Ungrateful Wench That I Am

I am long overdue in acknowledging yet another blog award. My dear blogging buddy Delaney gave this to me awhile back:


and I am instructed to pass this along to 10 others.  Forgive me Delaney but I’m running low on new buddies I can pass this along to–let me see now…

In Full Color — one of my newest buddies definitely worth ya’ll visiting

it’s a dog’s life — this ain’t no Marion the Librarian – this lady rocks

Midlife Slices — here you will find one amazing gal

Texas Banter — this southern friend of mine always gets a grin outta me

The Last Post —  another very new friend and fabulous writer

Delaney, my friend, I’m going to stop at 5 — due to my recent injury it’s simply too difficult to do all these links left-handed!  I know you understand — and thank you so much for this lovely award — you cheered my spirits right when I needed!   The rest of you out there — check out these flive cool bloggers!




9 thoughts on “Ungrateful Wench That I Am

  1. Thanks bunches.

    I hope you are felling better. Your weather hasn’t been ideal for getting out much though.
    You’re welcome — it’s like living in the friggin’ tundra and I am growing weary of this ice crap.

  2. Aww, thank you so much! That made my day! I hope you are feeling better and the pain isn’t as bad. Come to Texas, that’ll take care of the cabin fever!
    hmmm…I’ve never been to TX…

  3. Linda,
    I wasn’t worried, I knew you would get to this when you could and I didn’t have 10 either so what are they gonna do, shoot us? I’m just glad you are hanging in there.
    thanks baby

  4. Happy Friday, Linda.
    This is Auntie (aka Dog Girl).
    It’s been a long cold week.
    I think this global warming thing is history.

    BTW, today I actually got a lot of work done at my job because I didn’t go to your blog or to the good/bad/ugly blog. LOL

    Tomorrow morning I have another PT session.
    no, no, my precious – you should spend MORE time w/me and less with icky work people. I did another phys torture session yesterday –tomorrow a.m. I shall send good calm healing vibes your way as I feel your pain. Be brave little buckaroo. We can do this!

  5. “…a mouth full of blood?”
    Thanks fo tomorrow’s good vibes.
    The Aleve sure ain’t helpin’.
    Good nite!
    Aleve?? Nah – my drug of choice right now is Percoset & high voltage Advil. I put your alter ego on my blogroll – you truly crack me up! ‘nitey-nite sweetie

  6. Awww……I’m so honored and humbled with this award. I’m terrible about getting them up on my site but I promise to work on it soon. Really soon.

    I hope all the body parts are healing nicely and your nurse is still earning his keep by being the best caregiver there ever was. Take care, dear. (((HUGS)))
    You deserve it – you have a terrific blog. Yes Devoted Spouse is racking up the husband bonus reward points like crazy. Ginormous hugs right back atcha!

  7. Thank you so much, you have no idea what this sort of thing means to me. You have really made my day.

    Lots of hugs to you.
    You’re welcome! Sending hugs right back to ya.

  8. Good morning,
    Dog Girl speaking.
    I am very honored to see myself on your blog roll. Thank you. Dog Girl gets lonely sometimes.
    Now I am SPECIAL.
    BTW, you have been added to my Dog Girl Fav Bloggers.
    BTW again,
    has anyone canceled Global Warming yet?
    Yay, I’ve never been a Fav Blogger. Last I heard Al Gore still has GW on his DayPlanner.

  9. Oh my this is very embarrassing it has taken me this long to see this post I am so sorry Linda for not replying much, much sooner. I definately take the award if there was one of the ‘Ungrateful Wench’ my friend.

    First of all I want to thank you for the mention in your blog [blush]; and I so very sorry for not responding about your injury I am more than sure that all has healed by now… Thanks again Linda

    Hugs, Rhonda
    Yes you are just a tad late LOL no worries. I am better but not 100% even after 10 months of one type of physical therapy or another – I’m getting there. Cheers!

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