English 101 – How Hard Can It Be?

It’s rant time here at Crone and Bear It…English words rant time…Common words we all use and should be able to pronounce properly rant time.

Here in my neck of the woods of Ohio there are at least 3 local television stations.  Each one broadcasts the local news in the early evening and again late at night.  Each one has a staff of folks who regularly forecast the weather. And yet, rarely can any of them correctly pronounce the name of the discipline associated with weather, the atmosphere and climate.   These professionals are called METEORologists not METERologists.  If you call yourself a METERologist you had best be prepared to read meters not forecast the weather.  Those who study, forecast, and report on related weather topics are known as  METEORologists…METEOR as in those fiery things that streak across the night sky and land in the desert…not METERS as in those round objects slapped onto the frame of your house with constantly spinning dials the electric company uses to measure how much electricity you use on a regular basis.   Nor are these people called Metrologists.  Metrologists study the science of weights and measures.  Nor are these people called Metallurgists.  Metallurgists work with metals, extracting them from ores and also studying their properties in bulk and at the atomic level.

Once again:  Those who specialize in weather forecasting, the atmosphere, and climate are known as METEOROLOGISTS.

Gahhhh.  Rant over.  Thank you for your attention.


9 thoughts on “English 101 – How Hard Can It Be?

  1. I am also a stickler for correct pronunciation and spelling too. A word that I hear mispronounced a lot is realtor. I hear it pronounced quite often as relator with the e being a long E. It definitely annoys me. I had a friend when I was young who used to call a battery a bathery. I never did correct her because I didn’t want to embarrass her.

    BTY I always wanted to be a meteorologist when I was young. I am so interested in the sky. I love astronomy. and I also despise when people confuse astronomy with astrology. I don’t want to tell someone’s fortune I just like to study the sky.
    I was a realtor at one time and relator also made me insane — so does jewlary for jewelry. Gahhh.
    My dad was a research meteorologist and I grew up with sky stuff – I think that’s why I’m such a stickler for pronouncing this word correctly — it was drummed into me at a young age.

  2. Our never get the weather right…maybe they should just try to read meters for a living!
    good point – same applies here – they cry Chicken Little on snow and nothing happens so maybe they should be reading meters instead of getting those astronomically high salaries!

  3. Got your panties in a bit of a twist over that one didn’t it? Talk to a British posh person, not cockney, and all of us Americans mispronounce everything. 🙂
    Nah – Brits say aluminium instead of aluminum and they eat nasty things like kidneys so I’m not impressed by them one bit. The only two things they did right were gin and tonics, and Winston Churchill (and technically I’m a Brit by birth).

  4. That just irks me to the core! I agree with morethananelectrician. Ours can never get the weather right either! But don’t feel bad, I know exactly what you mean. Our local station was running a warning at the bottom of the screen (I think we were having a storm or something.) and you could CLEARLY see a misspelled word! They ran it for atleast 2 hours before they fixed it. Being professionals, dontcha think they would have used a spell checker?
    That’s another of my pet peeves – trailers with mistakes in them – arghhh – makes me cringe every time I read them. We’ve lost the quality control in our language over the last two or three decades and it truly disturbs me. Now we have a pseudo language with texting and there seems to be no sense of urgency in spelling or doing things correctly.

  5. Thanks for the big belly laugh just before I try to go to bed before the butt crack of dawn for a change. LOL That sounds like something I’d rant about. My biggest pet peeve is when people screw up lose and loose. I hate to walk in a workout facility and read something about loosing weight. My weight is so loose now it jiggles all over the place when I walk so why would I want to loose more? I’m just sayin……
    Hey who’s the funny girl now? I’m loosing my religion laughing…(sorry)

  6. I am the absolute worst at pronouncing words. I even listen to them over the internet to be sure I have it right before I try using them. I have to give speech at the atmospheric librarians international conference next week and I can already foresee trouble.
    okay – enlighten me please…just what is an “atmospheric” librarian? I’m conjuring up books falling from the sky here.

  7. Hello my dear friend, I hope you are well.
    Given the use of linguistics I can only imagine that you are 😆
    Sadly, the English language has deteriorated substantially over the years to the point of students achieving remarkable results specifically on English papers using TEXT language!
    Spelling is generally atrocious at the best of times and it will only be a few years and I am quite sure that the art of conversation will be completely lost to a generation who can only use their fingers (will that be one digit or two?)
    Music must also accept some blame for this too, with words such as ‘doncha’, ‘wancha’, ‘gotcha’ being constantly battered over the airways by some insidious little nerd who thinks it is ‘brill’.
    I could think of a few choice words to describe them but I shall refrain and behave myself 🙂
    Have awonderful day,
    Colin 🙂
    It’s so nice to hear from you Colin! I hope you are also well and that 2009 is a better year for you.
    My discourse was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I firmly believe that the English language is sadly disappearing, both in its parent stage (that would be you) and its American adoption (hmmm, guess that’s moi). Now, I’m guilty of using such abominations as doncha and gotcha but I attribute that to the ease of slipping into the vernacular and yes, I know better! Someone sent me a text message not long ago and I couldn’t decipher it. Can’t keep up with the generational changes and I’m not sure I want to keep up with them! As for music, well I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of Western civilization as we know it thanks to the introduction into society of such atrocities as rap, and hip-hop. 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by — I’ll come visit you soon.
    Hugs to you too,

  8. Great post and I just heard an example of it on the TV, so just had to comment lol!

    You’ve made a great example of how strange the English language can be and I’ve found some more examples of why it’s hard to learn English. I hope you enjoy and laugh at those tricky English phrases as much as I did!

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