Beam Her Up Scottie

I just learned of the recent death of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, the widow of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek and I am saddened at the loss of such a great actress.   I guess that means the Star Trek franchise is finally kaput because there can be no future Star Treks without her voice coming over the airwaves as the disembodied computer.

I was a Star Trek fan from the get go — yes, William Shatner was once a rather handsome and much thinner dude.  I distinctly remember once a week gathering in front of the television set with my dad, also a sci-fi fan, and being absolutely captivated by this series.  Nothing else mattered when Star Trek was on — nothing.   We didn’t have the technology to record programs in the late 60’s so you got one chance to watch a show.   Aside from William Shatner, the other love of my life in 1966 was Peter Tork of the Monkees.  Star Trek was on Thursdays and The Monkees was on Mondays so thankfully I never had to choose between the two, otherwise I might have simply imploded.

Some of you may remember Majel as the First Officer, aka  No. 1,  from the Star Trek pilot which aired in 1966.  Later she went on to be Nurse Christine Chapel who always had the hots for Spock.   She then turned up as a recurring character, Ambassador Lwaxana Troi, who was just so much fun to watch misbehave, and finally she took on the part of the ubiquitous computer voice.   Before she died she finished work on the upcoming prequel Star Trek movie, again as the voice of the computer.

Wherever you have beamed, Majel, may you live long and prosper.


5 thoughts on “Beam Her Up Scottie

  1. My husband is a Star-Trek fan, but I never got bitten by that bug. I do, however, like William Shatner. I thought he was a scream on Boston Legal, which was one of my favorite shows. I’ll have to find another show now that it’s been cancelled (besides House) because it seems I need two favorites … just one won’t do.
    I’m glad to find someone else who liked House beside me. Devoted Spouse abhors that show so vehemently he will leave the room if I tune it in. Something about the meanness of the character. He has a point but I still enjoy watching it. I am in the minority on Boston Legal – saw a brief snippet of it once but never watched it and assume it will show up in reruns so I can see what the hoopla is about.

  2. I had no idea that she was Lwaxana Troi…I loved that character. She played the part so well. I love Star Trek. Can’t say that I am a “Trekkie”, but I can’t pass up a re run…So sad to hear someone who made our generation leave us orphaned.
    It was an hysterical character and I loved the tall skeletal assistant she had with her. Sometimes I forget just how old I am. The hazards of tv-watching are we attach ourselves to characters who we think will never change and never leave us. Not healthy — I’m thinking of giving up tv altogether. Just in the thinking stages. Aside from news and some PBS, I’m finding it truly is a time-stealer and I’m acutely aware of time these days. We’ll see if I can actually kick this habit. Or at least cut back somewhat.

  3. I am a dyed in the wool trekkie, always was, always will be. My favorite was always Spock. I found his detachment sexy. I have not missed a Star Trek movie and eagerly wait the new one. I love House and have the DVD sets for most of the series. I get a kick out of Hugh Laurie’s performance.

    I hate to get attached to a network show any more because as soon as I figure out I really like it, they cancel it. Gotten worse the last few years.
    I’m stuck on Battlestar Gallactica and of course it’s final season is coming up darn it. I also have to see how Lost is resolved. I’ve invested too much time in that story to give it up yet. That’s the problem – I put too much time into these stupid shows when I could be using my time much more wisely. As for Trek, I adored Shatner, but my all-time fav has to be Jean-Luc Picard.

  4. Hubby and I loved her character on StarTrekTNG. We often quote her too…. and Worf…because they were both so quotable. She will be missed.

    I also loved her use of endearments for Deanna and tried to start doing that with my own girls.
    I also enjoyed Worf – he was so easily confused by humans; the facial expressions were fun to watch.

  5. I guess House is mean, but deep down I think he’s not. I don’t know whether I love to hate him, or hate to love him, but I definitely want to slap him at times! The early years of Boston Legal were the best, and Alan Shore was my favorite character. Denny Crane a close second.
    Yes, I’m definitely going to require some reruns here.

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