Not So Grrrreat!


I’m feeling bad for Michael Phelps and his youthful pot indiscretion.  I think Kelloggs overreacted in cutting him loose.  Most kids try pot and every kid tries alcohol.

Considering our President overlooked the crime of tax evasion for his own Treasury Secretary, I think Kelloggs and the American public should cut young Michael a little slack.

Kelloggs maintains Michael’s behavior is not consistent with their image.  Did you know that Kelloggs cereals have the highest percentage of sugar per pound than any other brand of cereal?   Based on that info alone, their image is nothing to brag about.


8 thoughts on “Not So Grrrreat!

  1. Just catching up on your posts. Sorry about the pain stealing your sleep…

    I agree. This kid “is Great!!!” and Kelloggs needs to clean up its sugared self before it throws stones at this athelete…Kelloggs didn’t win any medals.

    Hope you are feeling a little better. Healing time seems to drag along so slowly…

    Prayers for your health are going up ….Think Spring!!!
    I’m making slow steady progress. It’s going up in the 40’s today and the sun is shining – I love it!

  2. People with celebrity status seem to forget that there are cameras everywhere and anyone and everyone is out to make a bunch of money on the “big shot” especially if it is embarrassing or scandalous. Micheal got caught on film making a dumb decision. How many of us have done something we thought better about afterward but our indiscretion wasn’t caught on film and sold to the press. Kelloggs needs to get a grip.
    Couldn’t have said it better. I’d like to see any one at Kelloggs accomplish what this kid has.

  3. I think whoever sold that photo needs to be shot. It can’t possibly be a real friend. Just some wanna be loser. I think Kelloggs overreacted and it’s a shame. Michael is an incredible young man and the emphasis is on YOUNG. We all make mistakes.
    I agree. I’m not using any more Kellogg products. They don’t fit my image.

  4. Hi Crone,
    You make a very good point about Kellogg and that whole sugar thing.

    I can only hope kids out there will learn from this unfortunate event: Thanks to cell-phone cameras, people will take pictures of you when you least expect it. One single act can ruin your career just because there are too many cameras.
    You are right – we are all subject to being photographed at any moment, whether from some kid’s cell or from that eye in the sky that is now so prevalent. So much for privacy. I’m not trying to excuse him; he was wrong; I just think we’re making too much of it. I hate to see his amazing swimming and Olympic accomplishments take a back seat to this nonsense.

  5. While everyone in the public eye has an obligation to protect their reputation, they are still, in fact human. Yes, he made some bad choices, all humans do, especially young ones. I admire that he stepped up immediately and admitted his wrong doing.

    Kellogg’s pulled the trigger really fast on this. I wonder if their knee jerk reaction was done in part to deflect media attention from all those tainted peanut butter products they were just forced to recall.

    I’m with Steppingthru, Kellogg’s no longer fits my image. This said by a girl born and raised in Battle Creek MI, home of Tony the Tiger and Kelloggs. You can keep your cereal and your salmonella laced peanut butter snacks.
    Sheri, that was actually my comment back to Steppingthru but that’s okay —we’re all on the same page!

  6. I didn’t know anything about this (we really do have television in our village honest) but having read about it, it does seam a bit of an over-reaction. I dread to think what trouble I would have got into if everything I got up to was caught on camera.

    Hope you are feeling better.
    It is overreacting — I think it will simmer down soon — something else will take its place in the news. I am feeling better – I’m exercising and using my arm and hand and slowly regaining the range of movement. Small steps one day at a time. Thanks for thinking of me.

  7. Yeah, it’s amazing that when it comes to “some” people, it’s just a silly oversight or mistake but then we’re supposed to put “other people” up and a pedestal and they can never make a mistake. Grrrr…..
    Sorry don’t know how I missed this comment earlier. This story is getting even more interesting as the SC sheriff’s office is now involved. Ludicrous in my opinion – just a case of gov’t wanting to put their nose where it doesn’t belong. It was a little pot for goodness’ sake – go get a real criminal.

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