He’s Not That Into You?


We hear much about body language these days.  There’s even a show on tv now called Lie to Me about some guy who studies body language and can tell not only when someone is lying but why.  I believe seeing your sweetie somewhere he shouldn’t be with some silicone-infused love puppy, watching the sweat pouring off his forehead and his eyes looking everywhere for a means of escape as you approach, is a good indicator he is lying.   As for why, at that pivotal point in your relationship, who gives a  fat  fuzzy rat’s patootie why?

According to Cosmopolitan magazine when your man sits, you should take a mental picture and remember certain cues about his body language.  For example, if he’s taking up alot of space with his arms out and his legs loosely crossed, that’s an indication he’s confident.  Now, if he happens to be in a beer-stained fake corduroy recliner at the time, that body language indicates a sporting event is about to come on the tube and you should forget about romance for the near future.   If he is in this sprawled-out position while you are on a date, you can bet he’s working on rearranging that thong he’s wearing for the first time and he doesn’t want you to notice.   Cosmo adds if while he”s in this position his hands are crossed in his lap, he may not be as confident as he appears.   I’m thinking if his hands are crossed in his lap, either 1) he’s waiting for you to grab the check, or 2) there’s a mustard stain there somewhere.  Devoted Spouse is a perfect case of reason #2.  Mustard attaches to his clothes like a magnet to a refrigerator door.  In fact, when we go out he is no longer allowed near that particular condiment.  But that’s another story.

The body language experts further state that if your date is leaning forward like he’s ready to take action that means he likes what you’re saying.  From personal experience, I can tell you if he’s leaning forward like he’s ready to take action, there’s a margarita and some nachos about to make an unexpected appearance and you should quickly move your chair to one side.

Body language — it can prove he’s into you or he’s in gastrointestinal distress.  You be the judge.


7 thoughts on “He’s Not That Into You?

  1. Thge sight of mustard is easy to cover up…it is the smell that proves to be difficult.
    I’ve had problems getting the stain out more than the smell – I’ve found it’s easier just to keep him away from it altogether.

  2. OMG
    Your comment “there’s a margarita and some nachos about to make an unexpected appearance…” had me in stitches.
    How’s the shoulder?
    I am missing my (handsome) PT.
    Hope he comes back soon.
    Hey – thanks for asking, shoulder hurts but that’s a sign the muscles are starting to work I hope! I go see Agador Fri a.m. and I’m hoping he’s a little easier on me than Chunky Monkey was – that boy really made me work! Are you exercising while your little Furry Curry is away?

  3. I must be related to your spouse. I go thru periods where I can’t go a day without spilling something on myself. Usually mustard.
    Hmmm…I usually drag my sleeve through things but Devoted Spouse drops things on his clothes – I think he uses too much mustard but he would vehemently disagree.

  4. I am the stain magnet in this family. Hubby always gives me a hand towel before we eat at home because if it can drop it is gonna be on my chest. Problem with being naturally busty, it attracts spills.
    Well I can attest to Devoted Spouse NOT being busty, but he sure attracts the stains and spills. If there is spaghetti sauce in the house I guarantee you it will land on his shirt.

  5. Oh, Linda, this one is so funny!!! I laughed until my sides hurts…you nailed this one my friend…and you did with one hand tied down. What a woman!!!
    I’m so glad I was able to make you laugh – that’s pure joy to me kiddo!!

  6. YOU are a HOOT !!!
    LOL! I am sorry that I haven’t been visiting lately…
    it certainly cheers me up when I do!
    LOL about the stain magnet…
    in this household H and I both are stain magnets..
    I have to wear a tea towel when eating or end up with a souvenir…
    and he simply lets it adorn his sweat shirts..so I have to check him before he leaves the house..lol!!!
    It’s okay – you come by whenever you can. My badge of honor this past month is the fact I have NO STAINS on my arm sling contraption – not a drop of food has hit it A-HA! I’m the queen. Devoted Spouse on the other hand is full of little drips and drabs of anything that comes his way and he wears it proudly! DS and H are probably related!! LOL

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