Who Are You and What Have You Done With EmmaLou?


About  6 weeks or so ago I had a Golden Destroyer named EmmaLou.  EmmaLou was the orneriest dog – oh, she wasn’t mean or anything, just always into trouble.  She’d stand in front of  you with a goofy grin on her dog face and act all innocent when all around her paws were the remnants of the books she had just chewed to smithereens.  But we loved her.

Then I fell and life turned upside down here at Chez Crone.  Suddenly EmmaLou wasn’t the center of attention anymore, mama was.  The world revolved around taking care of me.  A funny thing happened.  EmmaLou snapped out of her crappy behavior and suddenly became the world’s most loving and attentive dog.  No more chewing newspapers.  No more (well mostly no more) counter surfing.  No eating socks or swallowing gloves.  Just calmly laying by my side.  Wherever I parked, there was EmmaLou to give aid and comfort.

If only I had trained her to get a Diet Root Beer from the refrigerator I would have had all my needs met.  My puppy girl spent her evenings next to my recliner, and then when I would go to bed on the living room couch she would pad upstairs with Devoted  Spouse.  Recently, Devoted Spouse clued me in that until I turned off the living room light EmmaLou would wait patiently at the top of the stairs. When she knew I had climbed into my comfy couch bed for the night she would tiptoe into the master bedroom and hop up on the bed to spend the night with Devoted Spouse.   golden_retriever_sleepingFirst thing in the morning she was by the couch pressing her little black nose into my face to say good morning.

Well, ya’ll know I have made so much progress in my healing.  Life is easier for me now.  The world still revolves around me but the tension in the air is gone.  I’m laughing more and I’m not always in this contraption (which, frankly scared puppy girl).  So can you guess what’s happening?

Devil dog is slowly returning.  When Devoted Spouse and I got home the other day from physical torture, we were met with shredded paper and ripped up mail all over the family room floor.  A couple of nights ago EmmaLou simply reached up onto the coffee table and stole a piece of decorative fruit I had in a bowl.  I’m sure she thought the fake apple was reallly a tennis ball in disguise, but she knew better than to steal it.  Tonight she showed her true destroyer colors.  Devoted Spouse brought home Thai food.  I set out plates of spring rolls and for me, crab rangoon.  I turned my back for a second and EmmaLou scarfed up two crab rangoons.

The little golden destroyer has returned in all her glory.  Guess she thinks I’ve healed enough now.  I got half a mind to wrap her furry little body up in this sling contraption…but then I look at her sweet face and I just melt all over again.  She so wants me to be able to play and romp with her again and she’s being very patient and only a little naughty.  So I’ll cut her some more slack…golden_retriever_31


7 thoughts on “Who Are You and What Have You Done With EmmaLou?

  1. She must sense that you are doing better and knows she doesn’t have to be on her best behavior. The fact that she last so long is a testament to her devotion to you. Now you are in good enough shape to appreciate her shenanigans. Good girl EmmaLou!
    Of all the pets I’ve known in my life, EmmaLou and I are the most in tune with each other. It’s scary sometimes.

  2. Good evening Cronie,
    This is Dog Girl checking in on you. I heard somewhere that that breed of dog is very intelligent and intuitive. Must be true!
    Also, she might have calmed down a lot because you were home all the time.
    Well, time to log off.
    I have a stinkin’ head cold.
    Where’s the beer, chips, and theraflu?
    Sorry you are sick. Forget the chips –tequila shots and an electric blanket!

  3. They never change personalities for long- Zeus is back to himself again! Luckily we can take him out several times a day. But she was in a calm state because she knew you were hurt. Smokie is like that! If I’m sick or injured, she won’t bounce around or get ontop of me as often as she would. Hehe Happy to have the Destroyer back?
    I knew it was too good to be true. Happy? I dunno…I kinda liked the good Emma but now her evil twin has returned…

  4. She is so cute
    I know…what’s not to love…even though she’s cost me a fortune and her life span is only about half over — she’ll put me in bankruptcy yet!

  5. How funny! Well. I guess you know she’ll be there if you need help. That is really sweet when you think about it…her making sure you are alright.
    In spite of her usual antics, I’ve never had an animal so in tune w/me. Sometimes it’s downright scary. She’s more comfort than chocolate and a fuzzy blanket could ever be.

  6. I had a female schnauzer that did the same thing with me. When I was ill she would be no farther away than a couple of feet. When she died I cried like a baby!
    Some dogs just have that special “something”.
    I think it’s a chemical thing — perhaps we throw off different chemicals that dogs can smell when we are ill or out of balance some way.

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