Cough, Cough


sheldon1I feel like Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory…knock, knock, knock “Leonard?” …knock, knock, knock “Leonard?”  I’m sick.  I need a grilled cheese sandwich.  I want some chicken soup.  My throat hurts.  My temperature is rising exponentially, etc.  Poor Sheldon is not a good patient.  Neither for that fact am I.  Considering I have been through 9 weeks of sheer shoulder hell, to be felled by a simple cold is just unacceptable.

I have something called the rhinovirus which makes me think of this:


but actually looks more like this:


This rather bizarre almost pretty abstract piece of nature is responsible for my sneezing, coughing, runny nose and all those other symptoms we all have to tolerate every once in awhile.  I just don’t tolerate them very well.  In fact, I’m quite cranky.

Poor Devoted Spouse — like he hasn’t been through enough.  For dinner he fixed the most magnificent pork chops and baked sweet potato on the face of the earth.  It was all so pretty on the plate.  He topped the pork chops with pretty mandarin oranges.  It was just lovely.  I ate most of it, but I’m sorry to report and I hate to hurt his feelings, but it pretty much tasted like a paper towel to me.  Big pieces of paper towel trying to find their way down my inflamed throat.

zicamThis is what I’m using.  My friend says these work well for him and his colds don’t last as long as usual.  I hope he’s right because I’m timing it and this cold needs to be gone in another 3-4 hours tops.

Knock, knock, knock…”Devoted Spouse?”…knock, knock, knock…”Devoted Spouse?”  I need some jello…could I have some sugar free chocolate pudding?…I need tissues…I need…


8 thoughts on “Cough, Cough

  1. Sorry to hear you have a bug or rhino, whatever…just sucks! Sorry that poor DS has to work even harder than usual to take care of him. Have him read your post about him so he remembers how much you appreciate and love him even while you are a sicko, er, sicky and whine a lot.

    Feel better soon luv…{{{HUG}}}
    DS is holding up well – we “air” kiss and then laugh. It’s just a cold but on top of everything else, I’m just wiped out. Big hugs right back atcha!

  2. Colds suck. Some nasty bit of germs going around here as well, and I just hold my breath and wash my hands! I’ve been somewhat lucky so far, but my kids have been sick. I hear Zicam works pretty well, but have never tried it. Hope it works well for you! I read the other day where scientists have made a big discovery that might lead to a cure for the common cold. That would be awesome!
    I had to go to church Sunday – and there was entirely too much coughing and sniffling going on – I know that’s where I got this, but oh well. A cure for the cold would truly make me happy as I get probably 2 to 3 of them each year. My review of Zicam is not in yet — I don’t know if it has helped or not. I’ll give it another day or two and see how I feel – usually a cold lasts at least a week for me then goes into bronchitis. Oh joy.

  3. Whew!!!! You have been taking quite a pounding lately.
    Yes, I have obviously pissed off someone in Absolute power somewhere! At least with a cold you know you will feel better in a week or so. If I had to tolerate a cold for as long as my injury I’d just slice off my head and be done with it! LOL hack hack cough…

  4. You may give a product called SinuCleanse a try. I have not had a real cold in over two years since I discovered SinuCleanse and the wonders of a Netti Pot! I found mine at Walgreens.

    We own a his and hers netti pot(s)….

    I have hear of it and may give it a try – anything to stop colds. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Good afternoon C&B,
    Whenever I hear the term ‘rhinovirus”, I get the same image in my head too!
    All this shall come to pass…
    I missed you in twitsville this morning.
    Smart Ass was a hard question, and NF won! Then it got real quiet.
    Feel better soon.
    on second thought, no kisses today.
    Just some hugs.
    Thanks for the hugs baby – I won’t be playing Smartass Friday either as I have an early session with Torquemada – I may just sneeze and cough on him for spite! Hugs back atcha!

  6. You poor thing. I hope you’re feeling better soon. I love The Big Bang Theory. D1 bought me the season one dvd for Christmas. It’s a family favorite. That episode where Sheldon is sick is my all-time fav.
    Thank you – it’s just a cold, but I’m worn out from the shoulder so everytime I cough of course my shoulder hurts. Like everything else lately in my life, it’s actually rather funny. BBT is my fav show – I love them because I used to work w/scientists and they actually act that way. It’s hysterical. DS also bought me that DVD package and we watched the sick Sheldon one the other night and that’s what made me think of putting the pic up on the blog. I hear the show has been picked up for another two seasons and I’m a happy girl.

  7. Oooh…that rhino virus can be bad! TPSkipper’s little one, TPBarbie#2, was hospitalized with it when she was 2 yrs old. Scary time. Take care of yourself.

    As to DS’s cooking….at least he tries. TPKen is really good at…..take-out! Seriously, he hasn’t cooked a thing in his life but will run out for take-out just about anytime I ask him to or if I am sick.
    Last year, his mother’s church put out a cooking book and asked me for some recepies. I told her that I would submit some if you credited TPKen with them in the book. And, she did! LOL He has recepies in a book and has never cooked!

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