Hey Rocky…Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Outta My Hat

Oh joy – – today is orthopedic doc visit day — it’s been 2 weeks since my last session and 3 weeks since the injury.  Because I have been whining so much about being encased in this arm cocoon from Hades, I had Devoted  Spouse snap a pic so you can see I’m truly not making this stuff up.  No snide remarks from fashion police — we’re doing good to get me dressed, let alone in enough layers to keep me warm.  He’s still learning Hair 101, so no head shot.


Yes, that’s EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer by my side.  Amazingly, she has been on her best behavior since the accident.  She hasn’t chewed any furniture, snacked on backyard bird/rabbit treasures, or yakked anywhere in the house.  Ok, there was that one incident of stolen laundry, but overall she’s been good.  In fact while I have taken up residence in the living room, she has also and she thinks nothing of taking over my bed (couch) when I’m not using it…as evidenced by the below pic.


Gotta get going — more later.


6 thoughts on “Hey Rocky…Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Outta My Hat

  1. Hope it went well at the Docs.

    GD and Nessa could fill out that whole couch if they both got up there. What a sweet puppy. Just like babies; they are so much better when they are asleep.
    Ain’t it the truth, she’s a sleeping angel.

  2. Hi Crone,
    EmmaLou looks like an old dog.
    There’s something very bittersweet about old dogs/cats. You have to care for them as little children.
    I suspect Emma knows you are not feeling up to par. Goldens are very smart like that.
    Gotta go. My lunch break is over! Wah.
    Jeez lady we can’t all be young and gorgeous. You hurt her feelings. She just turned a very young 5 and she thinks she looks fabulous!

  3. They have you hooked up really well in that contraption don’t they? How soon until you get it off? EmmaLou just knows you aren’t up to snuff and wants to be good for you. My babies do that and will lie right next to me and not move unless I do. So nice to know they love us that much.
    I adore my puppy girl!

  4. EmmaLou looks so lovely she really has a gentle kind face. I think they know when their owners are not very well, lets hope she doesn’t make up for it after. Hope your visit to the orthopedic went well.

    May I ask a question please. Do you have any objection if I copy the butterfly award picture onto my blog please?
    She does indeed know when I’m under the weather and she sticks to me like glue. By all means copy it — the idea is to show off your award, link back to whoever gave you the award, then you in turn pass it to other bloggers also using links to their blogs. Confused? WordPress has instructions on how to use links or you can email me & I’ll walk you through it. 🙂

  5. I laughed when I thought of your husband trying to fix your hair. Maybe what I was laughing at was the thought of MY husband trying to fix my hair. Oh dear, I’d have to wear a ball cap for the entire time my arm was incapacitated. I must be very careful when I walk, especially on ice!
    Yep – a ball cap is this gal’s best friend!

  6. Damn, Emma Lou is only 5?
    Hmmmm 7×5=35…
    I don’t know why she looks older…
    Don’t tell her I said anything.
    too late my pretty…she read the blog…

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