Notes From the Couch

I’m not actually on  the couch — I’m firmly ensconced in my recliner with my arm wrapped in its foam cocoon.  It’s late at night and regardless of taking a full dose of Percoset, I’m in pain and can’t sleep.  When I can’t sleep I usually read or sit and ponder the problems of the world.  I’m growing weary of the mindless chick lit I’ve been reading of late, so let’s ponder.

Tonight let’s tackle the subject of change. Why must we continuously improve things?  Can we not occasionally leave well enough alone?

I subscribe to various magazines.  One of these is a cooking magazine,  Taste of Home.  It’s an unobtrusive little cooking magazine made up of assorted recipes and little vignettes about the families behind those recipes.  Along the way are kitchen tips and a fun little game of finding a toothpick that has been hidden somewhere in the copy.  Gourmet it’s not.  It’s not Food and Wine. It would never be confused with Bon Appetit.   It’s simply an unpretentious homey magazine with the foods our mothers and grandmothers made. (Okay, maybe not my stepmother and stepgrandmother because they were Norwegian and couldn’t cook anything  that didn’t end up gag-in-the-throat dry but that’s another story.)

While I wasn’t paying attention, some nitwit took my beloved Taste of Home and completely revamped it.  The layout, the print, the sections, and the cover, are all improved.   Even the recipes are aligned differently on the pages — the recipes used to resemble a 3×5 card you could put in a recipe box.  Suddenly the recipes are  more  up and down instead of printed sideways.  (The drugs must be kicking in because even I am having trouble understanding that last sentence.)  In other words you used to have to turn the mag sideways to read the recipes but they fit the above-mentioned recipe box.

For reasons I can’t fathom some snot in the marketing office got the bright idea to also change the name — by using only lowercase letters.  So instead of  Taste of Home it’s taste of home.  (But the ‘of’ is in slightly smaller print.)  Huh?  Why?

The changes don’t improve the magazine, they detract from my reading experience.  To add insult to injury, the adorable little toothpick has been replaced (at least this month) with some cheesy clip art version of a ‘tasty layer cake’.  I don’t want to search for cake, but for the toothpick.

Change isn’t always good; improvement isn’t always necessary; there is nothing wrong with tradition.  I miss my old Taste of Home and I want the damn toothpick returned to its rightful place.


4 thoughts on “Notes From the Couch

  1. I used to get Taste of Home and loved it. I hate to hear that it has changed so much. You know that I never did find that darned toothpick in any of those mags I got. I’m not good at those type of puzzles. They have such good recipes in that magazine.
    I found a few of the toothpicks but never did anything about it. I loved that mag and I’m not renewing my subscription.

  2. I am always wanting change….all the time!
    hmmm… youthful exuberance — I love it! I’m fairly flexible, for example I would like to change where I live. But I think change must be warranted and in the case of the magazine it was neither warranted nor appreciated.

  3. Dear Grouch-on-the-Couch,
    Sorry to hear that the Percoset doesn’t always work . My Alleve sucks at times too. And yes, it’s very hard to sleep with an injury. I haven’t been sleeping well with my hurt shoulder.

    I see you used to live in Belgium…how long were you there?

    Hope you get a good night’s rest.
    Thanks for popping in on Auntie.
    Yeah I was a grouch. 🙂 Our sentence in Belgium was 3 years. 3 years in the armpit of the world where the gypsies stole everything not nailed down and it was not unusual to see a man take a whiz against the side of a public building. Great place. BTW Auntie added to blogroll too.

  4. OMG, I had no idea Belgium is like that! I always had this impression of it being beautiful, romantic, etc. like other places in Europe.
    I need to do some research because I am now curious.
    Time to go home.
    Will check in later! I’m playing with my new Baby (the iPhone).
    Northern Belgium is nice – we lived in southern belgium and it was poor and full of gypsies. Quick drive to Paris and easy ferry ride over to the UK – travel to other countries was the only good part of Belgium except for the beer and chocolate.

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