I Heart My Honey

Here it is almost Valentine’s Day and I’m not prepared.  We don’t normally make too big a deal out of this holiday, preferring to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day by our actions.  Isn’t that just too sweet?  Well, it’s true.  Devoted Spouse always tells me how much he loves me and I don’t ever want to take that for granted!

I thought about fixing him a nice meal – but then again I’d have to do it one-handed since the right hand isn’t strong enough for using sharp instruments just yet.  I might end up like the Saturday Night Live skit w/Julia Child spurting blood everywhere – that’s not very romantic.   He’d have to make do with a peanut butter sandwich and he’d probably be quite happy with that.  Devoted Spouse is not a gourmet kinda guy.  It would be nice for him to make me a special meal, but, in this last painful month he’s been making ALL the meals, and every one has been special.

Maybe I’ll try to make a card for him — should be an interesting event – a lady in a sling using paints and rubber stamps – what a recipe for disaster.

I think we should skip the cards and candy and nonsense this year and just realize how blessed we are and leave it at that.  We can do the candlelight meal and wine when I’m not in a sling and off the drugs.  Nothing says romance like a sling, ya know?


10 thoughts on “I Heart My Honey

  1. I think you should order in if you can. That way neither of you has to cook and there is less chance of blood loss. I love that skit by the way.

    Not too much longer for the sling, right?

    Have fun no matter what you decide to do.
    Good idea. Sling – maybe another month.

  2. I agree with the ordering in. Your guy reminds me a lot of mine and we have a few years on you, going on 33yrs legal, 35yrs total. Somethings just get better with time especially when it is with the right person. Couldn’t imagine my life without him.
    Ain’t love grand?!

  3. Perhaps something simple from his childhood days? I know for me, a few date bars and oatmeal cookies would be every bit as good as a meal I enjoy, but has not real significance attached to it.
    What a nice idea – I’m thinking’ some IOU’s might work, too.

  4. Peanut butter sandwich! Forget about the sling, food poisoning definately sounds more romantic. 😛
    Hey he loves peanut butter! And…I can take the sling off…

  5. Hi Crone,
    One sling + drugs + wine =
    a fun & interesting evening.
    Hey Auntie – it’s all about what you make of it…

  6. Order in, cuddle on the couch, share a shower and maybe a little chocolate & wine……..
    Oh, wait….that’s what I plan to do with Coach. Guess you could do the same in your neck of the woods. Happy holiday!
    hmmm… I will need a shower…and I like wine…

  7. What about just saying what you said in this post. How much you love and appreciate him.
    I think that’s the very best idea yet!

  8. I agree that EVERY day is valentine’s day when you are with the one you love!
    I hope that you just are relaxing and healing and getting lots of TLC…
    take care!
    It was a glorious day of doing absolutely nothing! A lovely meal, a little wine and lots of TLC. Hope yours was wonderful too. Hugs right back atcha!

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