Enjoy the Holiday, But Hold the Apostrophe


Happy Presidents Day.  That’s Presidents, not President’s, not Presidents’, but Presidents.  It is plural, not possessive and it is neither a contraction nor the plural of a symbol or abbreviation.  Presidents Day is not their day, it is our day to remember them.

So far I have seen one tv commercial which correctly used the name of this holiday — that commercial was for Chevrolet.  I was so pleased to see someone in this country who understands the use of an apostrophe that I wanted to run out and buy a Chevy, although I know it has  nothing to do with the smart people of Chevy and everything to do with the smart advertising people Chevy hired.

This holiday was originally intended to honor the birthday of our first President, George Washington.  The reason  I remember this (sadly) is his birthday surprisingly corresponded to a yearly sale at Woodward and Lothrop (a now defunct DC retail establishment), a sale to which I was yearly dragged as a child.

If memory serves (and who knows anymore) President Nixon determined in the early 1970s (thank you Michelle)  that Washington’s Birthday should be renamed Presidents Day and it has been that way ever since.

So, enjoy Presidents Day in all its glory – remember our history and past leaders (feel free to skip Clinton) and accord them the respect and reverence they deserve.   Go shopping — our economy needs your hard-earned money (nevermind the fact you just lost your job).

Happy Presidents Day!


11 thoughts on “Enjoy the Holiday, But Hold the Apostrophe

  1. This apostrophe problem comes up with year date also (1950’s should be 1950s). In fact, so often that it is now accepted practice. Strange how these things come into being.
    Ouch – well, I used it as it is accepted, but let me go edit my posting by all means and take that one out. Don’t slap me with that ruler any more please? 🙂

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean it as a slap.

    You’re getting rid of cookbooks? Say it isn’t so then tell me where you live.
    No harm, no foul. My mistake and as an editor, I’m heartily ashamed. 😀
    Yeah, every few years I let some of them go — I hate it, but there just isn’t enough room for them. How about when I take inventory I give you a heads up in case you see one you’re interested in and I can get it to you?

  3. We should all celebrate this holiday (apostrophe or not) by working. As cool as paid leave is…it isn’t the most productive way to use money…especially tax dollars. What if the government actually worked on this day instead of paying everyone to be home (after already being home for two days). I’d bet there are 10s of millions of dollars in productivity lost today.

    I’m just sayin’…
    I agree with you and I have some experience with this — I worked for the government as a civilian for 15 years and as a government contractor for another 13 years and let me tell you the government is the number 1 waster of time and money as far as productivity goes. Federal workers get the most amazing leave policy for both annual (vacation) leave and for sick leave — they get “administrative” leave (time off without it being docked against your leave balances) for a variety of ridiculous reasons from a few inches of snow to team building for an afternoon of bowling — all at taxpayers’ expense. It has frosted me for years the amount of our tax dollars that are wasted on non-productivity. Whew – I need to get off this soapbox now…

  4. Hi Doctor Crone,
    This is Dog Girl speaking.
    Yes, I will certainly enjoy Pres. Day (see? I avoid the whole thing about the apostrophe). Here in NYC, teachers get a week off for mid-winter recess.
    I see you updated the photo on your blog.
    Spring is right around the corner.
    Catch you later.
    Must be nice to be a teacher then. You’re the only one who noticed the photo – cool. I should reward you. I know – go have some Gatorade. Muahahahahaha! I’m feeling a tad evil today. (I really do wish you the buttmost, I mean utmost success!)

  5. I am at work right now and a little tiffed that so many are getting to enjoy a day of relaxation. Since I work for myself I guess I could take off but have too many things going on to loaf today. Thanks for the update on the correct spelling.
    If you’re at work right now, WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING BLOGS??? Just kidding – even folks who work for themselves need a break now and then. I don’t know if it’s correct or not — it’s just my opinion that it’s correct. We all know how I feel about my opinion. 🙂

  6. Happy PRESIDENTS Day!

    Shopping, huh? As long as someone foots the bill! Haha!
    Well, actually I need to buy a new oven and according to our new Prez’s Stimulus Bill, if I buy an energy-efficient appliance (I guess they make energy efficient ovens??) this year I can deduct 30% or up to something like $1500. off my taxes. So I guess you, me, and all the other taxpayers are footing this bill!

  7. Now if you are going to name Presidents to ignore I would have to add Bush I and Bush II especially II.

    I have to state, for the record, that I am probably one of the worst at correct punctuation. Maybe I need to go to a group therapy thingy for misused punctuation offenders.
    I believe one day history will show that Bush I and Bush II were the least of our problems… As for punctuation, I’ve been an editor for years, in fact, I proofread for fun. It’s disgusting to my friends. I have a blog on my blogroll, Daily Writing Tips — some good stuff there. You are in good company, with all the texting going on, one day soon we will no longer have a normal language but one comprised entirely of abbreviations.

  8. I agree with you about the Bush Presidents and thanks for saying it. I’m pissed that I work harder on holidays, weekends, and nights than on regular week days. Ugh………..

    Happy Presidents Day. 🙂
    Thanks, baby, and I’m sorry you have to work so hard. If it’s any consolation, I’m seriously considering re-joining the ranks. At the rate of the economy, our retirement funds will continue to steadily dwindle and I don’t like dipping into them — I need to go back to work. Darn injury. It has turned my life upside down in so many ways I can’t count them. Oh well. At least I got the day off. And tomorrow, and the next day…

  9. Are you related to my mother? Grammar and punctuation were major priorities. I try to measure up. Great post.
    I was at the mall at lunch today and I think everyone took your advice. The whole world seemed to be shopping. If we could have few more Presidents days we could turn this economy around in no time.
    I dunno — is she young and gorgeous and terribly witty? LOL. I’m a nut for grammar – it was one of the few subjects (beside Spanish) I enjoyed in school. I was the only person I know who liked to diagram sentences. It’s a sickness. I love words and I love the way we use (and abuse) language. Wish I could have been at the mall — I had to settle for ordering yet another book (even though I went to the library just the other day and brought home an entire tote bag full of books to read) from Amazon.com. I’m sure Mr. Obama feels that $13.00 a week is going to help the average American family of four get back in the mall habit, too. Okay enough, obviously my pain pill is finally kicking in and I should go to bed now. 🙂

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