Monday, Monday…Can’t Trust That Day

Did you ever wake up in the morning and you’re out of sorts but can’t quite put your finger on what’s wrong? That’s me today. If I was still working, I’d blame it on this being Monday, but since I’m not working, I can’t use that excuse any more. I have no more Mondays…every day is a Saturday…blah, blah, blah.

I think the problem started over my weekend as I watched football game after football game fall to the teams I did not want to win. Granted I haven’t exactly followed some of these teams — I couldn’t pick out the NC Panthers from the Podunk Spartans, but nevertheless I wanted them to win. And, I wanted anyone (and I mean that sincerely) but the Baltimore Ravens to win. That stems from the fact that it was Art Modell who moved my beloved Cleveland Browns in the middle of the night to Baltimore and morphed them into the Ravens. I will never forgive that and hence, the Ravens are now as much despised in my mind as the Dallas Cowboys (from the rivalry w/my other team the Washington Redskins). But I digress. Many times the various games did not resemble what I thought championship games should; instead, these players played lousy games, making poor decisions and looking rather high-schoolish to me. Had I taken the hours I spent watching these debacles and applied it to my studies…well, I’d be whipping out Lesson 5 or 6 instead of still dragging my feet on Lesson 2.  Obviously, time management is a concept often lost on me.

The rather lengthy football scenario above was compounded by dinner Sunday evening. I had a hankering for Chinese food. Does that ever happen to you — you get this idea in your head and nothing else will suffice. For me, I was in dire danger of keeling right over if I didn’t get a bowl of Hot and Sour Soup into me fast. Of course, as Devoted Spouse and I took off in search of Chinese restaurants (which we seem to be lacking in this town) it began to snow. Blechhh.  We finally settled on a Thai restaurant close by which fortunately also had a large screen tv where we could watch the Steelers game.   Things were looking up.  We ordered – I was anticipating my Hot and Sour Soup and lo and behold, they were out of soup.  Now I ask you how in the pluperfect heck does a Chinese restaurant run out of flipping Hot and Sour Soup?  It literally ruined my dinner…that’s how much I had wanted that stupid soup.

Of course to cap things off, I awoke this morning at 2am with heartburn — the one night in many nights I was actually sleeping only to be awakened by heartburn.  Gahhhh.

I’m going to stay inside, away from any possible spills on the icy sidewalks, away from the tv set, away from the lovely mystery books on my table, eat a little chocolate, ignore computer games,  put my head into my school books and wait for this day to pass.  Even EmmaLou is spread out on the family room couch uninterested in the world today.   Devoted Spouse is doing the laundry today, God love him, so how much worse could it get?

As Scarlet said…Tomorrow is another day.

I'm so bored

I'm so bored


6 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…Can’t Trust That Day

  1. I said all last week that something is out of whack with the universe. Maybe the moons in the seventh sun? (just a song, I don’t do astronomy) Maybe it was that big ol’ full moon I saw the other night? I don’t know, but almost everyone is feeling out of sorts for no particular reason.

    Maybe we all just need to sit back and take a deep breath…….oh, and then go on vacation. 🙂
    I need to find a cruise for overweight middle-aged women who still get pimples (this day truly sucks). It would be a cruise where one can wear a bathing suit and not have to worry the beached-whale whistle will blow, a cruise where calories don’t count, no one gets seasick, and, oh yeah it would have to be free coz I’m broke at the moment. Gahhh. Calgon take me away…

  2. EmmaLou is just too cute and relaxed. I’d follow suit if I was you.
    I should know by now that when she looks cute and relaxed, she is up to no good. I can say this with certainty as shortly after posting this picture I discovered she had eaten an entire loaf of Panera Sourdough Bread. She is evil dog spawn.

  3. There seems to be a overload of the “ho-hums” right now. I’m with you on the cruise, I would need that one as well. When we went to Jamaica it was me – middle-aged whale – against all the twenty something hotties in bikinis. I smiled and enjoyed the sun n surf.

    First thing I thought when I saw the pic of EmmaLou, I knew that was a dog that was up to something! She needs a buddy…or a partner in crime. 🙂
    I’m looking into the idea of a Stepford dog…

  4. January is kind of crappy in general…we are about 1/3 of the way through it!
    I’m sure the weather is a major factor in my attitude — just think it will be Spring in, oh, roughly 2 or 3 more months!!! Aggghhhhhhh

  5. Sorry you are having a bad day. I actually woke up this morning and was looking forward to the day. I left with a bounce in my step (hard for me since the hip surgery) and a song in my heart. From about 11 am until 4 pm things just went downhill. I came home and am now trying to release some of this stress. Yes, Scarlet, tomorrow is another day.
    I sure hope my bad day didn’t rub off on you. I’m just having a hard time w/school issues…my attitude sucks majorly, I don’t feel comfortable with the way my current class is being presented, and I’m fighting when I should just be a “good girl”, be humble and submit. God teaches me hard lessons and I fight with Him constantly. For an eternal optimist, when I have a bad day, it is bad to the nth degree. I’ll be okay by tomorrow. Or I’ll post another rant bitch session – HA!

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