Nothin’ Up My Sleeve

Yay for me.  Doc says around the house I don’t have to wear that gawdawful arm sling thingie. But I’m still severely restricted in the range of movement of my arm.  I have to keep wearing the sling when I go out of the house to keep my shoulder protected and I still have to wear it to bed.  I go back  in 4 weeks and see what’s next.  Wow- 6 more weeks of Winter and 4 more weeks of sleeping on the couch.   Baby steps.  I’ll get there.  Had an hour of physical torture with Agador Spartacus and he gave me good marks, too.  Yippy skippy.


6 thoughts on “Nothin’ Up My Sleeve

  1. Oh my, you made it an hour with Agador? I am so impressed!!!! PT is the pits but it sure is necessary. I go on Thursdays so I’ll be thinking about you.
    Devoted Spouse was there for moral support and to gaze upon some of the young chickie therapists. Looks like Wed & Fri will be my routine.

  2. At least it is getting better and you have a bit of a reprieve on wearing the torture sleeve. That’s something positive so…Yippee! You go girl!
    It’s a great day in the neighborhood!

  3. Guess what? My PT (a handsome Indian man who likes to hurt me) will be out of town for the next 2 weeks. He’s visiting family in India.
    I might miss him…
    I want to say something like…you’re just trying to curry favor w/him…but I won’t.

  4. Hang in there…but four weeks is a long time. Do you have to share the couch with the Destroyer?
    I don’t have to, but sometimes I don’t mind having her furriness warm my feet — there’s room for us both.

  5. Great news! Sort of? You can do it.
    yes…he could have said no, you definitely need surgery. Small victories are still victories.

  6. hello! Thanks for your blog…I too jusat had shoulder surg…and the sling is driving me NUTZ…so for the hello fo ut I typed in something like tired of sling..frustation…and here u r! I got a nice laugh, just the right medicine..Certainly relate…and I hope u continue healing, and keep ur sense of humor. I am trying not to let this affect my mood too much, but it gets fatiguing typing, dressing, showering..u know…TODAY my victory was took a long bath….shaved…conditioned my hair…styled my hair… about every afternoon I het what I call tghe “Wall of frustration…” I getbothered by sliong, tired, grumpy. i have a mini pity party, then move on. Next week i start my torture. Q…with rest, not much pain…do u recommend taking pain meds before therapy? I know u aren’t a doc, just thought u could dhare some tips…AHHH Thanks
    Hi Mary – sorry to hear you are in difficulty from shoulder surgery – man does that bring back memories – slings, PT, pity parties coz I couldn’t get my own pants up. Ack. The only thing that got me through it is a combination of a good caregiver, my bizarre sense of humor which makes me see funny stuff in the most awful situations, terrific and caring Physical Therapists, and fellow bloggers who also were going through shoulder difficulties. Dr. Croney (giggles) prescribes lots of love for you – in other words make sure you have a good support system – friends or family or both. I had someone who took me to PT because I couldn’t drive and the first time I went I didn’t take any pain med before and I was a mess – my PT told me to take one pill prior to coming to my appt – but you should ask your PT for their advice, don’t listen to me. Everybody is different. At least two of the bloggers on my blogroll have also gone through shoulder issues – you might want to visit their blogs & leave a note for them — click on Listen to Auntie and Mrusupole and you will find 2 very caring ladies who have been there. Best of luck in ditching that sling FAST! Feel free to email me if u just need to vent. And btw my shoulder is in pretty good shape now – my injury occurred in Jan of 09 and I have about 95% movement and just a twinge now and then. Hang in there!

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