Breaking News – This is Big! You Must Read This!


Yes, the pic below is of Devoted Spouse holding the sling contraption from Hades and yes, that is a lit Bic in his hand.  What is the significance of this picture you might ask?


Ta-dah!!!   I no longer have to wear the sling contraption from Hades.  The physical therapists want me to get more movement in the arm and I am now allowed to go anywhere I want without this stupid piece of crap covering me.  (with some restraints of course – I won’t be playing basketball anytime soon).  YIPPEE SKIPPY!!  I am one happy girl!


Now, before you panic and fear he will burn down the house, we aren’t going to burn it just yet – I still need final release from the Orthopedic dude.  Then I’m calling my friend Mike who has a nice piece of property with a big bonfire area and we are going to watch this sucker burn to nothing but ashes.  I can’t wait!


17 thoughts on “Breaking News – This is Big! You Must Read This!

  1. WooHoo!!!!!! You’re free. Free at last!
    Yes I am – Now can’t wait to see Orthopedic Dude and get his approval to drive again and REALLY get on with my life! Yippee!

  2. Woohoo! I’m happy for ya! Well now that I know what DS looks like… where do I get to know what my fellow blogger looks like? But he’s a handsome DS!
    I’m happy, too. It’s not the best shot of DS; he’s actually much cuter. A pic of me? Why on God’s green earth would you want to see me? Go check your email sweetie. Hugs!

  3. Can’t even imagine how happy and relieved you must be! What a great way to start the weekend!
    Sweetie it was the best Friday I’ve ever had! Even the physical therapists all hooped and hollered for me!

  4. Yea,
    I am glad for you, I cannot believe how many of us are injured. And the shoulders to top it off. Be proud that you have succeeded in this accomplishment. I will be so glad if mine ever heals. They still haven’t called me about when to start that PT. Maybe this other doc changed his mind. Then again maybe not. The HMO probably just hasn’t approved it yet or it’s sitting in that mail box in the middle of the block and I am being too lazy to go check. Oh well.

    I am too tired from talking with those support people all day.

    God bless and congratualtions on this. Burn baby burn.
    Thank you so much. It has amazed me the number of shoulder injuries I’ve noticed this year. You will heal – I have faith and am keeping your healing in my prayers. It’s a terrible thing to go through, and I sympathize with you, believe me. You have a shoulder buddy here for life kiddo! Physical therapy will make all the difference in the world, if you do the exercises they suggest. Sometimes I just don’t feel like it, and I always pay the price the following day with pain and stiffness. Sending gentle hugs your way!

  5. Congratulation on your new found freedom, it looks quite a complicated contraption, I bet you cannot wait to see it go up in flames.

    Maybe EmmaLou could shred it for you?
    Thanks sweetie. You know the idea of EmmaLou shredding it is not a bad idea and Devoted Spouse could videotape it. I mentioned it to him and he said: “Oh great, reinforce that shredding up our stuff is a good thing!” LOL I still think it would be a funny video and I’m tempted…

  6. Geez – I was thinking something that resembled, you know, a sling. What the hell is that??? Did in come with an installation manual?

    Congratulations on your new found freedom!
    Hi baby – it was much more than a sling – it literally wrapped all the way around me and was just so inconvenient – to be wrapped like a mummy threw off my gait and literally pulled muscles in my back and that’s what I’m trying to get over now – the remaining muscle spasms of being forced to walk like one of those Weeble Wobble people! I posted a pic awhile back in this posting:
    Thanks for the congrats – it’s a big deal around here – truly! Although I’m a little scared going out without the added protection, but I’m being careful.

  7. Congrats….but I believe in not tempting fate and would keep that sling because as soon as I’d burn the thing….I’d need it again. Ugh.

    Yes, we need picture of you too. 🙂 DS is cute and doesn’t look his age. Why do men age so much better than we do?????
    thanks for the congrats and all the prayers that have been sent up for me in the last few months – I truly am grateful for all my blogging buddies -there were many days that the only thing that kept me from praying to die was the funny things all you guys wrote in your blogs – I’m sorry to be so maudlin and serious but it’s the honest truth. I’m coming through now and I’m a happy girl. Now what in the pluperfect Hades do you guys want with a picture of me? For crying out loud this is the third request today for someone to see what I look like. Honey – it ain’t pretty. As I told Texasheartland, I’ll send ya a pic in your email but if you publish it I will track you down to the ends of the earth. Love ya! Go to your email.

  8. I am so happy to know you are getting so much better that you will be able to leave your buddy behind even if you are going to burn him to death later. Actually you will be putting your buddy out of your misery. Congrats sweetie and WooHoo!
    Thanks sweetie – I don’t ever want to see that miserable thing again, believe me. Hey, did you area get hit w/the blizzard? Hope not! Hugs!

  9. I agree with MLS, don’t tempt fate. Everytime I got rid of my maternity clothes I got pregnant again. I still have my crutches and cane and will keep them to prevent any further need.
    Yippy Skippy – that is too funny. I think I’ll start using that when I’m happy. Funny Girl
    OMG do I have to start ANOTHER blog entitled Yippee Skippy? I have my crutches (came in handy for Crap on a Crutch), and other various medical implements (like the boot from Hades I had to wear last year when I tore a tendon in my foot). And, no I’m not tempting fate yet — I’ll keep this b*stard around in the back of the closet for awhile but this summer – well after Orthopedic Dude has released me and I’m completely healed I swear I’m taking it over to my friend’s back yard and we will burn the sucker in his massive fire pit. And I will dance like I’ve never danced before! Hugs.

  10. All right! I’m a new reader so I’m not sure how you ended up in this thing, but I’m glad to hear that you’re getting out of it! Congratulations.
    Hi J – Thanks for the congrats – I don’t want to beat a dead horse here because my three faithful readers have had to listen to this story since last January – so check out my posting back in January here and you’ll see what happened:
    Thanks for visiting – come back soon and often! Cheers.

  11. I didn’t get anything in my email. Did you send it to midlifeslices (at) yahoo dot com?

    Were you just teasing me? LOL
    Baby put the crack pipe down and go back to your email at the above account – not only did I send the pic but you sent an email back to me and we emailed back and forth. SO the question now is who the Hell was I talking to? Gah

  12. No, we got a whole lot of ice and sleet (my poor willow tree!) and then a couple inches of snow on top of the ice. I think western KS where hubby usually has to go got hit the worst.
    I just caught the end of the weather report and heard KS and thought of you. C’mon Spring!!!

  13. We need to have a big ole blog party when you finally get the OK. MLS is right, DS is a handsome devil. But we need a pic of you now. Congrats on the good news. I was worried when you didn’t show up all day yesterday and there you were out partying. *wink*
    Yes we do need a big ole blog party and I’ll give ya’ll the heads up when the doc gives me the OK sign – should be just a couple of weeks now. You don’t want to see me, trust me. ROFL – Go to your email.

  14. Good evening Cronie,
    What a glorious photo!
    You deserve to go out and buy a new sweater or a nice new top, now that you won’t have to wear that sling.
    I am very very happy for you & DS.
    Hi baby – It was a fun pic to take and a happy day for both of us. Thanks sweetie for all your support – now let’s get YOUR shoulder back in shape, shall we??

  15. Can I get one too. Is nice to see who you are talking to. Although I too hate to see pictures of me. I also hate to look in the mirror. I have never been one to do that. Anyway, I promise to never share.
    Pinky swear.
    I have no idea why the world suddenly wants to see what I look like – trust me I ain’t no Top Model! LOL I sent a pic to your email sweetie!

  16. Congratulations. High five on not needing that contrapation anymore. Is it okay to burn it? You don’t want to keep it as a reminder of what you have accomplished and worked through? You could use it for a dart board or something. All the best.
    Thanks – high fives (using Other arm please, and head butts all around). I keep my fat jeans as a reminder, I keep my undergrad degree hung up on the wall as a reminder, I keep my wedding collage as a reminder, I keep various old pet toys (from pets who have really gone to meet Jesus) as a reminder but I’m burning the contraption. Why? Because it only reminds me I’m a dumb-assed woman who wasn’t watching where she was going and lost tons of time during several very painful months of her precious life she’ll never get back! ROFL – I’ve been emailing my buddy Mike who has the fire pit from Hades. We’re going to assemble some of the old gang from work and make it a party – I wish all of you could be there but I doubt the trip to Ohio would be fun – so I will take lots of pics (even though I’m picture shy) and post them. Promise. Then again, I think it was Delaney who thought it might make a good chew toy for EmmaLou…

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