It’s Listmania


I had such fun with yesterday’s little creative writing session that I thought I’d give it another try – I promise not to make too much of a habit of this, but c’mon it’s fun.  Today the random creative generator hit on:  10 Things You Do Whenever You Procrastinate.  So here goes:

10 Things I Do Whenever I Procrastinate

Nah, I’ll do this one later…


10 thoughts on “It’s Listmania

  1. good evening cronie,
    hey! where’s that list?
    ha ha
    and right now as i blog i have a ton of dirty dishes sitting in the sink…
    i hate procrastination.
    see you later in tweetsville.
    I love procrastination – it validates my ADD

    Can you believe I even cracked up myself over this one? What on God’s green earth is wrong with me??? It has to be some kink in my DNA strand that makes me do these things…

  3. You are such a silly goose! but I loved it!
    Yeah, I actually minored in silly goose for my undergrad degree.

  4. Hehe… I love procrastinating. I’ve been doing that lately. How ya feeling?
    I think procrastinating gets an unwarranted bum rap – nothing wrong with putting something off at least for a little while – makes life more fun – except of course things like paying your bills. I’m making progress w/shoulder, back spasms are almost gone, and cold is definitely on the way out. Not that you requested a complete rundown of my medical situation, but I’m feeling much better! Thanks baby!

  5. LMAO!! That was a good one! Who can top it? *Not me!*
    Now swee’pea this is not a competition…you go right ahead and be your usual funny self – I don’t mind! LOL

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