The Friday Five List


I just returned from physical torture and am feeling a bit out of sorts.  My brain cells aren’t at total capacity either;  I actually fell asleep during my anodyne (infrared light) treatment and took a 20-minute nap.

Because I have nothing to discuss at the moment I’ll simply give you a little list — how about Friday’s Five Favorites; five of my favorite anything.

1.  The movie, Moonstruck.  I loved the pairing of Cher and Nicholas Cage — what a great couple.  I also enjoyed the Italianness of the film, from the overdone gestures to the Dean Martin music and la bella luna.  I love this movie.

2.  The Foundation Trilogy series by Isaac Asimov — what an amazing mind that man possessed. I read everything he wrote.   He made me love the idea of robots and this must be where I got my twisted fascination for the robot in The Day the Earth Stood Still (Gort, Klaatu Barada Nicto) and my love of the silly robot on Lost in Space (Danger Will Robinson, Danger!).  While I watched I, Robot, it did not do Asimov justice.

3.  Black licorice.  I don’t care if it’s in strips or twisted or sitting under a candy shell in Good ‘n Plentys — I simply love black licorice.

4.  The smell of sheets that have dried on the line outside.  That fresh, clean aroma needs to be bottled and sold as a fragrance — I would wear it every day.

5.  Sitting on the beach inhaling that lovely intoxicating salt air while letting the rhythmic crashing of waves regulate my breathing.  Total bliss and relaxation.  I want to live at the beach.

That’s it.  Five of my favorites.  Want to share?  Tell me 5 of yours.


8 thoughts on “The Friday Five List

  1. There is nothing better than sheets dried on the line. If you bottle that smell I’ll be your first customer.
    If I could bottle that smell, I’d be sitting on the Riviera not writing this blog…

  2. I love the ocean and miss that the most about not living in California any more. I lived in Long Beach for about 3 years and was a mile or so from the beach so I had the ocean breeze most days even if I was not on the beach. I love the soothing sounds and vision of the waves coming into the shore.

    Books. Could not live without them!

    Computer/internet. Ditto with above.

    I’m a video nut. Love my DVDs – Love movies!

    Chocolate in any form, any time and often!

    Have a great weekend and I’m so glad to hear that your PT sessions are getting easier.
    I agree 100% with your 5 — so now I have 10! Enjoy your weekend, too.

  3. What a lovely list, I especially like numbers four and five. Not being one to pass-up the opportunity of a list my five are –

    1. The film Titanic.
    2. Reading under my trees in the summer
    3. I’m not sure what chocolate bar’s you have in America but we have one in England called a “Double Decker” which is soooo nice.
    4. My dog
    5. My Niece

    I was also pleased to read your post of the 19th, I am glad you are improving. Take care.

    Did I mention I was born in England? I love your country – we were fortunate to have a few brief visits there while living in Belgium, sigh. Okay, as to lists…I’ve never seen Titanic, can you believe it? I love reading but I always worry about bugs falling on me if I sit under a tree. Hmmm, Double Decker just HAS to be yummy. Awww, how sweet to include your dog, and your niece. Nice list! Thanks for the well wishes! Have a lovely weekend sweetie.

  4. I love the Lord.

    I love my husband.

    I love to read.

    I love sleeping late.

    I love the smell of clean babies.

    I love all my bloggy friends. (oops, that’s 6)

    Ditto 6 times – love it!!

  5. I love 3 and 4 too!
    I knew you had good taste — a fellow licorice lover! Devoted Spouse gags up maggots every time I want licorice but then again he’s addicted to taco chips – how boring. Have a super weekend.

  6. Cronie,
    This is Dog Girl speaking.
    What a cool list.
    I can relate to everything on your list except to #3. Black licorice…you either love it or hate it. It’s too spicy for me.

    And that beachy smell is wonderful. I live near the beach, and I love all the smells from the ocean…even the funky low-tide smell.

    Cool! I see you were born in England.
    I was born in Tokyo.

    Time to go.
    I have a couple of beers in the freezer, and the GrandBaby is bonding with his mother downstairs in her apartment…
    yum nothing like a beer slushy…enjoy your weekend Dog Girl, aka Auntie…

  7. I’m still here blogging, for crying out loud…
    …now I’m thinking about googling what I need…
    face it, we are so addicted…

  8. Great list.

    Let’s see…right now I love
    Grand Noir – Cabernet -Shiraz

    AT&T cause I can talk to Kahuna for hours and it won’t count against my minutes

    My Momma and Daddy for providing me with reems of blog fodder

    The fact that I’m in one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. If I can’t live at the beach then Lord let me live in the Rockies.

    I love reading other peoples blogs.
    Hey Gladys – that’s a big ditto on #5!

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