But Wait — There’s More

Since I’ve been somewhat housebound these past 7 weeks, much of the shopping has been left to Devoted Spouse.  Now don’t get the wrong idea here…Devoted Spouse is a very good shopper.  He prepares a list and usually buys just what is on the list,  not being one to give in to those artfully arranged goodie sections at the end of the aisles.  I, on the other hand, relish the odd treasure found while perusing the more mundane items needed.

It dawned on me the other day that the one member of the household who hasn’t had much brought home in the way of treasure lately is EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer.  In fact, her toy box is almost bare.  She has a few craggy sterilized bones (the kind you stuff with peanut butter), one of those stringy dental floss-type pull toys, and two really dead tennis balls (they’ve been left outside in the cold and so now instead of bouncing they just thud to the floor).  Poor puppy girl.

Yesterday, Devoted Spouse ran errands and he brought home for EmmaLou two brand new Nylabones.  She loves Nylabones — she can chew on them for months on end, get the wonderful flavors (these are chicken) but the bone is so sturdy that she doesn’t destroy it, nor does she swallow any of it, because these things are virtually indestructible they don’t break apart.nylaboneAnd that’s when it hit me.  Here is the answer to the dieting discussions —  we don’t need to lose weight — we don’t need to gain height.  We need our own Nylabones but flavored like Chocolate Chip Cookies,  or Frozen Margaritas.  And, the pseudo-food engineers would have to make these Nylabones resemble food, too, to make it more believable.  Imagine yourself in the evening…you’ve already eaten dinner…but there’s that nagging feeling that you just want a little something to snack on while you watch another painful episode of American Idol.  Have a Nylacookie.  All the satisfaction and none of the calories.

I think I’m on to something here.


9 thoughts on “But Wait — There’s More

  1. I give you props for the creativeness of your idea but I think that would only work for people that like chewing gum. I don’t care for chewing on something and not being able to eat it, ergo not a gum chewer.

    Poor EmmaLou, got lost in the pain haze. Now you know why she has started to act up again, she has be deprived of amusements. She needs a new special toy. Christmas in March.
    Well, crap here I thought I had the solution! LOL Yeah, EmmaLou was pretty happy to get those Nylabones – now she needs a new fluffy toy to carry around (I’m tired of her using my shoes).

  2. I could roll with this idea.

    Nessa has so many toys that our house looks like a doggie daycare.
    Girl, this could make us rich. Okay I lied, we did find a blue rubber bone under the couch – but she still needs more things to gnaw on == yesterday I caught her chewing on my quilt. Grrr.

  3. I think this is a brilliant idea, if you ever start a company to make these can I order some chocolate fudge flavoured ones, I could eat that until it came out of my ears.
    Choc fudge sounds good to me too!

  4. I think you’re a genious! Create it and I will be the first to order. Chocolate chip cookie and margarita flavors sound great to me.
    I’m dreaming of hot fudge, margaritas, maybe raspberry daiquiris – there’s no limit. I need to figure this out.

  5. OMG,
    I’m laughing because it just could work.
    I would very much like nacho cheese flavor please.
    Sure, why not?

  6. Make mine Strawberry Cream!!!!! I want mine to be pink too not that yucky skin color. That thing looks like something kinky.
    Okay, strawberry creme – would you like it to also resemble a strawberry?

  7. I’m getting this disturbing mental picture of us all sitting around chewing on rubber food flavored objects while we watch really bad reality television, and I can’t stop laughing. LOL
    Just think – we could add something that would also floss our teeth at the same time!

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