What Would We Do Without Friends?

friendship-award11Once again I have been given a lovely award by our buddy Delaney and I’m just blown away by the friendship and kindness I have found while being a blogger. I started this blogging journey when I retired (okay truthfully I just quit that crappy job) and I was searching for an outlet for my love of writing silly stuff, my often bizarre take on the world and my sarcastic opinions in general.  I never imagined I would make so many wonderful friends and have such a blast doing this.  Now, if only I was paid for having this much fun  (hmmm, note to Linda:  work on that).

So today I’ll keep it brief and follow Delaney’s instructions to pass this along – I’m picking three of my buddies (thanks Delaney for leaving me a few) (isn’t it cool how so many of us are all on each others’ blogrolls?  I love it)  Then there’s Twitter, but I digress.

So I present this friendship award to:

Chris at Listen 2 Auntie who also has another blog Dog Girl which you also need to check out.

Janie at Midlife Slices

And last but not least Smart Mouth Broad – she plays a mean game of SmartA$$ on Twitter!

Congrats ladies – and thanks to all of you for being my friends.  And Delaney – thanks for the shoutout to my new blog Crap on a Crutch – it’s alot of fun.



7 thoughts on “What Would We Do Without Friends?

  1. Congrats on this award. And thank you very much. I am honored. But most of all, thanks for your friendship. *muah* and ((hugs)) to you.
    big ole mushy *muah* right back atcha kiddo!

  2. Cronie,
    I am honored and very touched.
    Awe shucks, now I have a warm & fuzzy feeling all around me.
    thank you very much!!!
    You are so welcome sweetie – when I met you online I just felt an instant bond and I get such a kick out of you – so feel fuzzy and warm and have a great night! See ya Mon in Tweetsville – I’m taking Sunday off! Hugs!

  3. Congrats on the award. You deserve it and many more.
    Thanks sweetie – I’d send one to ALL of you – but I’m just too dang tired to write out all the links it takes. ROFL I’m a lucky lady w/many blogging buddies and I’m grateful. ‘night

  4. Awww…you’re too sweet and I love the award, but mostly the friendship that comes along with the award. You know I’m bad about passing these along or even getting them on my site but I’m promising to start working at being a better recipient from now on.

    Right back atcha babycakes w/the MUAH — It’s okay – pass along when you can – it’s just been so nice the past days to get several of these lovely awards from such sweet blogging buddies. Aren’t we blessed?

  5. Linda, I have a little present for you on my blog.

    Hi sweetie – Bless your heart – what a lovely surprise I’m just overwhelmed. You are dear to all of us and I’ve already posted and passed this lovely Kind Blogger award on to 3 other deserving buddies. Again, thank you for making my day! Blessings, Linda

  6. I love the togetherness of bloggers. Who would have ever thought a bunch of strangers that live so far apart could so easily become such close friends without ever meeting in person? This is a great group of people who share a fantastic bond. We are so lucky!
    The bonds we make just blow me away – plus it’s so much fun! Devoted Spouse can hardly get me away from my laptop these days. And with school starting up in a month it’s going to kill me to have to back off from this but I only have 24 hours in one day ya know!

  7. It’s so nice to be able to build a community of friends. My family grows with each one I make.
    Hugs all!
    Yup we’re just one big goofy family and we’re glad you’re a part of it! Hugs right back atcha!

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