The Doctor is In But I Can’t Hear Him

doctorI have a new pet peeve.  Music in the doctor’s office waiting room.  Let me amend that…loud music in the doctor’s office waiting room. No wait…loud music in the doctor’s office waiting room performed by people I don’t even like.

Tuesday morning I went to my family doctor to see if I could get some relief from these pesky, painful back spasms I’ve been having lately (a wonderful additional effect of the injury).  So it is a given that when I arrived there, I wasn’t in the best of moods, and I didn’t feel perky and happy and ready to listen to Shania Twain talk about ‘feeling like a woman’.  In fact, if I could have reached up into the ceiling speaker I would have wrapped my one good hand around her little neck and squeezed that twangy voice right out existence.  Yes, I was a tad cranky.

Being it’s early in the year, there is a requirement to fill out new paperwork.  The nurse called me up to the desk and handed me a clipboard with the paperwork.  (Oh, she had seen me hobble to my seat and waited until I was settled and ONLY after I was settled did she call me back to the desk).  (stupid woman)  As I took the clipboard, I nicely asked her if she could please turn the music down a notch.  Really…I was very polite and I asked nicely and I even smiled.  She looked at me and said that the patients liked it just the way it was.  Wow.  I was not prepared for that.  Nor was I prepared to fight with her; I was too busy trying to figure out how I was going to walk all the way back to my chair without stabbing someone in their neck with my pen.

On the return trip to my chair I took a quick peek around the waiting room to see if the patients were, in fact, enjoying the music.  I will concede that there was one gentleman who was tapping his foot.  Then again he could have had a specific foot affliction resulting in some type of palsy which had nothing to do with the music blaring through the room.  Unfortunately, he was tapping in time.  (stupid man)  As for the rest of the folks, they looked and sounded sick.  There were looks of pain and I truly believe at least 60% of those pained looks were the direct result of being bombarded by Shania Twain at 9:00 in the morning.

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much; they could have been playing It’s a Small World…


8 thoughts on “The Doctor is In But I Can’t Hear Him

  1. Tehe, this made me chuckle, though I am sorry for your back spasms… I have them from time to time and they do hurt. Nothing worsens the pain than an unwanted noise!! (And that receptionist is a bitch!)
    It’s true, when I hurt all I really want is some good drugs and a little peace and quiet. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I manage a doctor’s office and this is terrible. Are you not a patient? What does she mean? The patient’s like it like this? Was there a survey? Did she take a poll? Did she show you the numbers? Ok, now you got me started…..
    You know, had I felt better I would have fought her on it , but I just didn’t have the strength. I go back in a month and if it’s loud, I’ll take some action. I like Delaney’s suggestions below!

  3. Next time you go in if it that loud again you can do a few things. 1) ask the receptionist to turn it down and if she gives you the “patients like it” tell her YOU are a patient and YOU don’t like it. 2) same as #1 except turn around to the waiting patients and loudly ask if THEY like it that loud. Take a poll. 3) tell the doctor when you see him that the music is a problem and the receptionist is a rude *itch.
    I absolutely love your suggestions and when I go back next month I will try to get the strength to be my usual loud-mouth obnoxious self and do something more constructive about the situation. Thanks for reminding me I’m the patient dangit — let me rip out the receptionist’s arm and see if she feels like listening to loud music! LMAO

  4. I never think of snappy come backs when I need them. I would have headed back to my seat, stewed for awhile, then told the doctor that his office staff is rude. My husband goes to someone that has rude office staff and we are forever arguing about how he needs to tell the doctor because his attempts at confronting them doesn’t seem to make a difference. Hope you are felling better at least.
    I run hot and cold on the snappy comebacks. I’ve been down this road before with a surly nurse that the doctor continued to employ and I continued to complain about. I think my doctor is just cheap.

  5. Dog Girl is here for her daily dose.
    Sorry to hear about your back spasms.
    And I agree with delaney55.
    The receptionist acted way out of line, esp. since you were polite.
    If you have to return to that doc’s office, speak with her supervisor (probably the doc).
    Been down this road before with less than stellar office employees — we’ll see what happens next month. I’ve complained about his nurse for years and now I’m just used to her. Sometimes it’s easier to just suck it up and realize you’re aren’t there very long. (Translation: I hurt too bad to really give a crap.)

  6. I am sorry you are still having pain in your back, I hope you are feeling better now. I think doctors receptionists are the same the world over, the only time I have seen ours smile is when she books you in for an injection.

    Take care of yourself & mind your back.
    (The Last Post)
    *smile* sometimes I think the nurse really enjoys drawing my blood…

  7. Hey Girl Friend, you need to go get a good massage! After I had surgery I had muscle spasms in my neck and the doctor told me to get a massage. It worked!
    As for the rude receptionist – you can’t cure stupid but you can tell the boss. I like Delaney’s idea too. Get the whole office involved! Can’t wait to see how the next visit turns out.
    (By the way, thanks for missing me!)
    I do get good massages @ phys torture – Chunky Monkey massages my shoulder, arm, and upper back. The problem with massaging my lower back is they might hurt my shoulder as they move me around. So we can’t go there yet. Bummer. I’ll just stay with the Valium and more Percoset and try and get through this latest nightmare. Yeah, I’ll probably feel better by the next visit and the music won’t bother me so much. I DID miss you, sweetie and I’m glad you’re back. Tons ‘o hugs right back atcha!!

  8. O.k. excuse me a second while I stop laughing. *clears throat and wipes tears from eyes*
    The visual of you stabbing people in the neck with your pen and reaching up through the speaker to wring Shania’s neck were just too much for me. Sorry you had a rude receptionist and I hope you get the opportunity to tell someone about it, but thanks for the laugh. hahhaha….I can’t stop laughing.
    It was one of those fat pens that the pharmaceutical reps give out for free and I just wanted to be evil and hurt someone with it. Fortunately, evil Linda climbed back into my head and nice Linda emerged once again. Okay, maybe nice Linda but with teeth still clenched and blood running from her fist tightly gripping pen…

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