I’m Goin’ to Disney World


The other day I was feeling so poorly I remarked to Devoted Spouse, “When I get better can we take a trip?”  He agreed (he probably thought I’d like to go fishing or to one of the Indiana casinos).  I hollered out, “Yay, we’re goin’ to Disney World!”  He looked at me with the look that says, “oh yeah, she’s been hitting the meds hard.”

For some reason, I just want to go to Disney World.  I’m not a big fan of Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney outfit, but I have fond memories of going to Disney World many years ago.  How many?  Well, the park wasn’t quite finished; that’s how long ago it was!  I do remember having a heckuva good time on various rides and being impressed with all the latest technology they used.  Just imagine how much better (and expensive) it’s gotten in all these years.

The only downside to my last visit was a ride called It’s a Small World.  I’m sure ya’ll know the one I’m talking about.  You get in a boat and ride through this collection of a hundred gazillion dolls and they’re all singing this gawdawful song It’s a Small World over and over and over.  The day my girlfriend and I were there, we got about halfway through the ride and something went wrong.  The boats stopped but the dolls wouldn’t shut up.  We sat there stranded for about a half hour until I wanted to just get in the water, wade over to the nearest doll and rip her little head off — anything to get them to stop singing that  song!

My friend Paula is a Disney freak – and I mean that in a nice way!  She and her husband are life-long fans of Disney and go there often.  I think they would both like to work in the park some day.  I’m thinking she can give me lots of good information on things to do in that area, the best times to go, and what attractions to see.

I’m skipping the dolls, though.


11 thoughts on “I’m Goin’ to Disney World

  1. I had a fortune cookie on my blog about having that song stuck in your head! I agree that is the worst ride in the park!

    I loved Disneyland and miss having the opportunity to go any more. I used to work about a block away from it and would watch the fireworks every night. Haven’t been to Disney World so when you go you need to take a lot of pics to post. You guys deserve it after all you have been through.
    I thought it sounded like alot of fun – and we have been through a rough patch. I’m not so sure I’ve convinced Devoted Spouse – he’s not a good tourist.

  2. It’s a great time to visit “the Rat” as we Floridians call WDW. Lines are shorter and there are some decent packages- yes- the economy has even hit old Mick. Always enjoy my visits here.
    Goody – this is one of my better ideas. Just need dr release and I’m thinking that will be late March or early April.

  3. I would love to go to Disney world too. I will look forward to reading the future post about your adventures. It must have been awful stuck in that tunnel with those dolls though.
    I’ve always been claustrophobic and it about drove me over the edge! To this day I hate that song. I can’t go for at least another month, but I’ll get there hopefully late Spring.

  4. Linda, sounds like fun, buty yes run from those dolls and take care of that shoulder!! Enjoy yourself, Frank
    What’s fun is all the planning – I have several Disney-addicted friends who are already busy giving me the latest websites and advice on where to stay, where to eat, what attractions to see, etc. I’m glad I don’t have to do all the research myself. Yeah, I’m definitely skipping the dolls.

  5. DS sounds like mhy Coach…if it involves fishing he is ready to go in a heartbeat, anything else gets put on the back burner. I went to Disney Land as a child but haven’t been to WDW. Maybe I’ll take some of my grandkids someday. Have fun planning.
    Yeah DS loves to fish,too. He’s just not a tourist — I found out only today he had been to Disney World — never knew that fact in over 25 years! I can see I’m going to have to find something else for him to do on this trip besides DW!

  6. I wanna go as well! I love Mickey and Goofy, I have to admit. But I’m gonna skip the dolls as well. Annoying as heck!

    Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve left a comment. Ya know how life can be- crazy!
    Hey it’s okay – I don’t visit ya’ll as often as I should either! Come on along — if ya can squeeze into my carry-on!

  7. Yes, I remember that ride. No one would blame you if you had ripped the doll’s head off! What a funny visual!!!

    Trying to catch up on the blogs. I enjoyed all your posts, and glad you can pull up your pants now … slow but steady it goes! Good luck!
    Nice to see ya Carla!

  8. I last went disneyland 32 years ago & the “Its a small world” ride is the only one I remember because it was the only cool place to go on that blazing hot day but I had to weigh how badly I wanted to cool off because that farm music drove me nuts!!
    Glad it’s not just me — I hate that song with every fiber of my being!

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