Holy Crap Batman — A Clown Shortage!!


Apparently there is a Clown shortage in the U.K.   Something to do with visas I believe.

This is so easy to fix it’s almost painful.  Remember when you were a child going to Barnum and Bailey’s Circus and watching all the clowns cram themselves into a tiny little toy car?

I suggest we get together all our  own clowns (Congress), cram them into Pelosi’s corporate jet and send them to U.K.

Problem solved.  After all, the show must go on.


7 thoughts on “Holy Crap Batman — A Clown Shortage!!

  1. …can we send Pelosi with them?

    (Just found your blog thru Midlife Slices. Great stuff!)
    Absolutely – since she’s the Ring Leader! thanks for visiting – come back often!

  2. Send them Rush Limbaugh and they won’t need anyone else.
    Excellent idea! Let’s throw in Al Sharpton, too. And Hillary is already embarrassing the country with her carnival shenanigans and faux pas, let’s cram her in there, too!

  3. I heard this on the television, but everyone has got it all wrong. All the clowns are still here they just play in the house of commons now.
    I knew I would hear from you on this! Your House of Commons Minister’s Questions is broadcast here and I often watch and get such a kick out of the hoots and hollers from the gallery — it’s no different than the posturing for the cameras our own Congress does – with all this nonsense how is anything accomplished? Oh yeah, that’s right, it ISN’T – that’s why we’re in the fixes we’re in!!! LOL

  4. Wonderful idea! I’ll help pay for the jet fuel. Well, maybe for enough to get that plane about half way over the ocean, then someone else has to pay the rest.
    Well now here’s my politically incorrect opinion — I think since they knighted Ted Kennedy (the Chapaquiddick killer) he should pay for it — but they’d probably all drown since he has such a way with water… (hateful me)

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