Uh-Oh I Got That Funny Feeling Again


Do you know that it’s the first of April? Do you know what that means? I’m not talking about April Fool’s Day and I’m not talking about computer viruses. It means there are only 11 more days until Easter. And what haven’t I done yet this year? The annual Linda thinks she’s Martha Stewart and can craft hundreds of marvelous Easter eggs. Yes, it’s that time again.

This time last year you may remember my Easter egg fiasco ended up with an entire bottle of green acrylic paint being ground into my grey dining room carpet by the one and only EmmaLou, Number One Golden Destroyer. This year I’m going to keep her away from not only the dining room (where I do my crafts because my actual crafts table in my crap/crafts room is covered with extraneous school junk), but I’m also keeping her away from anything resembling paint.

Speaking of decorative paint, I can’t locate my paints. Seriously, I have turned this house upside down and there is a huge plastic box of acrylic paints (at least 50 bottles) that have completely disappeared. It’s ridiculous — I’ve found all my decoupage materials, all my brushes, all my varnishes but where in the blue blazes have the paints gone? I’m telling you this stuff only happens to me. Remember the other day the story of the lost eyeglasses and the $400 replacement glasses only to later find those original glasses. Gah. It’s happening all over again.

So, yesterday Devoted Spouse patiently walked with me around the local craft store while I stocked up on some more wooden eggs (they’ve mysteriously disappeared also) and a few bottles of paint.

crafting-with-marthaWhat reminded me of the fact I’m running behind on Easter crafts was a note from Amazon.com on a new Martha Stewart (b*tch) crafting book that Amazon felt I just had to order. Not a chance. I’m not stupid enough to think I could ever compete with Martha (although I do feel just a little superior since I’m not a convicted felon) but she is the Queen of Crafts.  I actually have a few of her books and I’ve subscribed in the past to her magazine but frankly I have a hard time following her instructions.  Especially since I’m not going to be entertaining 150 people over the Easter holiday and have to set a special table.  Good grief – this is just me and Devoted Spouse and a couple of rinky dink Easter baskets.  But I always like to add something I’ve made specially for him and I do like to decorate wooden eggs.  Plus, when I mess one up, it’s easy to repaint and start all over again!

I dunno – Friday may be the day I tackle this.  Then again I could wimp out and just say my hand isn’t quite feeling up to the task of all the detailed painting, decoupaging and varnishing.  Nah – I bought the paints, I’m going to go for it!

I promise to post pictures of what I end up with – even if only to give you all a chuckle and so you can be thankful my eggs will not end up in your baskets this year!


11 thoughts on “Uh-Oh I Got That Funny Feeling Again

  1. I just take some TUMS and the funny feeling goes away!
    I’d rather take Rolling Rock, but it makes the eggs look really strange and I’m kinda going for pretty this Easter, not boozy looking.

  2. Good evening Cronie,
    OMG. I thought that whole thing with disappearing items only happened in MY house. It used to make me crazy how entire boxes of crap would disappear.

    Now I couldn’t care less. And THAT scares me. 😛

    I’m going to try my hand at egg-decorating this year, now that the Midget is almost 4 years old.
    Maybe my boxes of crap are at your house and your boxes of crap are at my house. It could happen you know. Nothing surprises me anymore – I caught EmmaLou on my cell phone the other day…maybe she and Coco are in cahoots (isn’t that in New Jersey somewhere?)

  3. The paints and eggs will be in the last place you look. Gee, isn’t that because once ya find them you quit looking? 😉
    That’s why I like you so much – you’re so darned observant and smart to boot! *grins*

  4. Unfortunately, none of my crafting supplies disappear on me. Oh, no – they lay around the house in various places, mocking me.

    Because I can’t remember the last time I actually finished a craft…
    We’re supposed to finish them??? No one told me that. Half the fun is the starting and then going off to do something else…

  5. I am so proud of you for decorating for any holiday. I do not since we have children in their 30’s and they are too old and they have to decorate for their kids, not I. But more power to you. And you do know that as soon as you buy something that is missing within a month the missing things will turn up. Just one of those mystical things going on out there in the world. Sigh.

    Anyway I have a gift for you and everyone else here who wants to come to my site and get it. It is very simple and I hope you all enjoy. It’s from me and it is free.

    Take care and God bless.
    I just left a “thank you” comment on your blog and it didn’t show up. Your kindness gift was so sweet – we all just love you! *sigh*

  6. You would get on well with my sister, she makes all her own cards and stationary, its quite unfair really she is very good at crafts while I can just about manage a paint by numbers.

    You have my sympathy with the vanishing paint, my mobile phone has the same skills. At least with that I can call myself and follow the ring – if I have remembered to charge the battery that is.
    I enjoy making my own cards and I love working on crafts – it just takes forever for me to put everything away and clean up and then I go and lose something – so irritating.

  7. Crafts? What’s that? I haven’t done any crafts in so long that my paints (if I can find them) are probably dried up. I can’t even seem to find scissors around my house. I will do the unthinkable and buy plastic eggs and put candy and $$ in them and hide them for the grand kids. There isn’t one ounce of Martha in me.
    If I take my time and put my heart into it, I can actually do some rather nice craft work – but I’m so impatient that works against me. Also there’s that procrastination issue I have, too. LOL

  8. I just picked up a craft project that I have no clue when I started it but I am determined to finish it. I have too many unfinished projects around my place plus all the various neccestities for said crafts.

    I did make a cute pincushion the other night that turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. I for some strange reason have developed an urgent need to craft. Hopefully it blows over soon.

    I look forward to seeing your lovely eggs. You know since you blogged about them you now you have to paint them…LOL!
    I saw something in a magazine about making the most adorable pincushions and now I can’t find the magazine – story of my life. Send me a pic! I love to craft and would happily spend all my days sewing, cross-stitching, decorative painting, decoupage and the like – but then I got that great idea to go get a Masters Degree *beats top of head w/frying pan* and well, crafting time and pretty soon blogging time is going to be in very short supply! LOL

  9. Painting Easter eggs? I’m impressed. I love the cartoon.
    I used to be quite good at decorative art, but I’m very out of practice so now I rely more on decoupage – it’s easier and they usually turn out pretty. We’ll see if I get to it this weekend.

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