And Now Something Completely New


Sadly last night I bade farewell to my blog Minutia Maven.  It just wasn’t going in the direction I thought.  So I killed it and had it with some fava beans.

In its place is something a bit new and slightly bizarre perhaps.  It’s called Crap On a Crutch.  It comes from all the thousands of times I have used this phrase whenever I get really ticked off at something or when I can’t think of a response to something someone else has done or said.  Crap on a Crutch pretty much says it all.  While I was saving it for the title of a silly book I’ve been working on (for a thousand years), Chasaveen thought it would be a good title for a blog, so please welcome into the world, Crap on a Crutch.  I hope you visit often and I also hope you don’t hold it against me.


5 thoughts on “And Now Something Completely New

  1. I’ll add it to my google reader. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say.
    Devoted Spouse is a tad concerned about this one, too. He now realizes I’m certifiable.

  2. I look forward to seeing who or what winds up on the “Crap on a Crutch” list, just hope it isn’t me 🙂
    Well I’m trying to get Devoted Spouse to sit on the crutch but he’s balking – can’t imagine why – especially since he’s been so good to me lately (and always) I won’t complain about him!

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