EmmaLou! Get in Here!!

Just when I thought we had made it through the holidays without any significant damage to report…

Yesterday and today I finally got the ornaments off the Christmas tree and packed them away in the trunk.  I left the tree up for Devoted Spouse to dismantle.  It’s one of those pre-lit trees and it is quite a pretty thing.   I believe this is the third Christmas for this tree.  It’s also the final Christmas for this tree.

Devoted Spouse encountered a glitch when taking down the tree the other night.  He managed to pry off the top part and gently put that section on the floor of our dining room.  The rest of the tree was being stubborn and Devoted Spouse decided to tackle it again at a later time.

This evening we went out to dinner.  When we arrived back home I noticed something shiny on the floor of the dining room.  EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, had chewed off a piece of the tree top, lights, wiring, and assorted little plastic pieces.  Fortunately it looked as if she spit it back out on the floor.  Hopefully she did not ingest any of the pieces — I found and vacuumed glass from the lights.  I’ve inspected this hound from Hades and she exhibits no cuts on paws or mouth.  She’s lucky she’s a dog because if she were a cat she would be on her ninth and final life by now!

So this holiday cost me an extra several hundred dollars — that’s what it will cost to replace this tree next Christmas.  Maybe I’ll get a live tree; that way, if EmmaLou decides to chew on it, she’ll get nothing but spiky tree limbs and a mouth full of tree sap.

And here I was this evening thinking about adding another dog to our family.  Wrong!


9 thoughts on “EmmaLou! Get in Here!!

  1. Linda,
    EmmaLou is so special…..look at it this way, she just wanted to make sure you didn’t get bored with having the same tree year after year. I’m sorry I am smiling…….you have great patience and love and I admire you for loving her and always forgiving her. I would do the same. When you are as good looking as her–well a star is a star!!
    Take care my friend,
    She is special and many think I’m stupid to keep putting up with this constant nonsense from her, but I’m hooked…She had me at “woof”…dogs are funny creatures. Her destructiveness often stems from a lack of attention to her on my part – so how can I be angry when she is just trying to tell me something? Good looking…heh heh heh she takes after her mama; her human mama that is — it’s those big brown eyes we both have! 😀

  2. If she were a human child you would put up with all these adventures so just look at her like your little child…………..and spank her butt!
    If she were a human child she would be a tax deduction. I have smacked her butt a few times but it gets no response except she thinks we’re starting a rough-house play session and I get madder. This dog is going to be the death of me.

  3. OMG that is too funny….I agree with the first comment though…it is like she wants you to have something “new” next year…and look at it this way…you might even be able to find one on clearance still! 🙂
    I think I’ll get a live tree next year…I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to watch Devoted Spouse cuss and fuss over the lights! Dang dog. I can’t ground her and I can’t take away her allowance and I can’t hit her. Okay, I’ll just go eat chocolate. That will help.

  4. My daughter and SIL are eventually getting a golden retriever since that is the breed that SIL is nuts about. I will have to wait and see what kind of Golden Destroyer stories they wind up telling. 🙂

    Maybe you should get another dog since she could use the energy of a playmate. Don’t know if you would survive it, but EmmaLou would probably love it.
    I dunno – I’m thinking about it.

  5. I’m glad I am not the only one who has doggy problems, it was carpet tiles with my dog. I would recommend a real tree though, I had one a few years back and it smelt and looked wonderful.
    We’ll see what happens when Christmas rolls around again — I also love the smell of a live tree!

  6. Oh that EmmaLou! I have a feeling a playmate would only serve to be an extra set of paws for trouble. That’s how it works in my house. The bigger of my two dogs gets the trash tipped over and the little one eats the Hershey Kiss wrappers and then pukes them up at 3am. Thankfully, I sleep lightly and have excellent reflexes and am able to scoop her up and run her down the hall to the kitchen which has laminate flooring making the sloppy mess easier to clean up.
    Have you seen Marley and Me yet? I haven’t, but when I do I know I’ll think of EmmaLou.
    I read the book – and if only I had thought of it first — I didn’t think the world would care to read about my destructive, disastrous, demon dog — just think how filthy rich I could have been with EmmaLou and Me. Darn it.

  7. I know EXACTLY how you feel! Our psycho dog loves taking things that are not his and hiding them. He has taken everything from the TV remote for the bedroom, a gag gift sex toy, socks hiding in the drawer, and toilet paper rolls. He hasn’t chewed any wiring, but he still loves to chew and take socks. Too bad our 3 cats haven’t set him straight.
    I’m thinking what EmmaLou needs is a ferret — maybe that would tire her out and she wouldn’t have the energy to be so bad.

  8. It’s amazing the things they ingest and then live on to ingest even more. I had a dog once that ate wasps. She caught them, chewed them up, and to my knowledge, swallowed them. She must have had an iron stomach! Emma Lou just wanted you to know that she didn’t make any New Years resolutions!
    Emma bites at bees and wasps but I’ve never seen her eat one. Ick. Although I’d love for her to do that since I’m allergic to bees and such – it would certainly save on wasp spray!

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