Can We Talk?


I got up Monday morning fairly early (6:30-ish OMG) after a slightly fitful night’s sleep.  But that’s okay because I actually slept in my own bed – let me repeat that I slept in my own bed.  I have slept on the couch since January 14th, the day that will remain in my brain forever as the day God ripped out my arm and beat me with it for some reason.  Okay, I can’t really blame God for my accident, but c’mon isn’t He the one responsible for making the ice which caused my accident?  Hmmm?  You know I’m right.

Anyway…Sunday night Devoted Spouse surrounded me with tons of pillows and my new body pillow (that will be another posting…what a divine idea a body pillow is).  I was swaddled by pillows so I was not in any danger of rolling over onto my damaged shoulder.  Oh sweet merciful heavens it felt good to be in my own bed.  EmmaLou joined me for awhile  but all the pillows kinda freaked her out and she left to go join Devoted Spouse who had taken up residence temporarily in the guest room.

I’m getting to the point, honestly.

So, I got up on this glorious Monday morning, thanked God for another day, and padded downstairs to make the coffee.  Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou had just come back inside from their neighborhood jaunt (EmmaLou likes to check peemail) and DS joined me in the kitchen.  He stood there patiently while I reached down to the cabinet (a lazy susan one) which holds the coffee, coffee grinder, tupperware container of dog kibble, and assorted kitchen tools).  I calmly scooped out a measuring cup of dog kibble and dropped it into the French Press coffee pot.  Devoted Spouse almost lost his bladder.  I couldn’t believe I did that — I truly wanted to get scoops of coffee out of the coffee grinder — why I reached for the dog kibble is beyond me.

Apparently God is just having lots of fun at my expense – I am truly grateful to Him for my healing but I wish he would knock off the practical jokes!


8 thoughts on “Can We Talk?

  1. Oh God this was too funny! You didn’t grind it first? HeeHee! I’m sorry I jest. I find this too funny.
    No thank goodness I just tossed it in the french press – had I put it in the grinder it would have been an awful mess. It was funny – I ’bout wet my pants I laughed so hard.

  2. My wife adores her body pillow. I get a her a new one every two years and the kids use the hand-me-downs. While it is a great gift…it does contribute to the lack of “adult play” in the house…I can’t find a way in “there”!
    Hmmm, I can think of a few things, but this is a family blog…what’s funny about the body pillow here is it scares the crap out of the dog – now That’s funny.

  3. Wow! Welcome back to your bed! The couch/chairs can get old in a hurry. That’s funny about the kibble. I do things like that sometimes – just operating on autopilot. Good thing for DS, or the coffee might have been an interesting flavor …
    It is such a delight to go to sleep in a real bed even if I’m cocooned by all the pillows. That couch has been the reason for the back spasms I’m convinced coz my back already feels better. As for the coffee, I simply couldn’t believe I did that and thank goodness I looked at it and realized it was kibble and not coffee coz adding hot water would have turned it into a nasty concoction. Ick.

  4. I’m so happy you are back in your bed where you belong even if it does displace DS for awhile. It is so much better for you than that old couch.

    At least you realized what you did and it wasn’t a big deal. You could’ve used salt instead of sugar in your coffee and that would have been a shock and you could have hurt yourself so see, that was a lesser evil. 🙂
    Me too – I love my bed – it’s big and has a nice firm mattress and it’s comfy and I’m so happy. I think what made the coffee incident so funny was as I was doing it I knew I was doing the wrong thing but my brain couldn’t scream at my hand fast enough to make me stop. And DS was so shocked all he could do was stand there and watch me and then we both fell into hysterics. At least we laugh alot.

  5. Could this have been your million-dollar-idea?? I nearly wept I was laughing so hard! You are too funny! LOL
    Well, if you want to drink pulverized dog kibble and are willing to pay for it, then I guess it’s a good idea. Frankly I was appalled at what I did and couldn’t get the kibble out of the French Press fast enough!

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