My Confession


Hi – my name is Linda and I am addicted to very bad reality shows…very bad.

Tonight I tried to pry my eyeballs away from Hell’s Kitchen and simply couldn’t.  I was mesmerized by the total insanity of it all.  What on God’s green earth makes these people think any one of them is worthy of being a head chef at a signature restaurant of an upscale casino — I wouldn’t want any of them to be the pancake flipper at my local IHOP.  That’s how horrid these “chefs” are.

What bothers me most is most of them smoke.  Now why would someone who is supposed to have a modicum of taste ruin those tastebuds with burning tobacco?  Why?  What is the possible reason to ruin your palette by smoking?  It absolutely astounds me.  Not only do I see smoking chefs on this stupid Hell’s Kitchen show but on other chef shows such as Top Chef — now some of those folks are classically trained – and still they light up and suck down that smoke prior to going back to the kitchen to prepare dishes that take such finesse and the ability to smell and taste.


Not too long ago I was walking around one of our newer outdoor malls — one which had several upscale restaurants in a row.  As I was crossing the street in the mid morning, 4 or 5 folks dressed in chef finery were crossing the street in the direction of these restaurants and every last one of them was smoking a cigarette.  I almost gagged – and I decided then and there I wasn’t going to eat in any of those restaurants.  Blechh.  I don’t want my food to taste like smoke and I sure as heck don’t want an errant ash in my salad.  Woe be the waiter that hands me a plate that even smells like smoke.

I can rant on this — I smoked for 19 years and I know what a foul nasty habit it is.  I truly believe anyone working in a kitchen should be restricted from smoking.

I’d discuss what I thought of tonight’s edition of Survivor but words just fail me.  The only good part of this show is Jeff Probst, period. I mean, c’mon, they used to actually starve the contestants – remember Elizabeth and how when she turned sideways you couldn’t see her any more that child was so emaciated?  Now they feed them too much and that takes all the fun out of it.  It’s not Survivor, it’s Do Without Just a Little.

Maybe we have a little too much reality — has anyone watched Trump’s new Apprentice?  I can’t – even though I love bad reality, even I draw the line at that one — especially if Joan Rivers is one of the contestants.  You simply can’t scrape the barrel any deeper than that woman.  Maybe if they did a plastic surgery reality show with Joan I might watch – I mean it could be fun to see just how much more they can stretch her skin.

Borderline hateful — time to climb into the sling contraption and go hit the Valium to get some much needed  muscle-relaxed sleep.


9 thoughts on “My Confession

  1. See smoking is alright for kitchen workers…assuming they don’t pick their noses and that they DO wash their hands after using the bathroom.
    You can’t assume anything these days – and I think smoking should be banned totally from anyone working in the food industry.

  2. hey we all have our quirks, right? I won’t judge you.. ;0
    hmmm, I think this is more than a quirk – the reality shows are a sickness with me!!! LOL As for the hatred of smoking well, I try not to be the loud-mouthed obnoxious reformed smoker, but sometimes it sneaks out. I do have sympathy for those who are addicted to smoking – I know it’s hard to kick it – I threw out my cigs when I repeatedly suffered from bronchitis and the day I coughed up blood was my epiphany.

  3. I tend to snub smokers too, for some reason and I’ve never been one….unless you count smoking grapevines as a kid, for which I’m guilty. *those things make your tongue numb*

    I don’t watch Hell’s or Survivor but I did watch Trumps newest and it’s nothing but the same old stuff so I probably won’t be watching it again. I like The Amazing Race though and I’m cheering for the deaf boy and him amazingly fit Mom.

    p.s. LOL at your rants. I love them!
    smoking grapevines? I have absolutely no response to that. Really. I’ve heard of using grapevines for decorations but they must be a b*tch to roll up in papers to smoke… For some reason I’ve never gotten into Amazing Race – just too much drama I think. Although I did enjoy the season with the strange goth kids. Ranting is good for the soul – I try not to overdo it — ya know too much of a good thing and all that. There’s so much material these days for rants I should simply start another blog.

  4. I admit to watching Hell’s Kitchen and I watch some of the Top Chef. I admit my worst reality jones is for the Redneck Weddings and the show where they fix up people’s mobile homes. These I only watch occasionally but tend to watch the marathons of them.

    Hubby smokes and I have fought with him about it the whole time we have been together. I tried it once as a kid. Burned my nose, throat and eyes with the smoke and couldn’t figure out why anyone wanted to do that and never touched another one. Luckily neither child has ever smoked nor have they wanted to.

    My Saturday evening is totally ruined if I don’t get to see Redneck Wedding – it just makes me feel so normal. We laugh hysterically at the wedding presents especially when we look back at what we gave each other for our wedding presents. I also get a kick out of the wedding cakes and the bridal party outfits are simply hilarious! I like the mobile home fixing up show, too — amazing what a little duct tape can do (just kidding). I don’t know why I’m so drawn to Hell’s Kitchen – if he talked to me that way just once his next words would be an octave higher coz my knee would connect with his you-know-whats!

  5. Linda, I don’t like any of those shows and as far as cooks smoking I agree that they shouldn’t. But honestly, for some cooks (chefs) I don’t think it matters if a cigarette was smoked because they just don’t have great taste. The picture your words painted was disgusting though. I know it is days later but I hope you were able to get some sleep after all that!! Sorry to have not been around much…..I am back home in Illinois and will try to read more! You take care now–Frank
    I don’t know why I watch them; they are not realistic and I don’t like ugly people who yell – I just get so fascinated by the constant total meltdowns and I can’t look away — like a traffic accident. I have missed your occasional witty remark and am glad you’re back. I don’t know about Ill – but it’s still a tad chilly here in OH even though tomorrow it may actually reach the 60s – yay – my bones need a warm sunny Spring day – and my spirits need it even more. Thanks for stopping by my friend. ‘Night.

  6. At this moment I am hungry and thinking what a perfect companion you would be sitting across the table having lunch with me.
    Nice to hear from you again, Mary – I can guarantee you lunch wouldn’t be this silly stuff you see on these shows – and NO CIGARETTES either! I’m anxiously awaiting the time here in OH when I can once again bite into a juicy ripe tomato – ohh, just the thought is making my mouth water! Be well my friend.

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