What Annoys You?


There is too much Valium in my brain so I’m staggering under the stress of coming up with something original to discuss in this blog posting.  Until I get rid of these stupid back spasms I have to live with the brain fog from Valium.  So off to my random blog idea generator which suggested I should discuss a few things that annoy me.  That sounded like fun so let’s begin.

Have you ever been in a grocery store line and the little old lady in front of you decides to pay her bill with cash and exact change – and she doesn’t even get out her wallet until everything is tallied and packaged?  And then she grabs one of those ugly little rubber change thingies you push and pull until they open?  Twenty minutes later she’s gone and your blood pressure has risen to stroke level.  The only worse one is the person who waits until everything is done and THEN opens her purse to extract her checkbook and write her check. And to add insult to injury refuses to give said check to the cashier until she enters it into her little precious checkbook register.   Gah.  I hate those women and I always hope that they get to the middle of the parking lot and their plastic bags break. (sorry Lord, I don’t really mean it.) yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.


I’m in a major book store the other day and as I’m checking out (understand that I have been standing in line for a long time and my back is killing me) the clerk stops my purchase and answers the phone and begins to research a book for another customer.  I looked over the counter at her and said put the phone down or I will rip this credit card swiping machine right out of your counter and beat you with it.  Truly.  How annoying.  She put the person on hold and finished my purchase  and then had the audacity to wish me a pleasant day.  I imagine I’m now on tape and part of their Security Training Session.

A television show I’ve actually patiently waited a week to watch is pre-empted because President Obama wants to show off his teleprompter skills once again.  Gah.

What else is annoying?  March Madness.  ‘Nuff said.

You want more annoying?  I”m not that fond of the saying “if life hands you lemons, make lemonade” – I think you should find an annoying person at your office with paper cuts and squeeze the daylights outta those lemons.

The past few days my Twitter has gone Tango Uniform on me and I’ve lost my Tweetdeck too several times.  Now, this is serious stuff coz if I miss one round of SmartA$$ w/my tweeps due to Twitter technology, I’m telling you heads will roll.  That’s annoying.

Okay – this isn’t just annoying – this is probably getting tedious for you so I’ll stop now.  Tomorrow I promise to back off on the Valium and see if my brain can come up with something original.


15 thoughts on “What Annoys You?

  1. Is it the valium or are you actually glad to see us? 😉
    Screaming kids running rampant in restaurants and stores.
    People who don’t keep their dogs leashed even though there is a city ordinance that says dogs MUST be leashed.
    People who don’t clean up after their dogs.
    Coupon nuts who drag out a 1,000 coupons for their groceries and make me wait in line another 10 minutes. I’m only there because I have to be I do not like to go grocery shopping. I want to get the heck in and out of there ASAP. They need a special line for people who have more than 5 coupons.
    Phone calls at dinner time.
    sometimes it’s fun to just rant – I hate the coupon nuts too -and I use coupons, I just don’t like to be behind the pretentious broad who actually is owed money by the grocery store by the time she’s done.

  2. Where did you get Valium? I would like one of those 😛

    I’m so FN tired of people swerving into my lane while making right hand turns! Actually I’m tired of people swerving into my lane all the time!! I bought a big ass chrome steel bumper for my Jeep, but it doesn’t scare them one bit because they don’t even know I’m there! How many of us paid attention in drivers training? I’m guessing it wasn’t many.

    Thanks for blogging cronie, but now I’m pissed thinking about all those bad drivers! beer time!
    Hey J – Unfortunately I can’t take the Valium if I’m going out and wouldn’t it be nice to have that in my system so these people wouldn’t annoy me? I’m with you on the lane swerving – makes me insane – I have never understood why someone feels they need to swing out in order to turn their car. Dumber than dirt. Next time, send me a virtual beer and I’ll join ya!

  3. “I looked over the counter at her and said put the phone down or I will rip this credit card swiping machine right out of your counter and beat you with it.”

    I like your style, woman!
    I promise I did not use a threatening voice, more like a mommy voice – and I’ve done this before because I think this is one of the top 5 Customer Service complaints (oooh, there’s another blog posting in there somewhere). You stand in line, finally you are waited on, and the &*(^^% clerk turns around and answers the dang phone. I once got a manager because of this behavior. He told me it was company policy that the phone had to be answered within 4 rings regardless of who you were waiting on. I told him either change the policy or lose my business – and what was funny was suddenly I had a whole group of people around me agreeing with me and I think we rather frightened him.

  4. I get annoyed when I run out of Valium!

    What really annoys me is when my coworkers try to sell me chocolate bars, girl-scout cookies and bags of mints and ask me to sponsor walk-a-thons, etc… for their kids events… It makes me feel like a mark. These kids need cash for school equipment, trips and recreation? Okay. We should all have a small amount of money deducted from our paycheques and put aside for this. We could call it… I don’t know… Taxes.
    I agree with the having your kids sell anything whether it’s at your door or at work. that one always ticked me off. I gave away this secret in a comment lately and I will share it with you – I guarantee it works. Look at the person (with just a slight sad look on your face) and say the following words exactly: “I’m sorry; I just can’t.” Nothing else – just that sentence. Then smile nicely and turn away from them. Stops them dead in their tracks and they won’t ask you why not. It’s the funniest thing in the world – I started that at work and was amazed how well it worked and I’ve never quit saying that to anything I don’t wish to take on or do. It’s polite, to the point, and not wishy washy – you’ll love it!

  5. Seriously, you have the.best.pictures.ever on this post! 🙂
    Thanks for the laugh. Things that annoy me are crazy people! They ALWAYS find me….
    I seem to attract my share of them too. That’s one of the reasons I quit my last job…I See Crazy People…

  6. I once upon a few moons ago I used to work retail. I know! But I was young and stupid and learned quickly that was not the business for me at all especially on Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas when the even reasonably sane people lose their minds and turn into raging, salavating-drooling, hate mongering idiots that try to do last minute shopping or get the best “after” sales finds and forget that kind hearted people actually work behind the counters trying to ring them up while having merchandise and foul language hurled at them.

    Yes, I survived retail hell and live to tell about it.
    Retail is fine except at holidays and close to quitting time and when there is an enormous sale.

  7. Don’t try and type while watching TV, Tweeting and talking to your husband all at one time or at least proof read your comment.

    Take out the double “I” in that first sentence and it makes perfect or sorta perfect sense. Sorry about that.
    I found no double “I” in the first sentence but changed the structure anyway. ?

  8. I’ll add…..

    When I’m in a hurry to pay for one item and it’s finally my turn and some rude idiot walks up and asks the clerk where something is….and she totally stops waiting on me and helps her. Grrr….

    My next worst peeve is when a car is turning and nothing is coming and there’s no reason they don’t just turn the damn uh…er …..darn car but instead they almost come to a complete stop and then creep until they get turned. I want to honk my horn…..but since I’m not a horn honker….I just cuss them under my breath.

    O.k. I could go on and on….but since I’m not on Valium and have excuse to be bitchy…..I’ll stop here.

    Hope you’re feeling better after the vent. HUGS
    I like yours and I agree with them – Was doing well and then the back spasms came back with a vengeance and I’m just so darned frustrated. I’m getting so hateful.

  9. I need me some Valium too. The people in CT do things much slower than NY, sometimes I want to scream.
    I like the people in the left hand lane going slow – and of course they have the right to be there because after all they want to make a left hand turn in about 6 miles!!! LOL

  10. YES about laying the law down to the clerk who had the audacity to answer the phone while waiting on you…
    GRR eh?
    I wish I had been standing nearby so I could have CHEERED!!!
    I used to work in retail back when I was a young and foolish thing and we were told to ALWAYS deal with the people in the line before you EVER took phone calls(or at least put the phone callers on hold)

    take care!
    Yes, annoying clerks, hate them. Period. Cheers!

  11. What is annoying me right now is that I cannot figure out how to fix the comment thing. I have spent hours trying to figure it out. Sigh. I seriously have tried to check everything out on there. Some things I have changed and I guess it is not working. I put the word thingy back on and guess it is still not working. I have gone to every spot I could find. I am now looking in those blogger help questions to see if I can find one that can help. This sucks.

    Oh and I loved this post. Good for you making that clerk get off of the call. And it also sucks if there is only one checker open and you have to wait and wait, then you just start putting things up on the conveyer and they take the person behind you to go to a new checkout. That sucks too.

    God bless.
    I’m temporarily giving up on the comments and shall reply to yours here and email you so you know I am in fact reading your delightful postings. I’m too tired to fight the system anymore. As yes, the checkout line that opens up after you’ve just put your things on the conveyer – that always gets me too – AND when they open up a new line and the person behind you runs over there even though you haven’t started unloading your cart and by all rights that new place should be yours. People are soooo rude. I applaud Target for starting something new – they’ll open a new line and holler out “I’ll help the next person in line.” That usually helps stop the stampede. Cheers.

  12. I know what you mean. Things that annoy me:
    1.) Bragging, especially when the person is not that cool, or does it all of the time.
    2.) When people start saying they could easily beat me up (especially fat bitches!). Sometimes they say it with a smile as if they are joking, but I always know that somewhere in there they are actually a little serious. I am not one to just sit there and brush off comments like that, so I usually snap right back.
    3.) When people make mean jokes all of the time. I know this one girl who does that every day and it gets on everyones’ nerves. At first it is charming but after the first few it just gets exceedingly annoying.
    4.) When people talk nonstop when you are trying to focus on something.
    5.) When people hit me (like friends). That pisses me off so bad because I want to hit them back but I know that I will actually hurt them.
    6.) Blabbermouths.
    7.) Show-offs.
    8.) Choir bitches. I am in choir and there are so many obnoxious girls who are always trying to show off to each other and see who is a better singer and dancer. Every time I look at them they are dancing. Wtf.
    9.) When people try to boss me around.
    10.) When I am nice/polite to someone and they are rude back to me. Grrrrr.

    Seriously, the problem is so many people do not realize that all you have to do is be considerate of other people to not get on their nerves.

  13. God love your heart, sweetie, I’m glad you got that all out of your system – LOL. I agree with you on many! A little consideration would certainly go a long way. Thanks for stopping by and visit again soon! Hugs!

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