Is He a Keeper or a Loser?


Yahoo has a story on dating tips and how to spot if the guy you pick out is a keeper.  Some possible tests are suggested; ways to see if your potential mate is jealous, frugal, trustworthy, and whether or not he’s a commitment-phobe.

While it is good to know whether or not your other half will stiff a waiter, it’s even more important to know how he will react when the chips are down and you can’t reach that piece of popcorn that’s stuck in your back tooth.  That’s the true measure of a man.  Will he help you floss?

It is far less important to know if he is jealous than to know if he thinks you look fat in your white jeans.  In twenty years you’ll wish you could get even one thigh into those pants which makes it imperative to find out now how much emphasis he places on outside beauty versus inside beauty.  I want my man to be just as comfortable with me in public if I’m wearing mommy jeans, white socks and Crocs as he is when I don my little black dress.  Remember, there will come a day when the “old man” gene suddenly appears and he starts wanting to wear black dress socks with bermuda shorts.

Trustworthiness is a big factor in choosing a mate.  Is he eyeing you or your girlfriends?  You can try to surround yourself with homely girlfriends, but there’s always the chance of him spotting a gorgeous waitress some evening and then what do you do?  If he’s too busy ogling the waitstaff to see that your Wonderbra has, in fact, gone above and beyond the call of duty, you might want to throw him back.

Yahoo barely hit the tip of the iceberg on this one.  They never once mentioned watching your date interact with your mother, or your ex-boyfriend whom she still adores and constantly brings up into the conversation.   What about whether or not he would hold your hair back for you as you wretch up the one-too-many frozen margaritas? Or how does he respond to your beloved pet iguana?  These could be make or break situations.

One last tip — check his feet in sandals.  Long dirty toenails?  Bye-bye, baby, buh-bye!


5 thoughts on “Is He a Keeper or a Loser?

  1. Great list of requirements. Don’t forget, will he shed tears with you when your favorite pet dies?
    Excellent point! When my first pet kitty died after she’d been with me 16 years (and with Devoted Spouse for about 6 of those years), he cried even harder than I did, bless his heart!

  2. This is Dog Girl.
    “…exploding butt…”?
    OMG, you are sooooo nasty!
    Excuuuuuuse me…but you started it! heheheheee

  3. I agree with the toenails test – definately bye bye. How do you rate being asked to cook a cake then have it given back to you as a birthday present? To be honest I actually thought this was very funny. (Not sure why but very funny).
    Well now that is a bit odd, but at least you would know where the cake originated. ?

  4. I agree with you on the requirements of a great spouse. I put Hubby through the wringer for the first year we were together before I’d marry him since I was married before and it was a disaster but then I was very young and stupid. He survived living with me and putting up with all my quirks and still wanted to get married a year later and as they say, the rest is history.

    One other good test: Hubby was slightly allergic to cats but I had one that had been with me for years. Hubby got over his allergies as long as they aren’t long haired and now he is a cat person. How cool is that?
    Waaay cool.

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