Time to Get Organized


Some of my three faithful readers know I also attend Seminary working on my Masters.  Of course, I’ve been off for a semester while injured coz it’s just too hard to lift heavy textbooks and write research papers when you have one arm/hand strapped and bound to your body.  Plus I’m not so sure my Theology professors would have appreciated what I wrote while under the influence of Valium and Percoset — although you people don’t seem to mind.

Anyway, Wednesday my textbooks (about 40 lbs worth of books!) arrived. Devoted Spouse was perusing my books and we got into a conversation about my (poor) use of time and how I should become better organized.  You see, I’m the most disorganized person on the face of the earth and I don’t use time wisely at all – I fritter it away in any possible pursuit of something that will make me smile, laugh, or intrigue me (a good mystery).  I may spend time shooting at the range or fishing or blogging or just goof off with EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer.  Is there a 12 step program for Slackers because I should definitely sign on.  Wait, I may be onto something here…can you get paid for being a Slacker?  Nevermind.

Interestingly enough in today’s local newspaper I found an article with tips to help you organize your time.  How exciting – maybe there is something here that I can actually use.   I read the article and I was a tad disappointed.  Then again, these are the writers of the Dayton Daily News, a paper in a city which the Forbes folks maintain is dying so what was I expecting?

Some of the tips:  Delegate.  Well, okay I’ve already done that while I’ve been injured.  Devoted Spouse faithfully does the laundry, takes out the trash, feeds the dog, feeds me (not necessarily in that order), washes the dishes, helps me dress (if Tim Gunn comes to the door, no-one let him in!), and generally does whatever I sweetly ask.  So, okay, I’ll delegate – he can write my research papers and I’ll concentrate on reading the textbooks and taking the exams.

Another tip?  Ditch perfection.  Obviously these people don’t know me – I did that years ago.  Duh.

Next tip:  Learn to say no.  I’m actually getting better at this one.  A long time ago I came up with a standard answer to anyone asking me to do something I didn’t want to do.  I give you all permission to use it; it works wonders.  Here it is:  “I’m sorry; I just can’t.” That’s it.  The cool thing is when you say that to someone they NEVER ask you why; they just accept you can’t help them.  Wish I’d figured that out years ago.

Yet another tip:  Unplug.  In other words turn off the crackberries, get off the internet and stop Twittering.  No, no, and no.  I may delete the Hoyle’s Card Game program on my laptop, but that’s all.  I’m new to Twittering and I’m not giving it up – it’s too much fun!  I may slow down on the blogging, but I can’t unplug completely.  Dumb tip.

One last tip:  Stop procrastinating.  Well, crap on a crutch, that’s what got me in trouble to begin with.  I can’t just stop.  It’s in my nature to put everything off to the last minute and then panic until my blood pressure is at stroke level and I stay up all night and write the most fabulous research paper ever.  It is tiring, though, so they may have a point.

Yeah, this time, I’m definitely going to get organized ahead of time.  My class starts May 11th.  That gives me lots of time to get ready.  I figure I’ll probably start the evening of May 10th.   And then I’ll just multi-task as usual…piece of cake.


16 thoughts on “Time to Get Organized

  1. Wonderful organization tips! I am, too, extremely unorganized. And as I get information for college, I don’t even know how I’m gonna organize that! 40 pounds of books? Yikes! Good luck in class and maybe we can organize together- over twitter! Hehe
    Okay maybe they were only 20 lbs but they were 3 really HUGE books – very terrifying. LOL

  2. Oh. My. Gawd.

    I think I love you. Yes, I do. You have no idea how this whole post just…resonates with me.

    Or maybe you do – I dunno, you’ve played Smart Ass with me on Twitter enough.

    You’ve got another loyal reader, hon. Oh, yeah.
    Oh dammit there it goes again…my head swelling…now how am I going to get organized if I can’t get my favorite ball cap on? I’ll be up all night worrying about this…oh, crap, I’ll worry about it later.

    Hey the love? Right back atcha kiddo!

  3. They really don’t know who they are dealing with here do they? I went back to college at 42 and achieved an undergrad and masters in 4 years. All without a lesson on organization. I bet you could have written that article. May 10th sounds early enough to me. You go girl!
    Wow, I’m so motivated now. Screw it…I’m going fishing. I can get those 3,000 pages of text read in no time at all. I don’t need no stinkin’ schedule…

  4. (This comment is a little off topic.) Dude, you’re near Dayton? We just left there about 1 year ago. Well, not Dayton-Dayton (that place scares the bejeebies outta me), but a nearby burb. I worked in Dayton at Miami Valley Hospital.
    Anyway, I was getting to Chinese food. Best place we ever found was Dragon China in Fairborn. THE B*O*M*B General Tsao’s.
    Who needs organization when you have good Chinese food? Everywhere around here sucks… bad. 😦
    Breathe, baby, breathe. No, I do not live in Dayton (although I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night) no wait…I’m in a suburb of that city. Check your email sweetie for more info. Cya!

  5. Am I one of your faithful readers? HA HA
    Anyways, I love the need to delegate. I am good at bossing around Hubby. 🙂
    Yes, baby, you’re one of the faithful, thank you very much – delegating rocks!

  6. Are we twins seperated at birth? Procrastination is my middle name.

    Yes, yes, yes delegate…except I have no one I can delegate to. The pups can’t type and Dear Hubby who has secondary progressive MS hasn’t the energy to do much more than make phone calls for me–I hate doing phone calls after years of office work so there is that.

    All the heavy jobs around here are mine by default.

    However, the writing comes first and that’s why the house is overrun with killer dust bunnies. Hey, at least the laundry was done this week.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    You can delegate to me baby – I’ll be your virtual assistant – how’s that for friendship? MS sucks – I have a friend with it so my heart goes out to you and your hubby for what you must endure – I will always keep you in prayers – and hey screw the dust bunnies! ROFL

  7. I thought I would come for a visit and here you go talking about getting organized. Geez. I am looking in the mirror, except the school thing. Procrastination is an art form. Not just anybody can do it. It has to be done just right. Yea, we are all winners here, it looks like I came to Procrastination Heaven here.

    And to top it off I am watching a recording of the news on my DVR (a little multitasking here) and they are giving tips on how to organize your time. Is this fate or what.

    Here are their tips:
    1…Log your activities; are they crazy or something, I can barely remember what I did 5 minutes ago, let alone be able to write about it. Sigh.
    2…Cut back on the internet; yeah like that is about to happen. I have discovered a new way of life and helps me accomplish that procrastination thing.
    3…Hold the phone; don’t answer it every time it rings. Okay, but hubby is gonna be real mad. Daughters will be real mad. Grandkids will be real mad. Rest of family will be real mad. It’s a mad, mad world out there. This one ain’t gonna happen either.
    4…Plan ahead; dang it if I could plan ahead then I would not be procrastinating and it would spoil all the fun.
    5…Realize you just can’t do it all; duh. If I could do it all, I would not be procrastinating. Double duh.

    I guess they were no help.

    I do like your answer to you just can’t help. I gotta learn that one. I hate when someone calls you up and says; “Can you do me a favor?” I have started answering with “No, I cannot not.” And then I proceed to tell them how I hate when someone asks me that question and I wish they would stop. I usually get silence. But I have been getting out of it. More time for the net if I am not doing all of them favors. Good thing I haven’t signed up for that twitter thing yet. I would never get anything done.

    Gotta go back to visiting all my TT buddies.

    Will be back for other visits.

    God bless.
    I am so glad to hear from you – Not long ago I saw one of your comments to our mutual friend, Dog Girl aka Auntie – it was about issues with shoulders – and I went to your blog and tried to leave a comment to let you know you were in my prayers but much like the problem I’m having w/Dog Girl, your site wouldn’t accept my comment. Now I tried to get in touch with the Blogger people and that didn’t work either. Can you guys please figure out why some of your Blogger blogs don’t like those of us from WordPress? It’s very frustrating.
    Ok – enough complaining. I liked your extra tips – especially “log your activities” – you must be joking if you think I can’t manage time now, why would I find a notebook and jot down what I’m doing? Not going to happen. I rarely answer the phone unless I know who it is and even then I sometimes let it go to voicemail. Sorry but phones annoy me. Usually because it’s in the kitchen and I’m in the living room and by the time I get out there they’ve hung up and that REALLY makes me nuts. As for realizing you can’t do it all, well guess what? I CAN do it all, I just choose not to. (that’s MY story and I’m sticking to it!).
    Thanks so much for visiting! Hugs.

  8. If we could just get more hours it would be better, but I know I would fritter those away too – as you put it. I really think your cure all is the best idea, although a very painful one: throw yourself on the ground and dislocate your shoulder, then enjoy some good drugs while having a great excuse to fritter time and delegate, delegate, delegate.

    Seriously, I’m glad you are doing well enough to get back to Seminary – congrats!
    Hey D – listen congrats go to you – your blog and radioblog have just taken off – way to go girl! I know hurling myself to the ground was the act of a desperate woman, but dangitall I just wanted to see how Devoted Spouse would react and he passed the test. I feel like it’s time for a disclaimer now…Kids, don’t try this at home! LOL

  9. I am not sure what is going on with blogspot, but I have where you can leave comments under anonymous and that seems to work for most people. Just try that one. I can leave comments here because I also have a wordpress account tied to my mrupole’s place account in blogspot. And I is a dot com, and not just a blogspot dot com. I am not sure what that does, cause I am still under blogspot rules. It is just that I can do more things than the only blogspot people can do. It is just if I could figure them all out it would be great. Actually I just don’t care. But I will see if Auntie has annonymous enabled in hers. Then you just tell us who you are and we know. Or just sign up and blogspot with a matching name and tie the two sites together like I did. I actually got two wordpress sites. And the blogspot site too. I got more sites than I thought. Oh well. Who cares I only use one. But I needed wordpress for some other things.

    And stick to your story, you can do everything. Were women, so of course we can. It is men they say who can only do one thing at a time. They have one track minds. Hunt, kill, hunt some more. Oh yeah, we need them to feed us.

    Hugs back to you.

    God bless.
    Tried your suggestion on Anonymous – comment never showed up. I give up. I will have to comment to your blog and to Dog Girl by mental telepathy. You think I’m kidding, don’t you…

  10. OMG,
    I need to take a deep breath and read this post again…
    I am feeling quite scattered today…
    maybe too much caffeine and twittering??
    you can never have too much caffeine nor can you over Twitter – you just have a case of Thursday-itis. BTW I emailed Mrsupole and told her I can’t comment on her blog either. Bizarre, huh? Your pic of Coco the other day was just so precious – I wanted to put a sweater on EmmaLou but she gave me “the look” so I skipped that idea. Then this morning to reinforce the fact i better start behaving, she yakked all under my coffee table. That dog of mine! LOL Hugs baby!

  11. I think you should start a “Procrastination Rocks” club since all of the people that have commented here seem to be perfect candidates to join up including me. You could be our Prez and lead us on to even better procrastination strategies.

    Right now I am watching TV and checking out blogs when I should be sweeping floors, loading dishwasher, etc. etc. but can’t find the time…yet. Hey at least I fed Marvin and Freddie and haven’t fed me yet so I’m not all bad.
    You silly goose did you NOT read my tips? “I’m Sorry, I Just Can’t” ROFL – No Prezship for me kiddo! I only have one procrastination strategy and I’ll figure it out later.

  12. MY TOES, MY TOES! You have totally stepped all over them with this post. I am so unorganized in every place but my office. It is very organized but my house, my car, my purse, etc. are a disaster. I have good intentions……………………
    You know what they say about good intentions baby…I only have areas of disaster thankfully – it hasn’t spread to my entire life. For example, my car is just fine – there may be one used tissue and an empty Tim Horton coffee cup (but it’s one that I win a free cup of coffee so it stays there till I get back to Tim Horton) and maybe some change is lying in one of the cup holders. But that’s it – no trash in the back seat, no junk anywhere – I’ve never really eaten or lived in my car like my friends do. Most of my house is acceptable – a few magazines, mail or the tv guide lying around – and of course, there are tons of EmmaLou’s toys everywhere but I simply CAN’T teach her to put them away. The rooms (my crap/craft room, Larry’s crap/home office) that aren’t up to standard usually have the door shut. And I figure if you open the door and look in you deserve what gets burned onto your retinas forever! I need to get my crap/craft room in order because that’s where I usually do my studying and right now I can hardly walk through the room. Oh well – school doesn’t start until May 11th…

  13. I read the part about unplugging and the first thing I thought was……she’d better not stop twittering or I’ll have to hurt her other shoulder so she can’t go back to school. LOL

    I’m a professional procrastinator and I downloaded a book to read that’s supposed to keep you organized without all the technological and electronic gadgets……..but I haven’t got around to reading it yet. *sigh* I’ll let you know how that goes when I finally DO get it read.
    I won’t stop twittering completely – I promise to make every effort to keep playing Smartass. I once bought a book by renowned organizational guru (from the original Clean House) Peter Walsh – and I never opened it. *grins* maybe tomorrow…

  14. I’ve been calling myself the Queen of Procrastination for years and until today I felt so alone. Wow there are so many out there like me. I’ll give up the crown to anyone who wants it.
    I already wear a tiara, thank you… LOL

  15. This is me to a T and then it’s not. I really have a split personality. I’m Mary and Martha. It’s my biggest downfall and my greatest strength. I love the “I just can’t.” line. I will definitely be stealing that one. So if it’s missing, it was me. The one aspect of my personality that never changes is, “I’m just a girl who can’t say no.” Part of the reason I have to procrastinate is because I agree to too much to do. Yeppir! I’m stealing that one.

    Good luck. How cool that you are attending Seminary and going for your Masters. I can’t even commit to a seminar these days.
    I gladly share the “I’m Sorry, I Just Can’t” comment to all my sisters out there who are so overcome with the disease of “sure, I can help you” — I’m dead serious on this one – try it and I guarantee they will not ask you why. The first time I used that line I was on the floor in hysterics wondering why I hadn’t thought of it before. We have all been raised to be good little girls who do everything we’re told – not anymore – I’m busy; get over it. ROFLMAO
    Now as to Seminary – I feel like something out of a Laurel and Hardy movie with God saying, “That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into Linda.” Hardest thing I’ve ever done. But it’s helping me grow and that’s a good thing. Now I already told God if he throws my a$$ on the frozen ground again to teach me one more lesson I’m leaving Seminary. Fortunately I know for a fact he has a sense of humor; He made me.

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