What Do You Really Need?


Came across an interesting suggestion the other day…Google your first name followed by the word ‘needs’.  Sounded rather silly, but I’m all in favor of silly and so I did just that…here are a few of the gems I discovered/ in no particular order.

Linda needs…mental help. Gee, thanks, I’ll get right on that.

Linda needs…as much free space at the front of the platform as possible. What am I… a double wide??

Linda needs…a new best friend. I would amend this to say ‘more’ best friends — a gal can never have too many friends.

Linda needs… help. Alright, let’s not beat a dead horse here.

Linda needs…an extraordinary meeting. This one is a tad puzzling…an extraordinary meeting of what?  Minds?  Rivers?  My brain and my mouth?  I’m stumped on this one.

Linda needs…a new way to find and share information.  Okay, perhaps I’ll take up  pony whispering.

Linda needs…a fresh perspective. This is often true; I do tend to get in a rut with my writing.

Linda needs…a tech makeover.  Actually what I need is more tech know-how. I am a tech-not.

Linda needs…encouragement and support.  Well, as evidenced by cards and blogging best wishes lately, I’m doing rather well in this area, so we’ll let this one go.

Linda needs…to know what to do now that she’s single.  Perhaps we should not ask Devoted Spouse for his input, hmmm?

Linda needs…a ride for 1 to San Francisco.  What the heck…I’ve never been there so okey-dokey, let’s go.  Again, shhhhh to Devoted Spouse.

Linda needs…more help than usual on her knitting.  No, Linda needs to get over her desire to knit because it is a lost cause.  The lady at the local yarn store simply cringes every time I walk in.  <b*tch>

Linda needs…a motivational life coach.  Yes, and I’d like to suggest  Johnny Depp for the job…

Linda needs…to retrain to do any other kind of work.  I’m astonished that my currently amazing skills simply won’t do.

Linda needs…to flatten her chest.  Au contraire — this is the last thing Linda needs to do.

Linda needs…to stay in jail. Now wait a minute…may I at least have one phone call???

Linda needs…to get over herself.  Not going to happen anytime soon — Linda likes Linda just fine.

As you can see from what I found — the needs of Linda are quite varied and somewhat amusing.  Try it for yourself, put it on your blog, and link back to me please since I’m starting this one.


16 thoughts on “What Do You Really Need?

  1. OMG,
    I went to google, and the results are hysterical.
    Will post on this tomorrow.
    Isn’t it a scream? Devoted Spouse did it and the first one said he ‘needs’ to lose 10-18 pounds! What a hoot! Can’t wait to see what you post. I find this type of nonsense so much fun.

  2. I will have to try this one out and see what happens as it looks pretty fun.

    I love the fact that you are using some cartoons on your posts! I am such a visual person, hence the photo humor blog, and I love having something to “look” at besides read. Not that I have to have pictures in my books since I’m an avid reader but I am also a movie nut, a photo nut…okay, I think I dug myself into a bit of a hole here. Let’s just face it – I AM a nut but that’s my biggest charm 🙂
    Yeah, I’m enjoying finding just the right look – not for every single post, but when it’s right. Yes, you’re a nut; that’s why we love you.

  3. OK, I posted my version and linked back to you as well as suggesting others do so as well. Had some interesting results. Pretty good going there. What should you name this Meme by the way? Linda’s Meme? Google for Cocoa Puffs? Just saying it should have some sort of name.
    Cool — let’s keep it simple, Needs meme should suffice I think. On my way over to check out what you did. Isn’t this fun?

  4. Sounds more effective than a fortune cookie. Cna I ask for wants? I don’t want to appear too needy.
    as long as you use an interesting verb, anything goes.

  5. I have had some interesting results, which will be the subject of my next post. One made me smile though, apparently I need a loving home. On closer examination it appears a rescue centre has a cat who shares my name. Thank you for the idea. (I have found out how to do links today, so will link this post to you).
    I’m glad you tried it; I really laughed at some of my and my husband’s results!

  6. This is hilarious. I followed your instructions (I’m the baby of the family and almost always do as told) and it really is too funny. Turns out I need a rude boy, a housewife and HELP. Who doesn’t? LOL
    I know some of what I found made me laugh until I cried.

  7. Janie needs a nap. I didn’t Google it, I just know it’s true. 🙂

    Funny stuff and maybe I’ll try it……after my nap.
    Naps are good…but you totally must try this.

  8. Dog Girl here.
    This was too fun to resist, even though I have soooo much work to do.
    I’ve finally posted my needs.
    Will come back tomorrow night to see what others have found.
    Hey booboo – got a busy morning myself so I’ll pop over and see what you did later! promise!

  9. Done! Girl, I had a blast doing this. (I may have gotten carried away, but I ended up winding my finds into a mini-life-saga.)
    I’m going to have to find more fun stuff to do.
    Thanks for the idea!
    cool – glad you enjoyed!

  10. What a hoot!!
    I am off work with a cold and thought,
    “I will go visiting now I have some time”..YOUR blog was the first and the best!!!
    I will do this meme in a day or two and let you know!
    My goodness you’re going to give me a swelled head! Sorry you have a case of the sniffles and I am sending you good Vitamin C vibes! Get well soon and have fun with the meme. Hugs!

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  12. Hey!
    Where’ve you been all day?
    I’m waiting for my daily dose of cronyism.
    Sorry baby, doctors’ appointments, physical therapy nonsense and I just ran out of time. I’ll try and do better in future. I hate to dissappoint my 4 readers. LOL

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  14. I love googling stuff like that! Sorry I haven’t commented lately. I might have to do that in my next post! It seems like fun!
    I do too. You find out the neatest info. Don’t apologize – it’s hard to check up on your blogging buddies all the time. I don’t visit as much as I’d like, either. Hugs!

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