My Therapist is Hank Azaria?

There I was in a waiting room full of the walking wounded.   It was my first physical therapy session and never having needed this service before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I heard my name called.  Struggling to my feet, I turned toward the voice belonging to my physical therapist and who should appear before me?  Yes, it was Agador


from The Birdcage.  Oh, he introduced himself as Paul but he wasn’t fooling me — it was Agador Spartacus alright.  There was a distinct possibility that phys therapy might not be so bad after all.

There was no Gloria Estefan music playing and the characters in my little movie  were dressed down somewhat.  Still, as I watched Agador manipulating my arm and hand putting me through my paces,  I felt sure Robin Williams (Armand) was lurking in the  background.

With my pain threshold rapidly approaching the Red Zone, Agador informed me our session was about over.  Unable to resist, I looked up and said, “Agador I need a Pirin tablet”.   My new friend just smiled and escorted me back to the waiting room.


12 thoughts on “My Therapist is Hank Azaria?

  1. I don’t think I could survive two hours a week with him. I kinda like that my therapist is just a little short, chunky friend. I can scream and call her by her given name.
    we’ll see how I do…

  2. This should give you lots of material for your posts and that’s a good thing. At least he looks like someone cute.
    he really is adorable

  3. Hello Crone,
    This is Dog Girl.
    Saw your post on goodbadand ugly2 about your evil stepspawn.
    I can totally relate!!!
    In my newbie blog, I will rant about my wicked step-daughter aka Dragon- Daughter. She was born in a dragon year; I was born in a dog year. We will NEVUH EVUH get along.
    I read with much interest about Agador.
    I too am getting PT for the first time.
    I will stop by again!
    Hello Dahling – glad you dropped in — what pieces parts are you getting the pt for? I flew over to your blog but was interrupted by a trusty canine crisis & didn’t get a chance to comment. I’ll stop by again soon. Cheers.

  4. Hi back to you,
    I actually injured my left shoulder lifting weights at the gym (just 20 lbs. for crying out loud).
    Old age is a bitch.
    Wish my PT doc is as amusing as yours.

  5. This is a bit embarassing but I had to look up Agador and The Birdcage on Google, never heard of them before – I really do need to get out more.

    I am quite impressed you only took a painkiller, I would have needed an anaesthetic – I don’t do pain very well. Hope you are feeling better.
    Not to worry sweetie, it’s an old movie. It’s a pretty strong pain pill thankfully. Every day it gets a little better – thanks!

  6. Absolutely fabulous – I was smiling the whole way through reading this… What an joyful start to my Friday.

    aw shucks…I’m glad I helped brighten your day. Thanks for visiting.

  7. LOL, glad to see you are pointed the right direction towards recovering. I loved the movie the Birdcage, Robin Williams and Nathan Lane were a hilarious combination. Maybe Adador will call off on the day of your next appt. Who would you like to see in his place?
    I’m scared they might dig up Nurse Ratched.

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