Will it Ever End?

And now for a little injury-related haiku:

Shoulder acting up
Therapy making it hurt
I’m such a baby

Monday is the day of Agador Spartacus’s big report to my orthopedic doctor.  So I have to be on my best behavior at my Monday afternoon torture session and make this shoulder do all kinds of nifty tricks. Or maybe slip him several 50 dollar bills…

Last week, from a prone position, the torture team measured 154 degrees of rotation — those of you who give a calcified dang will recall that two weeks prior the rotation was at 138 degrees so I’m definitely making progress. The 154 degree number was shouted to the multitudes who all cheered and clapped and I felt like I was in some weird restaurant birthday hell where they sing the stupid songs and applaud.  Thank goodness no one high-fived me; that would have been such a bad idea.  From a sitting position I can raise my arm straight up in the air above my head with some pain and some difficulty — okay it’s not as straight as it could be.  I’m not sure if that impressed Agador or not — my moaning definitely got his attention.  I’m able to do little tasks at home — get a coffee mug out of the cabinet – load the dishwasher (top shelf, not bottom shelf), and put laundry in the washing machine.  I tried picking up the frying pan and immediately let it go.  Fortunately, there wasn’t any food in the pan at the time.

Being able to raise my arm somewhat means I can actually curl one part of my hair.  It really makes for an interesting presentation to the world, but who knows?  I may start a new trend.

I’m thinking that I should be working more on my own therapy – oh, I have isometric exercises I do and the torture team provided me with a set of the bungee cords you pull back (of course it helps if they are securely mounted to something otherwise the smacking in the face smarts a tad).  I have this strange rubber half-ball that Devoted Spouse found in the basement (where odd things live) that I squeeze with the intention of strengthening my hand.  Plus I type to keep my fingers somewhat nimble.  I tried practicing flipping off the dog, but that motion actually causes pain to my forearm (one of God’s little gotchas I imagine).  Now I have this great idea to work on some crafts  to help strengthen my hand – perhaps I’ll try my knitting again, or some cross stitch, or maybe I’ll do a little sewing or make some cards.  At any rate, I’m considering taking some pics of my projects for your amusement and adding a page to the blog for my latest craft.  I took down the 2008 books read page so I certainly have room for this.  I’m not sure yet that it’s a good idea.  Oh, I know it will amuse you – I just don’t know that I want to volunteer for this much humiliation.  If you think you’d enjoy my paltry attempts, let me know and I’ll decide whether or not to go through with this idea.

Tuesday is when I meet with the orthopedic witch doctor who will either tell me I’m doing well and we can junk the sling contraption or request an MRI to see if surgery is warranted.  I’m praying for Door No. 1.



7 thoughts on “Will it Ever End?

  1. Hey Cronie,
    Good luck with your Dr. Agador. I will have the exact same thingy with my Furry Curry physical therapist on Tuesday.
    Furry Curry is frowning because I am not healing very well. He is scheduling an MRI for later in the week.
    You know that cute bungee cord from PT? It works really well if you wrap it around your Hubby’s neck. I do that over here with BF.
    Good nite.
    I’ve praying for a foot of snow here in NYC, so maybe schools will close tomorrow.
    Hey baby – I hope you get a foot of snow too – better you than me! You need to do your exercises because I want you to heal – you don’t want surgery. That’s why I suffer the bungee cord from hell and still wrap up in the sling contraption. I get phys ther on Mon and Dr Pain on Tues – hmmm, we could be related almost! Good luck.

  2. I’ll pray for door #1 too. I think it would be great to see your craft projects. Who knows, I might even get inspired……nah.
    Thank you. I dunno about the craft stuff – I’m not very good – I’ll never be able to sell anything on Etsy…maybe on Ditsy…

  3. I am so glad to hear that you are healing. Remember the old adage “No pain – No gain” in your case it is too true. Unfortunately you gotta go through the pain in order to heal and we do not want you having surgery and then having to go through all of this again.

    I want to see the projects – then I won’t feel so bad about mine:)
    I know — patience, patience, patience. Considering what I did, I’m surprised I haven’t had even more pain. As for the projects…I’m beginning to be sorry I opened my big mouth on this…

  4. I’m picking door #1 and really would love to see your craft projects. I’d also love to watch you flip off your dogs. LOL Are you just practicing for………what??

    My oldest son had a shoulder that would dislocate during every football game and sometimes during his sleep when he’d get all relaxed. He was a big guy and he’d just yell out in pain and have to pop it back in himself. He was a big tough guy afraid of a needle so he wouldn’t get it fixed for nothing. I think it’s better now and doesn’t just pop out for no reason. I’m sure he wouldn’t tell me if it did because I’d nag. Hope today goes well for you!!
    If my shoulder starts popping out of its own accord I will simply shoot myself and be done with it. I never want to go through this particular agony again, believe me. Thanks for your good thoughts!

  5. Hope it is ok….will be thinking good thoughts for you!
    thank you sweetie – I appreciate all the good thoughts coming my way – sorry I haven’t visited much lately – I’ll do better soon I promise!

  6. Dog Girl checking in on you.
    What did Agador have to say today?
    And yes, my prayers were answered. NYC schools closed today for the first time in five years.
    BTW, we ARE related. You’re the big sister in my head.
    (everyone all together now: awwwww)
    Hi kiddo – I dunno – my appointment is in another hour (2:30 eastern time). As for the big sister in your head, for the record I strongly object to the word ‘big’. LMAO Love ya, mean it.

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