Life’s Little Victories

Here we are a mere 25 days after my traumatic experience of dislocating my shoulder and I have reached a milestone. Drumroll please…I can pull up my own pants once again!

I know you are laughing hysterically right about now. And, yes, I could actually get my pants up one-handed (even though I was using my non-dominant left hand). But, there was that one tiny section that I just couldn’t get to over on the other side of me (no, it’s not THAT long a distance, but when you hurt it’s hard to twist around). Invariably, I would walk downstairs to find Devoted Spouse in his comfy chair and announce: Sweetie, could you fix the right side of my pants, please? And, of course, he would. What’s even nicer…he never once laughed at my inability to finish dressing myself. Not once.

So, like the commercials…I’m a big kid now…I can pull up my own pants. And, yes, I’m still living in sweatpants. I can’t imagine trying to work zippers and buttons yet. Putting my own jeans on is one of my next goals. One day at a time…

My caution in using my right arm was overtaken by my zeal in the discovery that I could completely pull up my own pants and this evening as I exited the bathroom, I inadvertently reached back around my right side with my right hand and closed the bathroom door behind me. Ouch, ouch, ouch. I’m not allowed to move my arm in that direction yet as it could actually cause my shoulder to re-dislocate. Now I know why Agador Spartacus told me NOT to do that. But, hey, did I mention I can pull up my own pants?

Today my pants…tomorrow driving? Maybe not. I still have a long way to go. Stay tuned for the next amazing hurdle I manage to leap as I continue on my journey back to having the full use of both arms. What a trip!


6 thoughts on “Life’s Little Victories

  1. It is an absolutely, wonderful, thing -that, you are focusing on the good & are being happy! Good for You! Think that it is great -that, you are doing better! Am, amazed at your positive attitude -you are an inspiration! As, for the sweat pants – I think that all of us go through, a phase where we only want to wear sweat pants, anyways!(Sweat pants are so comfy). Keep on being, Happy!
    Keep on Smiling!
    Thanks for the happy thoughts!

  2. Hurray for you!!

    Don’t those little accomplishments mean a lot? Don’t do too much though. You wouldn’t want to have a relapse.
    It is amazing what we take for granted. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Good morning Crone,
    When I read your words “I can pull up my own pants once again!”, my first response was OH SH*T.
    I just didn’t realize the extent of your injury. Sorry.
    Let me stop complaining about my own left shoulder bursitis. At least I can pull up my own damn pants.
    And how’s that percoset? It tends to block up the pipes, if you know what I mean.
    Keep your chins up.
    I love your outlook and snappy attitude. Somedays I visit YOUR blog before my own (how sad).
    Thanks for visiting Auntie &Dog Girl.
    Hi sweetie – yes it was a traumatic injury and it’s a slow recovery. I’m constantly amazed at the little things we take for granted like pulling up one’s own pants and combing your hair (which I still can’t do well). It’s frustrating but I have Devoted Spouse and a healthy sense of humor. I’ve had problems w/percoset and the other night I sort of re-injured my arm by accident — stupid me — I took 2 percoset and wow what a difference an extra pill makes! Visiting blogging buddies really keeps my spirits up and helps me write my own blog – so visit often!! Hugs.

  4. You are lucky Devoted Spouse is so nice…my Hubby would never let me live this down, although probably because I would be the EXACT SAME way 🙂
    He’s the best!

  5. I am so glad to hear that you haven’t lost your sense of humor along the way. I was reading this post out loud to Hubby and he got a good chuckle out of it as he has been there himself with me after some surgeries so he appreciates DS not giving you a hard time about it. He on the other hand had to laugh at me in similar situations. I decided to keep him around anyway.
    When I was first injured and realized he was going to have to pretty much bathe and dress me I felt a little stupid, but he has taken such loving care of me along the way and never batted an eyelash at anything we had to get through. Today I had company for the first time so he helped me put on a nice outfit (sweater and slacks) and afterward when I wanted to change into the comfort of sweats he was so proud of just how much of the dressing I was able to accomplish on my own. He’s a keeper! We’ve done alot of laughing at this because it’s more fun than crying and complaining.

  6. Aww I am so glad to hear that you are (somewhat ) better!
    But ouch, I cannot IMAGINE the pain…
    How wonderful that you have your devoted and sweet sounding man to help you.
    It makes us appreciate what is really important in life, doesn’t it…health and love!
    take care..
    Thank you sweetie for the kind thoughts — ya know at the moment I seem to be mired in a pity party, but I’ll snap out of it in a day or so. I am so blessed to have my Devoted Spouse and all my super blogging buddies, and I need to stop feeling sorry for myself – I’ve come a long way into healing and I know I will get there one of these days! Hugs back atcha!

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