Not Fun News

It’s a good thing I can type with one hand…Wed morning I took a bad fall on ice.  Dislocated right shoulder (of course, I’m right-handed) and wrenched back.  At least  I got to take my first ride in an ambulance.  I’m going to take some more serious pain meds now and I will see you all when I find my sense of humor.  Prayers appreciated.

Hugs, Linda


15 thoughts on “Not Fun News

  1. Good Lord! I am sorry you fell down and went boom big time. Sucks and sorry you are in that much pain. Man, two of my blogger buddies with bum right hands. This better not be an epidemic. Get better soon!

  2. This is no way to deal with boredom – throwing yourself down on the ice. I will be praying you heal fast and thank goodness you didn’t hit your head! You can always type with one hand, but you can’t be funny without a brain. Oh, I just thought of a joke…entails the funny bone…I’ll keep it to myself.

  3. Prayers being sent your way for a speedy recovery of sense and typing sensation.

    Did they let you press the button for the siren?

  4. Oh no!!! Definitely sending prayers your way. I’m so sorry about your fall, and yes, thankfully you didn’t hit your head. Prayers for a super speedy recovery, and keep us posted as soon as you feel up to it. Hugs back at ya!

  5. Yeah…are you sure than you weren’t just trying to get back into bed. There are much easier ways of accomplishing that.

    Hope the meds are working and that you can at least turn pages in a book comfortably.

  6. Blogging while under the influence of drugs can be a very funny experience…….at least for your readers. Now take care of yourself and let that shoulder and back heal and enjoy letting Mr. Croneandbearit wait on you.

    Prayers coming your way just as soon as I hit “submit”. (((HUGS)))

  7. Ugh…sorry to hear that! I will pray for quick healing and complete recovery! Do what the doc tells you, that helps!! 😉 Get well SOON!!!

  8. I am sorry to hear your news, I hope you are feeling better. Get well soon – my thoughts are with you.

  9. Forgive me 4 not replying to individ comments. Thank you all for good wishes. My buddy Percoset & I are getting reacquainted. I’ll check back in a few days – Keep smiling. Hugs, Linda

  10. Oh, you should have come with me to Texas. No snow or ice anywhere around. I would take good care of you. Hope you get back on your feet (no pun intended) soon. I’m putting you on my prayer list.

  11. And then I finally trek in to hope that you are doing better. I will think about you now until you write to all of us with escapades during your disability. I bet there will be some good material.

    Take care of that arm, we need it.

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