Would You Like Fries With That?


Would you believe Devoted Spouse and I went out to dinner again this evening?  That’s twice in one week, for goodness sakes.  Our reason for this latest outing had nothing to do with his not wanting to cook;  it wasn’t even his idea.

In the later part of the afternoon I woke up from my Valium-induced hibernation and I was growling and snarling and knew I needed meat.  Real meat;  real carnivore-enjoying  ecstasy-on-the-hoof type meat.  Now, the problem with that desire is around New Year’s Day I made the decision that it would be healthier for me if I stopped eating red meat.   I have been quite successful in this endeavor only giving in to a hamburger one and one half times since the first of January.  These teeth haven’t sunk into a steak or any roast beef at all.  Tonight I simply had to have a steak and there was no getting around it.

I was in such a hurry to get there I didn’t even put on the face spackle.  I pulled my hair back with a headband and tossed  on my designer Cleveland Browns sweatshirt over some baggy pants.  Not one of my better looks.  It was more important to pursue a steak than to look gorgeous.  Devoted Spouse dutifully helped me into my sling from Hades and off we toddled to Longhorn Steak House.  Mmmm-mmmmm.  Beef, beef juices…yum.

It was worth the effort — even though I was wrapped up in the sling, and hobbling from the back spasms, the pain was worth the wait when that glorious piece of meat arrived at the table.   I knew life couldn’t get any better.  And then the unexpected happened…Sonja, our waitress,  said to me, “Miss do you need anything else?”  MISS, she called me MISS.  Oh, sweet merciful heavens I knew I looked like death on a soda cracker, and yet I sat there and grinned like the Cheshire cat when she said that.  And, she used that term repeatedly during the course of our  meal.  Devoted Spouse got a kick out of it too, and he (wisely) said nothing,  just sat and smiled at me.

Can you guess who got a very, very good tip?    Hmmmm…one smart cookie, that waitress.


7 thoughts on “Would You Like Fries With That?

  1. Miss? I joined the Y today and was asked if I thought I’d qualify for the senior rate. Ugh….I wanted to slap that little braces wearing twit and say…”DO I LOOK 63?” But I was afraid of her answer. *sigh*
    That’s exactly why I enjoyed dinner tonight — I know she was lying, but it’s been alot of years since I heard that term and I relished it! Oh well…I can dream…

  2. Good evening Cronie,
    Mmmmm, what kind of steak did you get?
    There’s nothing more satisfying than to feast on a huge slab of cow.
    It’s a rare treat for me, too.
    Oooooh, it was a big, fat, juicy filet with bleu cheese on top and it was sitting on wine-soaked portobello mushrooms. Pure ecstasy — I only ate half so I could bring the other half home to enjoy for lunch tomorrow. Can’t wait!!! Moo-ooo

  3. Better tip if she would have cut your meat for you…or did Devoted Spouse get tasked with that duty!!!!
    Yes, Devoted Spouse dutifully and lovingly cut up half my steak into bite-sized pieces. And, he did that before he touched his own plate — he’s simply the most loving, generous spouse in the world.

  4. I have a funny age story. I am fortunate enough to look younger than I am. I went into a hobby store a couple of years ago to buy spray paint. The woman behind the register said, “People have to be eighteen years old to buy spray paint.”

    I thought to myself, “That’s nice what do I care.” She stood there looking at me and then asked for some ID. I beamed from ear to ear as I handed over my ID – I was 33 at the time. So I know how nice it is to be treated in such a way.
    Great story, D. I love getting carded — of course it hasn’t happened for awhile, but the memory is still fresh!

  5. Some young kid called my 30 year old daughter Ma’am recently. I wondered what he was thinking about me. What comes after ma’am? I think your being called “Miss” is awesome. I love meat.
    Hmmm, I think after Ma’am, we’re referred to as “the deceased”.

  6. I’m not a huge meat eater but there are days when nothing will do but a nice pink, almost red steak! Yum. Good for you…..two nights in a week. I’m on my way out the door now……..for salad. *sigh* Oh well, maybe the server will call me Miss. I can dream.
    With Devoted Spouse doing the cooking around here I’m getting my share of salads and I just had to have real meat. Won’t do that again for a long, long, time coz I know that stuff is bad for me.

  7. When Hubby has steady (and I mean steady) work a great big juicy steak dinner is what I want and I am usually not a big steak eater. I crave one so bad I almost can’t stand it. I am very envious of your steak feast. As a side note. Our 27yr old son gets carded at Walmart whenever he buys a movie that is PG-13 or a video game. He also gets carded at Casinos. Drives him nuts.
    Oops I didn’t stop to think about the fact you’re cutting back on the expensive stuff short term while the work thing straightens itself out. Sorry if I made you salivate. Would it help if I told you the steak wasn’t good at all? Of course, I’d be lying. But for you sweetie, man that was one crappy steak!

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