take it easy sweetie and feel better soon. REST THAT ARM/SHOULDER!

    Now I feel better getting that out.
    So much for decorating Easter eggs today — did much better after phys therapy – then caught EmmaLou outside eating a dead rabbit and threw something at her to grab her attention — which arm did I use? Of course the bad one – so here I sit in agony again. I never learn. Repeat after me…rest…rest…rest…rest….damn dog…rest…rest…

  6. Oh honey! Please break out a bottle of wine and have a glass for both of us. Cheers. Have a great weekend and I hope your shoulder is feeling better now.
    Thanks baby- I know it’s my own fault – try to do too much – plus tonight throwing the rock at EmmaLou to get her attention away from the dead rabbit was just too much. So I’m in my comfy chair with an ice pack on my shoulder saying little humble prayers. The wine sounds like a lovely idea – Devoted Spouse? Devoted Spouse? Honey? Would you do me a favor please??…. LOL

  7. Actually, I did overdo it. But I am doing nothing this weekend. You take it easy too, my friend, and have a great weekend.
    We’re just two peas in a pod, aren’t we sweetie? I have Devoted Spouse bringing me coffee, the paper, a pen, breakfast, my heating pad…I’m so blessed. Plus there’s smelly dog at my feet – oh joy. LOL

  8. Ouch, on the shoulder. See? Someone did say to hang onto your torture device if only to prevent things like this.

    Shoulda come to my house there’s never an empty coffee pot here. If there is, heads will roll! LOL, mine, ’cause I’m the coffee maker/drinker. DH knows better than to even think of trying to start a conversation with me until after the first cup of coffee is gone. 🙂

    Seems I say my share of ‘damn dogs’ around here with my two…

    You have my sympathies for both the shoulder and the damned dog.
    Thanks for the sympathies – I realize the shoulder is my own fault – I never learn. It’s a shame you can’t email coffee – wouldn’t life be just that much nicer? As to the dog – we all know they are predators – but one would think just the sight and smell of a part of a dead rabbit wouldn’t be nearly as enticing as that lovely piece of dog kibble I’m holding in my hand while sweetly hollering at her to come get a treat – her response: treat, my a$$ lady I got half a dead rabbit here – stuff your treat. LOL I wanted to put her in the basement last night as I was sure she would yak up parts of the rabbit – but she slept w/Devoted Spouse and apparently digested the rabbit just fine. Yuk. I may never kiss that dog again.

    Why do the dogs find the grossest things in the world to nibble on, roll in, or bring to Mom? 😉

  9. SUCH a sweet doggy…
    Ouch about your pain though.

    I hope that you are soon on the mend!
    ((big hugs))
    Aloha – welcome back – I bet you had a wonderful time in Hawaii – we missed you!

  10. Hi C&B,
    Recovery is a long process. Just because you finally got rid of that nasty sling doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods.
    Easy does it with the physical activity.
    You’re on the right path!
    I will come back soon to see what a mess you make of the easter eggs.
    Hi swee’pea – Hopefully I will be able to post something Easter eggish either Monday or Tuesday – we’ve had a long, tiring (but fun) decorating session today. I’m so out of practice and the right hand is not strong enough for the fancy decorative painting yet so what I’ve finished look pretty elementary school-ish – but the Easter Bunny won’t mind – he knows my heart is in the right place! LOL

  11. Poor baby. I bought you something today in Santa Fe. Aren’t you impressed that I’m on vacation and thought of you?? THIS thing caught my eye and I thought……”C & B NEEDS this.” If you trust me with a mailing address, I’d love to send it to you.

    be afraid…be very afraid…check your email! LOL Love ya!

  12. Rest is a good thing to do this weekend. It’s frustrating to just get things kinda fixed up and then do something stupid and hurt yourself again. I am talking about myself here too, Girlie. Take care of yourself and maybe the old Dr. won’t make you go back to MRI hell.
    He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with – I will pull his gnarly a$$ into that machine with me…

  13. I hope your day improved, but you get bonus points for the use of “Torquemada”…
    It often frightens me how many people don’t know who that was. I need all the bonus point I can get right now so I gratefully accept.

  14. I hope your weekend is going well. I have been in pain and those dang back spasms won’t stop. I am sucking down those muscle relaxers and horse sized pain pills. Please, please take it easy on your shoulder. You only have two and you need them both. Or you could get a fake one like the doctor wants to give me. And you really do not want that to happen because it is seeming so scarey to me. I hope you do not have to put the sling thingy back on, but maybe a simple sling would work if he says you have to keep it inmobilized.

    So I will say a prayer for your shoulder and hope it works. Or I could do a ‘shoulder dance’ and see if that works. But it would have to be a shuffle really, due to those stupid arthritic knees. At least the steroid shot worked for that problem.

    I hope you get another coffee grinder or this one is fixable. I only drink tea and never drink coffee, but hubby does sometimes. I do like the smell of coffee brewing though. My daughters drink it.

    Here is wishing you have a great Sunday. Keep well.

    God bless.
    Bless you heart, woman, we are both a mess! LOL I am resting, eating Valium like candy, sitting in my comfy chair putting heat on my back for 30 minutes on and 1 hour off (of course that’s the hour the Valium makes me go to sleep anyway) and it is getting better. I shall send up many prayers on your behalf for a full return to health for you. Love, Linda

  15. Hey Girl,
    Ok, no pics yet of the Easter Egg decorating event. I will return Mon/Tues to see what we’ve got.
    Take it easy with the shoulder.
    luv ya.
    As I write this the first varnishing is drying and I will put a second coat on in about 2 hours. I hope to get pictures early tomorrow morning so I can post it sometime Monday morning. You’re gonna die. Some of them came out okay, one was downright weird, and I actually tossed two of them in the trash. I love crafting – it shows me what a weak human I truly am! LOL

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