Friends Don’t Make Friends Listen to It’s A Small World

My first for-real outing post-injury was lunch last Friday with my BFF Paula.  We don’t get together too often — she works; I don’t — and she’s moved a few towns north of me so I don’t see her at church anymore either.  It’s mostly email and an occasional coffee get-together.

Last Friday Devoted Spouse took me (I can’t drive yet) to our local Max & Erma’s and Paula and I had several nice chatty hours together before I ran out of steam.

For the last several weeks this kind lady has been sending me get-well cards, each one with some little treasure taped inside; teabags, vitamin drinks; just a little something to perk up my spirits.

It surprised me when she sat down and she had yet another card in her hand with my name on it.  Wow, I got all excited to see what this one had in it.  Be careful what you wish for…

I opened this lovely card which had the word Friendship on the outside and a lovely picture of purple flowers…and when I opened it up to read what was inside much to my horror it started to play the theme song from the Disney ride, It’s A Small World.  I truly wish Paula could have captured the look on my face because it must have been priceless.  I couldn’t read the card I was laughing so hard – we both were almost hysterical over it.  Apparently, Paula had read my blog post about this stupid song, and she had come across this card some time ago and wondered what she would ever do with it.  Then I presented her the opportunity and, of course, she couldn’t pass it up!

Mark my words, Paula.  I love you dearly…but I will get you for this.


7 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Make Friends Listen to It’s A Small World

  1. Paula needs to watch her back.
    That song makes me shudder.
    Yeah, there are few I would have let do that – she’s one of them because she also has a twisted sense of humor like myself. But she will get hers…you can bet on it.

  2. What a nice post, it is good to see friends even if they do have a unique sense of humour. What does BFF mean?
    Yes, my few close friends tend to be somewhat unorthodox in their senses of humor – just like me. BFF is stupid American slang for Best Friend Forever. I consider all my friends to be my BFF because no one ever said you can only have one. 🙂

  3. That was absolutely priceless and I so wish I could have seen your face while that song was playing 🙂 Now whenever you should forget that lovely song you have a way to remind yourself. Watch out though, DS has a perfect opportunity to torture you whenever he feels like it.
    I wish she’d had her camera because it would have been a Kodak moment for sure! DS would never do that…okay, I better move that card right now…

  4. That’s perfect, and meant to be. I love it when an opportunity like that arises. Too funny!!!
    It certainly made my day!

  5. Knowing Paula…I am surprised you didn’t get that sooner.
    She didn’t know until recently of my hatred of the song or the story behind it. She was waiting for just the right moment to hit me with the card. Throughout this whole horrible ordeal she’s been the one person who’s regularly checked on me, sent me uplifting cards, called me and let me know I was loved. And she was the only person for whom I would go out in public, bundled in my sling contraption, no make-up, hair looking trashed, and hobbling like an 80-yr old woman, to go out and meet for lunch — even though she had to cut up my salad for me. You should be as blessed to have as good a friend as I have in Paula.

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