Happy Hump Day


For those of you who are actively engaged in the working world, happy hump day.  Now that I’m retired I can look back and remember that Wednesday mornings were always the time in the cubicle from Hades when I realized that I could, indeed, make it to Friday.  What a crappy way to live – wishing your weeks away.  Being retired is infinitely more rewarding.  Except for that economic tanking issue, but, life isn’t perfect kids.

At 7:00 a.m. this wonderful Wednesday morning and again at 7:30 a.m. I have a grueling appointment with Torquemada, Physical Torturer First Class.  He’s doing amazing things to help me regain the full use of my shoulder — I’m not sure why my hand faces in the opposite direction, but I have faith Torquemada can find an exercise for that too.  Since taking over from Agador Spartacus, Torquemada has now successfully made my right leg longer than my left which will be most helpful to me in the future as I continue to go in circles in my life.  BTW, do you have any idea what your body wishes to do when your physical therapist pushes both of your knees at the same time up into your stomach?  Oh, let me tell you how thankful I am on a regular basis that I Never eat beans or broccoli on the evening prior to physical torture sessions.  ‘Nuff said.

I saw my family doctor Tuesday who applauded my amazing progress back from this injury and the fact that the back spasms were letting up so much that I was even able to stroll around our local mall the other day.  I smiled at him and sweetly requested another prescription for Valium, thank you.  Thank God for drugs that work.  Ya know how in all this get healthy environment the advice lately has been that we all need more sleep?  Well, sweeties, just get a prescription for Valium, take 2 after lunch and I guarantee you the next thing you know it’s about 6 pm and you feel rested and happy.  Works on an almost daily basis for me.

As for EmmaLou, she is slowly becoming more of her old bad self.  She has lately eaten books, destroyed a few magazines, ate a hole in my favorite quilt, and shredded enough newspaper to fill twenty guinea pig cages.  She is back to her usual counter surfing and eating the plastic caps to anything.  I bought her a new fluffy toy – an adorable white and black cow.  It is now in pieces and will no doubt end up in a picture soon so you can see the damages — for right now the destruction is just too graphic.  I mean honestly the first thing EmmaLou did was chew off the poor cow’s ears.  This dog just has no respect for her toys.

I hope all of you have a lovely Wednesday — it’s almost Friday — you can do this.  I, on the other hand celebrate Friday every day, snicker, snicker.

right before the cow died

right before the cow died


12 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day

  1. OMG, is it not a better life through chemistry? I firmly believe that a cocktail of wine and xanax is the only thing that gets me through speeches.
    You betcha – wine and pharmaceuticals can be a gal’s best friend. I won’t even get in an airplane without drugs. No discussion.

  2. Happy Hump… I’m happy for you… Staying at home and enjoying life isn’t really my thing… Really, I truly am happy for you… I swear it… I love my cubicle… There isn’t a jealous bone in my body… My 9 – 5 battered body… Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make lunch for tomorrow and then go to bed.. *sigh*
    Feel like sharing some of that Valium?
    am sending cubicle sympathy your way. I lied – I miss my cubicle and its smelly occupants and the toxic crap falling from the dirty ceiling and the stupid work assignments designed to make you look more stupid than the person next to you who the entire office knows is dumber than dirt and the pointless endless sitting around a huge conference room table until your butt went to sleep so bad it cramped while you listened to evil spawn rant and rave and the frantic cries of “this absolutely has to be done before 5 pm” when the person to whom it was due wasn’t even there…does that make you feel any better sweetie? Hmmm??? Are we okay now? muahahahahaha

  3. EmmyLou is too cute…how can she be so sad? 🙂
    She is looking sad because she knows the routine — mama is about to send the cow to meet Jesus. All her little fuzzy friends go meet Jesus and boy is he getting tired of this I imagine! LOL

  4. EmmaLou has a very ornery look on her face. I’m certain she’s thinking about chewing the ear off that cow just as soon as you put that camera down.

    I’ve always had “opposites” day with my work. I’d work harder on nights and weekends so I relished the weekdays. Go figure…..
    EmmaLou is just an ornery little girl these days – you see mama has been getting all the attention and now that mama is feeling much better EmmaLou is testing mama to see if the shoulder is healthy enough for me to get her in a chokehold…(just kidding). I have never had work where I worked on weekends or nights on a regular basis – oh there were times I would go into the office on a Saturday for a special project and once or three times maybe I brought something home to edit but that was it. Interesting.

  5. I hate hump day!! It means I’m only a couple days away from going back to work 😦 *sigh*.
    I look forward to Mondays!
    *ducks under desk to avoid flying objects*
    I’m easily confused. You look at Wednesdays as being that much closer to Monday? You need therapy dahling – I suggest wine at the very least. LOL

  6. As always you bring a smile to my face. I stopped by just to see what there is to see and found all your happy candid writing. Now, Linda dear, watch those valium–easy to take, but real hard not to!! Ask me sometime. And, dear Emma Lou is such a sweet heart!! Well to me anyway. I am so glad your shoulder is doing well. Take it easy. Frank
    So glad to hear from you Frank! I’m one of the few people I know who don’t have addictive problems with drugs such as sedatives or narcotics and have never had a problem stepping down or stopping them. I’m very thankful for that. Thank you for thinking of me sweetie – I appreciate your concern and your friendship. Take good care of you! Hugs.

  7. Thank you for a good giggle or three. I hope you don’t mind that I added both of your blogs to my blogroll. My doctor gave me Valium to help me sleep and all it did was give me a migraine–something I hadn’t suffered from for several years. However our vet told me to cut the dosage to help our male BT through some of his anxiety problems and it worked for him. 😉
    I’m honored to be on your blogroll, thanks! I once gave a half Valium to my cat while she was in heat and it worked wonders – we both slept peacefully – ticked off my vet though; told me I should continue to take the valium and have the cat neutered. no fun, that man. BTW don’t see a URL for your blog?

  8. As another retiree to another I stand and applaud vigorously! I was worried there for awhile but Hubby is managing to get work each week (they realized he does ALL his paperwork while others don’t) so I think the worst is over.

    I couldn’t imagine going back to a 8-5 job with a pushy boss with delusions of importance standing over my shoulder all day again. {{{Shuddering}}
    It is soo much nicer being independent contractors.

    Glad that the spasms have slowed down and that you are able to get out more. Sorry EmmaLou is being like a kid in her terrible two’s again but she will keep you on your toes which by the way is a good exercise for you 🙂

  9. Gee, it should’ve come up with my name… it’s http://doggonedmysteries.wordpress.com
    Nope, you must not have your track back thingie set up because putting my cursor over your name did not give me a link to your blog. So thanks for checking back – coz now I’ll come visit you!

  10. It’s funny how EmmaLou is just like Zeus! He likes to tear the heck out of stuffed animals. Every stuffed animal we have ever given him is missing a face because he goes for the nose first. Hope you get that arm back to feelin’ better!

  11. That sweet innocent face … perhaps it is some other dog doing all those things around your house. Couldn’t possibly be Emma!

    I was thinking about my work week, and you nailed it. Sundays stink because of thinking about Monday. Mondays just stink. Tuesdays aren’t much better, but by Wednesday I start to think I just might make it after all (to borrow from the Mary Tyler Moore song – think we’re both old enough to remember that one!). By Thursday, I’m practically giddy from thinking about Friday. Friday is a breeze – jeans day! Saturday is awesome, but fragments of thought surface that, hell, it’s already Saturday, and that means tomorrow is Sunday, and you know what that means. Then here we go again. I need to just live and quit thinking, I guess.

    Glad you’re getting better, and smart thinking on the broccoli and beans!!!
    She is neither sweet nor innocent – she is Satan in a dog suit (just kidding). She just gets bored and so she destroys things. Kind of like when we were kids and would blow things up just because it was a hot summer day and we could. Who is Mary Tyler Moore? heheheheeee — sorry, it’s getting late, I’ve taken a double dose of meds (pain bad today) and so I’m getting goofy and must get to bed before I blog something I may really regret. I’m so glad I’m retired. Thanks for your well wishes – I am firmly convinced that all the prayers and wonderful thoughts from my kind loving blogging buddies has sped up my healing. Now before I get all mushy and weepy I’m off to bed for real this time. Hugs!

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