Here Kitty, Kitty

My friend just sent this to me and I have to share it coz it made me laugh so hard I almost choked.  Please, Lord, let this poster NOT be anywhere in my neighborhood!



8 thoughts on “Here Kitty, Kitty

  1. If they don’t know the difference between an opossum and a cat then they deserve the nastiness from the nasty critter. Hate those ugly things. 😦
    We came across one late night across the back patio – turned on the light and it froze – they are alien looking and I’m glad they only come out at night! Ick!

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s a joke. A funny one though. LOL!
    I dunno – After watching Redneck Weddings, nothing would surprise me anymore!

  3. What a strange coincidence. I found an opossum just yesterday here in the middle of the Bronx. He was curled up sitting behind the metal security grate in front of a store. I wanted to snap a picture of it but my bus was coming.
    These critters are so ugly they’re cute.
    Too bad, if you only had the time, you could have gotten him home, slapped him in the Crock Pot w/some frozen veggies and voila, easy dinner after work! blechhhh

  4. I like that too, it certainly made me laugh. They look quite evil don’t they. All we get around here are foxes and very nervous rabbits.
    I think it’s their long skinny snouts and that awful rat-like tail. Once we had a momma opposum show up and she had all these little babies on her back – and they looked like bugs. Totally creeped me out.

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